Love At First Sin

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Chapter 22

“Sire?” Black boots clacked against hard tile, long black hair swayed with a gorgeous human-like body. If it weren’t for the crimson skin and ivory horns, Lilith would appear as an extremely attractive human woman.

Staring up at Lucifer’s throne, she shivered at his full-black eyes and brisk look as he stared her down with an expression of slight disdain.

“Lilith,” he addressed callously. The demon ignored the slight pain. They were lovers centuries ago. After a long time and an unknown son and daughter, Lucifer threw her aside as any other concubine. But Lilith wasn’t here for Lucifer. She wanted to see her son and daughter. The twins were born in secret, for knowledge of Lucifer having offspring would draw unwanted attention.

“Do you know of Salem?” It was a rhetorical question, Lilith gaged Lucifer’s reaction. As always, his demeanor was as strangely cold as what the humans would call a psychopath.

“Everyone knows of Salem. I sent him to retrieve Zamora,” he said in his bass tone. No emotion tied in, but Lilith had a feeling he already knew, so she just said it bluntly.

“Why would you put your son in so much trouble?” Her voice held the distress of a human mother, as most demons were cruel and indifferent towards their offspring. Warmth and smothering were frowned upon as weak.

“Salem is my son,” Lucifer formed it as a sort of realization. At the look in Lilith’s big eyes, he knew she was dying for him to react in some way. It did not affect him.

After a tense moment, Lilith finally let out a breath. She honestly didn’t know what she was expected from Lucifer. Perhaps a stronger reaction, something.

“Goodbye Lucifer,” the edge in her tone went unnoticed as she exited his manor.

One last shred of golden fabric and Zamora’s dress was nearly completely torn. Her sudden plan was ruined, and even as she had expected Gemini to be a fake, that small sliver of hope that he could somehow possibly be Salem was gone.

Heartbroken, Zamora moved over to her barred window and looked into the blank expanse of dark sky. Wondering what Salem was currently doing, the angel leaned against her cell wall. Gryphon would surely reappear eventually, ready to bride Heaven’s princess. It wasn’t fair, she thought. How easily the one you need can be gone away from you.

Zamora walked slowly to the small opening and pressed her face against the rusty metal. There was barely a breeze or a view, but she didn’t care. Anything to provide a fake escape. She thought of Michael, what he could be doing at the moment, where he was. Her thoughts wandered to and from her old and new life.


Zamora stumbled back onto the ground after letting out a yelp.

“Oh my Lucifer… I found you.”

Zamora gaped at the red-eyed women gazing through the barred window. With porcelain skin and straight, jet-black hair, she reminded her so much of Salem.

“Prepare yourself, I’m coming in,” the stranger said, easily snapping of the bars and leaping into the cell room.

“Who are you?” Zamora asked the tall woman. She in turn toyed with the zipper on her leathery jacket.

Arching one ebony brow, she responded. “I’ll give you a hint. Sister of the love of your life.”

Warily, Zamora eyed her. “Salem?” The angel asked

“No, my name’s Saiko.” after slumping down lazily onto the cell ground, Saiko stretched her long arms. Now that Zamora thought of it, in the dim candlelight Saiko was actually quite beautiful.

“I left Hell after finding out my brother was prolonging his mission to bringing you there, and that he fell in love with Princess Zamora. It’s just a rumor going around. You know, you guys are romanticized with the young angels in Heaven. Is it true? Do you love my brother and does he love you?”

Zamora processed what she was saying, still shocked over her sudden intrusion of the cell room.

“I never knew Salem had a sister,” Zamora simply said.

Saiko scoffed. “We’re not that close. I actually visited Heaven, while Salem stayed behind to do jobs for Lucifer. Salem was like the perfect pupil, servant, soldier, minion for the Devil. Until you came along, I suppose.”

After a moment of silence and Zamora’s rapid heartbeats, Saiko continued.

“Of course, once I found out about you going missing I had to come check Gryphon’s castle. I learned all about the famous and infamous demons through my angel-friend Sybil. So, I’m here to help you. Free you, bring you back to my brother… you know Zamora I really like you.”

Bring me back to Salem. She wasn’t lying. Saiko was telling the entire truth, and Zamora was almost quivering with excitement.

“Why?” Zamora so wished she could’ve said more, but this was too much to handle, too good to be true.

“My little brother loves someone so much, he’ll go against all his morals to do so. Here, sit next to me, angel.”

At Saiko’s surprisingly more serious tone, Zamora leaned against the aged wall and sat beside Saiko, who was looking directly ahead at the stoned wall parallel.

“I’m going to tell you a story of who Salem was before I transport you out of here.”

“What about Michael?” Zamora countered.

Saiko gave a small smile. “I hope you’re happy knowing I just talked with that cute Archangel and he’s in Heaven right now. Shall I continue?” Warmth spread through Zamora as she gave a slight grin and nod.

“Salem was always assigned the most brutal missions. Demons and Angels typically age at an accelerating rate until they reach their best state, which is when their body meets the state of a human eighteen-year-old. So when he was five in human years, he was around 200 in demon years, even if it didn’t matter. Salem was supposed to kill a traitorous demon, Kuro, who had disobeyed Lucifer’s jobs. Kuro and Salem used to work alongside each other, they were friends. Lucifer’s instructions were vague, just erase Kuro from existence. But Salem took it a step further. While they were in a desolate area in Hell, I cloaked myself. They didn’t know I was there, waiting to see what would happen to Kuro. I watched Salem’s hands light with Hell’s fire, I watched the fear and shock on Kuro’s face when Salem grabbed his chin with the flames. Kuro was in a world of pain, on top of the fear that he would be decapitated at Salem’s will. Kuro couldn’t fight Salem, wouldn’t stand a chance. And then, a crack, a yell, and disbursement. Salem’s serious, cruelly calm demeanor stayed. Like Kuro meant nothing to him.”

A sick feeling rose in Zamora’s chest before she willed it away. Salem wasn’t a monster, no matter what he did in the past.

“Do you still love him?” Saiko asked afterward. She was concerned for her brother. Would this pretty angel still love him? Did Princess Zamora truly know the meaning of a demon?

“Of course I do,” Zamora said. “So much..”

Saiko gave a small smile and wrapped an arm around Zamora. “Salem’s going to be thrilled once he sees you.” And with that, Saiko was transporting them away.

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