Love At First Sin

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Chapter 1

“Hello, I’m new here. Would you mind me asking your name?” Emma turned at the foreign deep voice resounding next to her. She was currently walking home from school.

When she got a glimpse of him, her heart nearly dropped. He was astounding. His hair was pitch-black, and his eyes were a glacial blue. He towered over her, with his tall stature and fit build. Everything about him was surreal.

“Emma,” she said simply. She did not like the way he made her feel around him. He was oddly perfect. Other than his dark clothes and strange way of speaking, something just didn’t settle well with him. He seemed dangerous.

“My name is Dominik. I moved just down the street,” he said formally, not breaking eye-contact with the girl. He smiled inwardly at himself. Salem had picked the perfect fake name for himself, and everything was going smoothly.

Truthfully, he didn’t think Zamora would be so beautiful. Any angel that was birthed through Earth was to have their beauty tainted. Salem wondered just what she would look like in heaven or hell. Maybe he’d have her work beside him in the underworld. Such a gorgeous angel to belong to him would be a blessing.

Salem frowned at his thoughts. He never thought this way towards anyone else. But as the seconds passed, he was slowly becoming more and more intrigued by Zamora. Besides that, he needed to finish his job. Before Michael would come.

Salem knew little of who Michael was. All he knew was that Michael was sent to bring Zamora back to heaven, which Salem could not allow.

“Emma,” he said slowly. It was strange calling her such a common name. She was a princess, after all. Even Zamora was a shortened name for someone like her

She shifted her big brown eyes to Salem. He was struck by them. Such a dark, gorgeous onyx brown. It was different from all the other angels who had blue eyes and blonde hair. If this was Earth’s way of tainting her looks, it worked the exact opposite. She still had the shining golden hair, though.

“What is it, Dominik?” she asked, enthralled by his strikingly pale eyes. Salem could not answer. She was looking at him with such an innocent expression on her cute face. And her skin was such a beautiful color, he now noticed. Not extremely dark, though not pale either. She looked so lovely, he had to reach out to graze her skin.

Emma gasped at the sudden contact. His touch was like hot fire on her skin, the way it set her heart and mind in a frenzy briefly. There was something so strange about him. He felt familiar, in some sort of way. But Emma already had a boyfriend, someone who was kind and gentle to her. She shouldn’t be so easily attracted to a stranger.

Salem released his arm immediately as he felt himself heat up. Such a strange reaction for someone like him.

Everything was happened too quickly for her. She was so amazed, yet a little terrified at his dangerous demeanor. It didn’t help that he looked perfect. His features were stunningly attractive. His jaw was sharp, his nose was curved sharply, and his skin was absolutely flawless. She couldn’t help herself falling for him. But of course, anyone would.

“Which one is your house?” Dominik asked, gesturing to the middle-sized homes along the neighborhood. Emma frowned. She got the impression she shouldn’t tell him. Though he did look her age.

“I live in the very last house,” she said softly. Salem nodded mindlessly. It seemed she was beginning to fall for him already. He could hear the change in her heartbeat, as well as notice the slight blush dusting her cheeks. Heightened senses was just one of the many quirks of being a demon.

Salem glanced around. The street seemed safe enough. Besides, he couldn’t stay too long with Zamora or she would become suspicious. He had to be patient.

“I have to return home now. I’ll see you later then, Emma. I’m always around this neighborhood or the one across,” he said before beginning to walk away. He spared one last look at the enthralling angel, who was completely unaware of just how dangerous he was.

“Bye, Dominik.”

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