Love At First Sin

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Chapter 19

Long brunette hair tumbled down the guardian angel’s lean back, sharp, pupiless green eyes fixated on the snow forest view from atop the frosty mountain’s peak.

Bright light glistened off the pine tree’s tips, giving the scene a beautiful, sunny winter atmosphere. But Libra wasn’t so easily fooled. As she crossed her long, caramel-skinned legs, she pondered over when he would eventually show up.

Either way, she was devoted to returning her smitten-princess. That was surely what Princess Zamora felt. It wasn’t-couldn’t be love. Such a thing didn’t exist between angel and demon.

A frown marred her gorgeous face. She’d hate to break up love like this. It was too cruel, the idea she’d planned. Or more so, Gemini had planned. Speak of the angel…

Her fellow guardian angel’s wings flapped retracted as he landed beside Libra. Hair half blonde, half brunette, one eye blue, one eye brown, Gemini made for a definitely strange-looking guardian angel. Nonetheless, he was just as attractive as any other angel. Possible even more so, in some unique way. The two of them were lovers, after all.

“You remember the plan?” Libra’s soft voice seemed to glide in the crisp air.

Gemini sank his pale hands in the crystal snow. “Unfortunately.” Gemini wasn’t one to partake in mean acts, or even say anything remotely criticizing. It somehow made him that much more lovable, albeit it could be the slightest bit annoying. This was one of those cases.

“You know I love you. And I love Heaven, too. Even if it seems cruel now, we have to do this for Princess Zamora,” she chastised kindly.

Instead of answering, Gemini rose from the ground and brushed the snow from his grey robes. He agreed with her, Libra could tell.

And then, Gemini took off, his powerful ombre wings blending into the scenery.

Libra calmed her racing heart at the sight as she forced herself to focus on her own task. She needed to find Salem. Find him and do one of two things. Either kill him or return him to Lucifer with his tail between his legs.

The guardian angel closed her eyes as she focused on Haven’s air. A special ability she had inherited was detecting the general area a demon may be. Depending on his or her’s aura, it could be harder or easier to find them.

Chartreuse eyes closed as she send out her invisible wave, a sense to find a demon nearby, when suddenly it felt as if someone had pushed her to the ground.

A gasp followed by Libra’s shocked expression from the power of the aura. If that was truly Salem, he either was close by or a beyond powerful demon.

But as she saw a distant figure with raven wings in the day sky, she found out it was both. Feathery white wings with jaded tips jutted out of Libra’s slender back as she flew up into the air. The feeling never failed to be exhilarating, especially as she soared over pine trees and glided to the demon flying in midair.

“Salem!” The feminine voice tore through his rapidly beating heart as his head whipped around to the guardian angel. Through his distress, he could only ask one desperate question, uncaring of the guardian angel’s stunning beauty.

“Have you seen Zamora?” Libra felt her fear heighten just slightly as she took in the looks of the handsome demon’s jet-black eyes. The sight meant danger- even to someone as powerful as her. Salem was not his true self at the moment. When a demon’s eyes went black, it meant something had happened to the point where their soul was affected. His emotions were running rampant at the moment, or in other words, his heart was thinking over his brain. So losing Zamora meant that much to him.

She forced herself to speak next. “I have. But if I tell you, you must never see her again-”

Before the words were out, Salem had teleported to her position and winded his icy hands around her delicate neck.

Fear washed over Libra as black wings shadowed her from the light so all she could see was the manic look on Salem’s face and the dark, dark eyes that reflected Hell.

“Indica mihi ubi est,” tears began to well in Libra’s eyes from the devastation she heard in Salem’s voice. The sound of over a million demons speaking seemed to morph into one. She could hardly respond to his demand to tell him where she was.

Her life was on the line.

“Gryphon’s castle. North from here, farther North where the black vines entangle around the tree’s bark.” The expression meant in a hidden place, one that could be easily missed. So where Salem needed to go was hidden in the North. Now that he knew where that was, he would go and murder Gryphon.

Gryphon. In his haste of rage, Salem’s claws sliced through Libra’s neck, killing the guardian angel. A painless death it was. It had happened so fast, so easily.

But the demon wasn’t there to watch as the ashes curved in the air to form the seventh astrological sign. He was already flying at an alarming speed towards the North.

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