Love At First Sin

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Chapter 18

Gryphon smiled as he thumbed a dark orange dress with a yellow ombre finish. A celebration was to take place soon. One where rebellious demons and angels alike would come to his manor to honor both two things. The soon-to-be war, and his wedding to Zamora.

Of course, Queen Ephemera was growing anxious of her missing daughter. From what Heaven has heard, their poor princess was taken away by Salem and forcedly became the demon’s beloved slave who would soon be turned over to Lucifer.

The fallen angel let out a dry laugh as he looked over his many options for Zamora’s potential wedding dress. For males it was more cut and dry. A dark tight outfit hung over with loose black or red clothes would suit for the demons and white and gold for the angels.

For females, they would be conditioned to wearing gorgeous gowns and dresses. Gryphon had to admit, he would most likely not be marrying Heaven’s princess if it weren’t for her royal identity. That being said, that didn’t mean he wouldn’t keep her around for other purposes.

Gryphon’s eyes dilated as his dead heart beated faster. Thoughts of how distressed, how furious Salem probably was at the moment filled his mind. It was glorious- everything about this was flowing beautifully.

He’d bring Michael to the party as well. The angel had learned his lesson, but Gryphon would be glad to give him another lesson if he misbehaves again. He would allow most everyone he knew to come to the ballroom. There, the wedding would serenade. Then Zamora would stay in Gryphon’s massive, luxurious room rather than that rusty cell she was currently in.

Gryphon’s plan would then end in him working alongside Lucifer, the only one who was said to be more demonically powerful than him. The angels would cower before him, granting him power over Heaven and Earth.

Zamora would work for him- not alongside him. Though he wanted to have a family with the beautiful princess for the sole purpose of an heir. They’d be the start of a revolution.

Gryphon began putting on his outfit as he pondered over the fate of dear Salem. As he began making his way through the medieval-styled hallways with Zamora’s gorgeous dress and pisces’s standard one, he decided on how it would turn out with Salem.

He would burn him. To clear and terminate the demon from Zamora’s mindset, he would have to kill him before her golden eyes. He would watch as her feminine face would contort in fear and hopelessness as the flames from Salem’s dying body would reflect in her amber irises. Nothing would compare to that sight.

The old door creaked as Gryphon let himself in the dungeon-based setting. Pisces and Zamora were sleeping, their backs against their separate cells. He’d forgotten how Haven affected angels and demons and how most had to sleep here, whereas the strongest didn’t need sleep, although they could doze off on command.

The demon’s hand wrapped around one bar on Zamora’s cell and wrenched it open using his inhuman strength. He stared down at her stunning sleeping form.

Long chestnut hair covered her face and fell to frame her body as she huddled herself in her sleep in some sort of protection. The angel had a distressed expression, as evidenced by her tight lips and slanted brows.

Gryphon reached down to grab her to him when he felt a sudden tug on the back of his robes.

“No! I won’t let you hurt our princess!” Pisces clawed, scratched, did whatever she could in order to stop Gryphon from advancing.

His stormy eyes narrowed as an unusual smirk tugged at his lips. “Is that all you’ve got? Even Heaven’s celestial guardians are so weak.”

Pisces squeezed her eyes shut as she attempted to dig her fingers through his thick skin. It was no use- but she kept trying. Heaven knows what would happen to Zamora if Gryphon’s plans went accordingly.

Growing bored and annoyed, the demon wrapped one hand across Pisces’s pale neck and held her within the air.

Her vision blackened as pain stung at his merciless pain. The angel’s pure blood was being blocked.

Gryphon smiled, his eyes darting to a slowly awakening Zamora. Once he noticed the terror and anger etched on her beautiful face, he ended Pisces life with a burst of hellfire.

Dry, feminine cries echoed throughout the chambers as Pisces corpse incinerated and faded out of existence. Nothing but a flash of the ‘H’-like symbol glistened in the air. Then, she was gone forever. She ceased to be.

“Gryphon!” Zamora cried as her body shook in fear and dread. She almost cried, but pulled herself out of it. She would not appear weak in front of the demon.

He crouched down in the candlelit room and crawled to the angel who was fiercely pressing herself against the cell walls.

One black-gloved hand reached touch the princess’s pink cheek. Gryphon’s thumb moved over to her quivering lips and placed it there.

Zamora couldn’t move. Her thought left her as Pisces’s dreadful scream repeated through her head, the horrid way Gryphon could take a life.

The demon picked up the briefly forgotten dress and placed the silk in the angel’s shaking hands. “Change into this, I will come back to take you to the ballroom.”

A fearful, hateful look filled Zamora’s eyes as her golden eyes looked away from Gryphon. He found himself loving that look, that forlorn expression. She was slowly accepting this fate- or so he thought. Either way, she knew she couldn’t hurt him.

Zamora clenched the fabric, refusing to meet Gryphon’s intense stare. He moved closer to the brunette, so close so that her heart was pounding so hard, it felt like it was wrenching.

As his forehead resting against hers, Zamora pressed harshly against his black robes. A sickly laugh fell from Gryphon’s lips as he held the sunset-colored cloth in their hands.

“What is occupying your mind, angel? Or rather- who is?” His cool breath coasted on her lips, sickening her.

Zamora looked away, only to be harshly grabbed back to meet his unforgiving look.

“Is it your adoptive parents? No, you have a weak tie to them. Is it your past love?”

When an empty look filled her eyes, one arched brow formed on Gryphon’s handsome face. “It’s Salem. The red-eyed demon isn’t it? How sweet for you to miss him when he’s most likely forgotten of you. You are Heaven’s princess, and he was sent to bring you to Hell. Have you ever thought maybe that’s how deep his love runs for you? Maybe he only wants you for that. Maybe he’s already moved onto another demon? Let’s be honest, Zamora. Other than your heritage, do you truly think you are special?”

Zamora’s hands twitched with the urge to use white fire in her fury and growing thoughts. No, she knew Salem loved her. Gryphon was trying to trick her. But she hated that she couldn’t do anything, that it any effort she made for defense would end in pain. The price of being powerless.

“Oh, Zamora. Despite what happens and who cares for you, you are now my own. It’s better for Salem to not want you anyway. He will be dead if he comes for you.” He smirked at the end when Zamora bit her lip is controlled agony. At that, he withdrew himself from her.

When I come back I expect this to be on,” was the last thing the demon said before he vanished away, leaving Zamora with a gorgeous dress and a hole in her heart.

The sound of his cell door creaking open had Michael’s green eyes shakily glanced at the incoming, dark figure. The archangel frowned when instead of the usual hateful, sadistic look Gryphon wore, it was an expression of contentment. As if Michael hadn’t been whipped with hellfire since last he saw him.

In his hands, Gryphon held a form-fitting white shirt and loose dress pants with golden trimming. The demon threw the uniform carelessly in front of Michael, enjoying the blond’s shocked, confused expression.

“What’s this for?” Michael harshly bit out. Gryphon laughed sardonically. In a split second, Gryphon was behind Michael, pulling his flaxen hair back so his slitted eyes met Michael’s large verdant ones.

“You are in no place to speak to me that way, archangel,” Gryphon smoothly said before pushing Michael’s lean frame onto the dirty ground, watching the way he scrambled to regain composure.

“Get dressed. We’re having a ceremony, one in which you are invited. Can’t be a supernatural wedding without our beloved prince.”

Michael spat on Gryphon’s booted feet, then proceeded to light his hands with chiffon fire.“What the hell are you talking about? What ceremony?”

Gryphon shook his head of multi-colored hair as he looked upon the angel with fake sympathy. “Oh, Michael…”

The demon grabbed his tattered collar and pressed the angel harshly against the stone wall. White flames blew out as fastly as they had formed. At Michael’s low gasp, Gryphon fastened his hands across his neck. Pain coursed through Michael’s body, starting from the bruising of his neck. Jade eyes rolled as his vision blurred.

The demon dropped his body onto the ground and leered down. “You don’t talk to me like that again, angel.”

The angel bit his lip. “Sorry sir. Oh sorry, I meant master. For whom is the ceremony partaking for?”

Gryphon smirked at Michael’s dry sarcasm. “Master works perfectly. And it is my wedding.”

Michael sucked in his cheeks. “Who’s the lucky she-demon?”

“Angel,” Gryphon corrected, smiling when Michael was suddenly quivering yet again. “Who?” the blond stammered.

Gryphon titled his head, allowing his thick bangs to frame his devilish features. He couldn’t wait to see Michael’s next reaction. “You know who.”

“No!” Michael cried angrily. “Not her- anyone but her!”

“She deserves someone strong, angel. Not her whiny brother,” Gryphon’s raspy, low voice teased. The blond gasped indignantly. “Not related through blood!”

Gryphon’s broad shoulders shook with his laughs. “Okay, your majesty,” he called behind his shoulders while opening the cell door. “Just remember to put on your angel’s uniform. I need everyone to look as best they can for my future bride.”

The demon then left, the sound of Michael’s frustrated cry from behind him like music to his ears.

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