Love At First Sin

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Chapter 20

Angels and demons clad in black, red, silver, and gold entered the medieval castle with smiles. Each being present to the wedding was a traitor to both Heaven and Hell. Coming was here was going to be an opportunity to socialize freely. Not to mention they were dying to know who Gryphon had chosen as his bride.

As they entered the opened doors and drank in the gorgeous golden decor. The elongated hallways spread to several different rooms, but as the beings continued down the velvet read rug, it eventually led to a wide opening. Beyond there was a massive, expansive room with amber walls and a glossy black floor. A chandelier with ruby flames dangled from the tall ceiling.

Lastly, a small staircase leading to a platform finished it off. It was beautiful.

Of course it would be Gryphon designed it. And Zamora was currently kept in her cell dressed in a beautiful golden dress with a sweetheart neckline. No matter how pretty she looked on the outside, it did absolutely nothing to fill the void in her heart.

She missed everything. From the beginning to now. Leaving Earth and coming to Haven first. And her parents, who did nothing special in raising her. They never showed much affection, as if each thing they did was forced. But Zamora still missed it, still missed being Emma.

And then, there was everyone in the village. Her only main friendship there had been a small one with Hotaru. But they were nice there, and Zamora felt like she’d truly belonged. If Zamora had stayed, then they could’ve left through Hell’s portal. It was definitely closed by now. If only Zamora could teleport to Hell, it would make things so much easier. Her mind-reading power was handy, but she wished she was more powerful. Like Salem.

The full remembrance of the demon was enough to break through Zamora’s emotional wall. Hot, slow tears trailed down her tan cheeks as leaned against the city wall. Nothing hurt more than being away from the one you needed most.

A creaking door sounded from nearby. Zamora swiped at her cheeks and watching warily as Gryphon stepped in and closed the door behind him, leaving the only light source being the hanging torches.

“Are you ready?” The firelight seemed to mold with him, the way it brought out his angular body clad in black, the red in his hair, and his silvery eyes. Gryphon was truly beautiful, and he could’ve had most any other girl. She wished so badly he would just leave her alone.

Zamora would think of a plan to escape. Somehow, in the midst of the party, she would bolt. Run away. Though Gryphon could catch her in a second.

She would think of something, Zamora had to take the chance. With that set in mind, Zamora allowed Gryphon to come closer and come slowly within her cage.

“Yes,” Zamora did her best to soften her voice as she ignored the angry feeling she received when Gryphon’s hand encircled her wrist and he transported them to the manor’s ballroom.

Shining golden walls, hundreds of beautiful angels and demons, with each pair of eyes on her made Zamora want to hide. At the elevated stand, Gryphon and Zamora stood. And Zamora didn’t move a muscle when Gryphon pulled her to his side. She couldn’t. She was frozen.

“Placere. Uxor mea novi enim plaudite!” Zamora’s heart rate spiked when the room began to resound with applause from Gryphon’s loud command.

After the room calmed down, Gryphon released Zamora.

“I’ll find you once the ceremony is over,” Gryphon murmured before stepping down to talk with a couple demons. Or so they looked like demons, with their crimson-colored skin and slitted eyes. Zamora briefly wondered why Salem and Gryphon had regular skin. The angels in the room looked far more beauteous than the demons. One female angel in particular with long golden hair and legs to match was waving off a short demon with horns jutting out his head.

As Zamora shakily stepped down, she thought of how Salem compared to these demons. He was perfect, sinfully beautiful in a way that no angel could be.

Zamora leaned against the smooth wall as she observed the creatures conversating, some occasionally glanced her way. She couldn’t help but giggle when one angel did a once-over of Zamora before was appeared to be his girlfriend patted his cheek and scolded him.

“I hope you look like gorgeous on our wedding.”

Chills ran down Zamora’s spine. It couldn’t be…

When the angel’s yellow eyes slowly shifted, she couldn’t believe it. “Salem,” she said in hushed shock.

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