Love At First Sin

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Chapter 12

Salem woke up to bright daylight and an empty bed. He smiled as memories of his angel last night filled his mind. He’d never tire of holding Zamora in his arms. It was where she belonged.

But as he rose from the bed and glanced around, panic swelled in his chest. Zamora wasn’t there. The demon sprang from his bed and immediately opened the cabin door in hopes she was outside.

A few angels were roaming around, a couple stopping to take in Salem’s disheveled appearance. His black hair was messy and tousled, his red eyes frantic. Said demon glanced around until his sight fell on the house belonging to Evangelos. His superior hearing picked up on the soft words and sounds of sighs coming from the blond angel’s home. Without thinking, Salem rushed angrily and yanked open the door.

“Sagittarius?!” The guardian angel had Evan pressed against the wall. Both were flustered as a blush spread across either’s cheeks, Evan’s more noticeable due to his fair skin.

“Salem! What the hell man, get out!” Sagittarius cried indignantly. Salem slammed the door closed. This day just kept getting better.

He ran a hand through his hair nervously. Where else could Zamora be? He would go insane if he lost her.

The demon couldn’t detect her aura in Haven, so there was no easy way to find his angel. Oh god, what if someone took her? The mere idea enraged Salem. Nobody is to have her but me, he declared in his mind as he looked around fervently.

Finally, he spotted her. In the corner, talking to some red-haired girl. The demon nearly flew to her as he wrapped his arms around the angel and hugged her tightly before kissing her lips and neck in haste.

Zamora giggled as a warm feeling spread through her. She pushed playfully at his abs in a half-hearted attempt to hold him back. “What’s wrong Salem?” she asked, looking into his crimson eyes. “I thought I lost you,” Salem stated sadly.

Zamora frowned. “You’ll never lose me.” The demon smiled. “Not if I can help it,” he said lowly.

“Zamora was here the entire time, she just left to come train with me, right Zamora?” Hotaru winked. The angel ignored the stab of guilt she received from the knowing lie. “Right.”

Salem frowned as he got the small hint the two could very possibly be lying, but ignored it. After all, he trusted and loved Zamora. She would never lie to him, or so he thought.

“Alright, everyone! Ready for training?” Sagittarius called behind them. His face was beaming, as if the event with Evangelos had never happened in front of Salem. The demon nearly scoffed.

Evan followed behind, his cheeks pink and eyes shifted to the ground. Salem almost felt sympathetic of them. He was mostly just happy he wasn’t with Zamora. His fists clenched at the very thought of that happening. The blond angel would’ve been incinerated.

Sagittarius dropped a sack onto the ground, weapons spilling out. “Might as well get stronger while we wait for Hell’s portal to open up,” the guardian angel mused. Zamora peaked to see the contents. Scythes, katanas, bows, arrows, and swords lay bare. Each weapon looking powerful, yet elegant.

“Archer! You should’ve told me we were sparring!” A low, masculine voice called before the stranger walked over with his hands in his black pockets. His eyes were pitch black, a striking contrast to his spiky silver hair and dark, gothic clothing.

“Theodorous,” Evan said softly in recognition. He rolled his dark eyes. “Just Theo. I hate my full name. So, are we sparring or…?” Theo glanced between each person in the group, his eyebrows raised.

Sagittarius smiled. “We have to pick out weapons first,” the guardian angel immediately picked out two metal hook swords and clashed them briefly together. Salem stepped forward and reached down to grab a black scythe with a silver blade and held it tightly in his gloved palm. The grim weapon was almost as tall as Salem, who took a good couple inches over six feet.

As his red eyes shifted to Zamora, her breathe caught. He looked menacing, with his sharp jaw and striking, devilish eyes. They dilated as his full lips curved into a smile. He’d never tire of looking at his angel. Though she looked slightly fearful, she was beautiful no less. And mostly, she was his.

Theo picked out a silver spear with a black head and spun it around excitedly, while Hotaru picked out a lapis katana.

Zamora took note of the other weapons as she rummaged through the bag for the perfect one. A ball and chain, halberd, steel pole, whips, knives, arrows. She was beginning to lose hope when she noticed one last item. Pulling it out, she noticed it was a bow. A golden, heavy bow that fit perfectly in her arms. The string was grey and metallic. It was gorgeous.

“You’ll need arrows and a dagger with that,” Salem’s deep voice called behind her. Zamora nodded and pulled out a small white sack of metal arrows and a dagger for close combat. Theo grinned at Zamora attached the dagger to her belted hip. “Are we ready?” Theo said as he began walking out the gate. Everyone followed suite, Salem staying close to Zamora.

As Theo opened the door and led them out, Zamora noticed the snowy scene was now gone. Instead, tall deciduous trees took place. The grass was light green, spacious, and short. Completely opposite of what it was like when she had met Gryphon.

The angel let out a soft gasp when she remembered said demon. Her past life, his steel-grey eyes. The way he held onto her.

“You can’t escape me, angel. I could do so much more to you that I’ve been dreaming to do for over a century, but I’m resisting. I’d suggest you stop.”

Zamora shivered at the memory, unsure why it had such an effect on her. Her reaction hadn’t gone unnoticed though, as Salem narrowed his slitted eyes. Of course, he shook off the feeling. He so badly wanted to know what Zamora was thinking of to make her act this way. The blush on her face was no mistake, and Salem almost asked what she was thinking of when a dry, feminine voice called behind them.

“You’re sparring and you never told me?” A short, blonde girl came through the opened gate, swinging the ball and chain in her small hands. She had sky-blue eyes and fair skin, along with tight ivory clothes and an attractive face. She looked like the standard angel.

“Nessa! So glad you could join us!” Theo said merrily before adding; “Would you like to spar with me first?” Nessa walked over in her heeled boots and looked up at Theo with a challenging look on her cute face.

“Fine. But I won’t go easy on you because you’re a boy.” Theo scoffed as he spun his spear in his hands and backed up, getting in position.

“Hey Zamora,” Hotaru called. “Hm?” Zamora responded, breaking her out of her remembrance of Gryphon. “Want to team? You and I against Salem and Archer. Well, maybe us against Evan too to make it fair,” Hotaru added, winking mockingly at the three guys.

“You’re on!” Sagittarius said, teleporting behind Hotaru. He attempted to hit her with the back of his swords, but failed when Hotaru hit his chest with the butt of her katana. Sagittarius fell to the ground with a thud, causing Hotaru to laugh loudly.

She was interrupted when the sound of a sword went off behind her. Hotaru tried to hit Evan first, but it only resulted in his sword clashing with her katana. Yellow and white flames sparked from the contact.

Zamora loaded an arrow, lighting it with chiffon flames and firing it towards Evan. It hit his hip, causing him to yelp.

Hotaru giggled and took the opportunity to knock him to the ground with a slash of her weapon. But it was when Sagittarius unexpectedly grabbed the red-haired girl did she realize she needed help from her teammate.

Zamora clutched her dagger as she charged toward the guardian angel. Before she could hit him, she felt her shirt being tugged back. A gasp fell from the angel’s lips when Salem pressed her against his hard frame for a split second. “Not so fast, my angel,” he huskily breathed, gently pulling her back.

One powerful hit from Salem’s scythe sent Hotaru’s katana flying out of her hands. Her sunset eyes widened as the blade of Salem’s scythe pointed toward her. “We win!” Sagittarius cheered.

“Only because of Salem,” Hotaru muttered in playful anger as she crossed her pale arms. “We should do combat without weapons next time,” Evan suggested as he brushed off his intricate clothes.

Sagittarius agreed before he yawned. “It’s getting dark. We can practice in the morning or something.”

Zamora and Salem went in last, walking to their cottage together. As Salem opened the door for Zamora, she went inside.

The angel would never tire of how beautifully simple and cozy the small home was. She sent one flame towards the fireplace, creating a soft, glowing atmosphere. She then set her weapons down as Salem put his scythe against the wall.

Zamora’s eyes briefly casted over to what was supposed to be her bed. She pondered over whether or not to lay with Salem again, but her decision was cut short. The demon had lifted her from behind and pressed her against him before he sat down on his bed, bringing Zamora with him.

She was sitting in his lap as she leaned against him, pressing herself against his solid chest as she stared at the blank wall in front of her. The demon’s eyes lowered at the action as a fierce feeling to bring Zamora closer to him and protect her took over.

Zamora’s heart was racing as Salem hugged her tightly, moving his head to kiss her jaw and neck. Her head tilted so she could see Salem, and her amber eyes widened at what she saw.

His lips were brushing against her own, his red eyes closed. The white light highlighted his masculine features, bringing out his high cheekbones, straight nose, and sharp jaw.

Zamora subconsciously began running her fingers through his soft black hair, causing the demon to sigh in contempt. “I think I love you to where it is too much, Zamora.” Salem’s low voice broke the silence, eliciting shudders from the angel. “And why is that?” Zamora asked, shifting herself on his muscular thighs.

The demon ran his hands possessively over her arms and waist before answering. “I want you to be with me for eternity. And I need to be the only one to love you like this. I have never experienced love before, and now I love someone so much, it terrifies me.”

Zamora pressed one hand against his chest, feeling his heart beat wildly beneath it. “Why are you scared?” she softly asked.

“I am scared of losing you. I’ve killed before, I’ve murdered the strongest angels and demons without a second thought. I am afraid there will be someone good, some kind angel that will want you too. And if that happens, it would make me manic.”

Zamora ran a hand slowly along his chiseled face, along his clenching jaw. “That won’t happen,” she assured as she her thumb moved slowly across his lips. Salem breathed out as a small flush formed on his face.

“What were you thinking of while we were sparring?” Salem’s voice was completely on edge, his red eyes blazing in suppressed anger. Zamora’s thoughts immediately went to Gryphon, and an immense feeling of guilt washed over her when she answered him. “You.”

Salem sighed as his features seemed to smooth. The angel then squealed when Salem flipped them over, pressing her body against the blankets. Zamora’s heart hammered as the firelight highlighted every striking, devilish feature Salem adorned.

He leaned down to kiss her fiercely, and when he left his angel’s lips to gasp for air, he had only one thing on his mind. One thought running through his head as he looked down upon his beautiful angel.


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