Love At First Sin

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Chapter 21

Her eyes darted from angel to demon, and each seemed to not take too much thought into the red-eyed demon dressed in a red shirt and faded black pants.

“Zamora, we have to leave,” he drew in closer and wrapped Zamora’s hand in his.

Nothing. No connection, no spark. It felt different, as if Salem had changed. But that couldn’t be, he looked so much like him. Jet-black hair, masculine face. Even so, Zamora had to ask.

“Salem is that really you?”

Before he could answer, he leaned in closely so that the angel was shadowed by him. “We have to leave before it’s too late,” he nearly commanded.

Zamora allowed him to steadily lead them away through the crowd of people. Even if he wasn’t Salem, he could help her escape. Chances were, he wasn’t. Something was off about him, as if he was unusually nervous around her. Zamora didn’t know what to believe, all she knew is that she had to leave.

Nervously, Zamora glanced around for Gryphon. He was no-where to be seen.

He guided the angel to the large, open entrance to the ballroom and led her out, running through the beautiful golden hallways and passing by the intricate walls and chandeliers dangling on the encrusted ceiling.

Dead ahead was the entrance to the castle. Gated doors greeting the two as Zamora turned quickly to face him.

“Who are you?” she nearly commanded. She knew he wasn’t Salem, his actions were too over-thought and meticulous.

With a nervously beating heart, he replied truthfully.

“Guardian Angel Gemini. We must return to Heaven now, Zamora,” he told her as she pushed open the doors, revealing crispy cool air and lush, dark green grass. It was currently night-time in Haven, but from the small light emitting from the house, Zamora could tell the surrounding area was enriched and plentiful.

“No,” Zamora strongly said, holding her stance. “Why can’t you, everyone just understand?”

At her desperate voice, Gemini morphed back to his original form with a few quick twists of his body. Guiltily, he sighed.

“Now, princess,” his voice dropped an octave as he placed a hand on Zamora’s shoulder. Though before Gemini could do a thing more, Gryphon appeared beside them. At the sudden appearance, Zamora gasped and Gemini stepped back.

“I hate when someone else touches my bride, especially an angel,” steely eyes scanned Gemini’s unique form as a look of revolt developed on Gryphon’s intimidating features. Zamora’s heart dropped. She could no longer escape as planned. Everything was ruined.

With one dark brow raised, Gryphon let out a single demand, a sort of spell that incinerated Gemini at the stop.

Uro,” the single latin word had Gemini shaking rapidly before he dissipated in air. No scream, no pain. It was as if his death did not matter, his life gone so easily.

No words could form in Zamora’s dry mouth. Gryphon had killed a Guardian Angel without touching him. Just one word.

She was so frozen, she didn’t notice when Gryphon’s arms bounded around her. Before teleporting to their room, the demon’s promise rang clear in her clouded mind.

“We will resume this tomorrow.”

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