Love At First Sin

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Chapter 23

“Zamora!” Familiar fenced walls and cobble were signs of Haven’s village. Zamora had missed its simplicity, the friendly people around, and the small home she’d slept in, occupied by her demon.

“Hotaru!” She was embraced by the fiery-haired girl, moreso tackled as they both felt to the ground, further tearing Zamora’s golden dress.

“I missed you! Where were you? Who is this?” Hotaru helped Zamora up and gestured to the intimidating, black-haired demon watching them with some sort of fascination as Haven’s daylight settled in.

“Salem’s brother!” Zamora said happily, incredulously. She was too happy, too overjoyed at being with her friend again. Though it took only a short amount of time before she realized that Hotaru was the only one there.

“Sagittarius, Evan, Nessa, and Theo should be coming right about now.” As if on cue, the Guardian Angel sauntered through his small home, followed by his blond partner.

“Welcome home, Zamora,” a small grin etched his lips as Evan’s pale face lit up. As an alarming speed he embraced the angel.

“Salem should be back soon. Theo, can you go find him?” Nessa added in an uncharacteristically happy tone as Theo nodded. After sending Zamora a kind look, Evan released her and Theodorus faded from sight.

“Who’s this?” Sagittarius poked the tall demon gently on the shoulder to get her attention.

Saiko raised a brow in slight disdain. “You don’t see the family resemblance?” Sagittarius’s eyes widened.

“No way, Salem has a sister? Hell, you’re meaner than your brother.”

Saiko laughed. “Yeah, I’m Saiko. Sorry about Zamora, she was kind of held hostage by Gryphon, I’m sure you’ve heard of him.”

“You mean legend Gryphon? Zamora, Salem’s going to murder him once he finds out what happened. Are you okay?”

The angel felt herself beam at his kind words. “I am now.”

Saiko bit her lip. “I forgot to say this, you won’t need to worry about Gryphon any longer. I cursed him as he was lying in his room.”

Confused, Zamora frowned. “What do you mean?”

“Other than teleportation, flight, cloaking and Hell fire, I was birthed with the gift to transfer a soul into another body and kill off its original. While I was cloaked in Gryphon’s room, I transferred his soul to another being. I am not sure who, but we will never truly know. I thought it could be safer.”

Zamora shuddered at the thought of Gryphon. Though nervous, Zamora’s dominating emotion was longing. She wanted Salem here, with her.

Saiko seemed to take notice, as evidenced by her demand. “It’s daylight, but you’re exhausted, Zamora. Go sleep in your cabin. By the time you’re awake, Salem will be beside you.”

At the oddly reassurance, Zamora gave Saiko one last hug before retreating to the cottage.

The familiar surroundings of comfortable beddings and woodsy atmosphere settling in as Zamora tucked herself within the bed she’d slept in beside Salem. She had removed her dress in exchange for some plain, soft white clothing left on her unused bed. Getting comfortable, she buried her head into the blankets. If the angel tried hard enough, she could almost inhale Salem’s clean, musky scent embroidered into the material. This seemed to set her in a sort of trance as she fell asleep, unprepared of the startling dream she would unknowingly have.

Nothing. An expanse of blank, white space with cool tile beneath Zamora’s feet were the first things she noticed. The second, was that she wasn’t there. She couldn’t blink, didn’t have the urge to. Her body wasn’t there, either. She didn’t have a hand to lift or fingers to pinch herself.

And then, a figure immersed. At first, it was a ball of light. Time stretched as legs and arms formed, colors wove together into the gorgeous female form that stood before her. Clad in a crystal white, stood a tall woman with golden hair and a silky dress.

Her eyes opened to reveal a pale blue, though her irises showed flecks of dark sapphire. When the woman got closer to Zamora, a kind smile spread across her face.

“Do you know who I am?” Her voice came gently, softly. As one combined the most sopranic female tones and morphed them into her voice. Zamora couldn’t answer. She could only think of what she would’ve said. No.

The last of the light seemed to be working to make the silhouette of wings. As the porcelain feathers revealed, she continued to speak.

“Ephemera. You’re mother, queen of Heaven. I’m here purely to give you a chance. Because I don’t want a war to break out, because I don’t want to lose my beloved daughter yet again, I will allow you this. You and Salem. Angel and demon, Hell and Heaven, different species, different standings. I can’t break the love my daughter has for him. Angels are not cruel, and I am no exception. Kill the remaining Guardian Angels at daylight and I will not only allow you to live eternally with Salem, but I will bestow a gift upon the two of you. If Michael must be the one to rule Heaven, so be it. Remember, I am doing this out of my love for you, Zamora,” the words fell from her pale lips in a gentle monotone as she faded away, taking the vision with her until Zamora gasped into reality.

It was turning to night, and Salem was asleep beside her. For a moment, Zamora thought the lingering of the dream was what caused his body to appear to be beside her. But when she reached out to brush his cheek, dark red eyes fluttered opened. And that’s when she noticed his extremely tight embrace and the tears threatening to spill down his cheeks.

“Salem,” Zamora’s voice was strained, desperate as Salem desperately shook and kissed her. Repeatedly, as if by doing so would keep her beside him.

“I never want to lose you again!” his masculine voice cracked.

“I’m here, Salem,” Zamora nuzzled into him, letting his scent and body provide a sense of protection and comfort.

“I searched everywhere, for so long. Saiko told me everything, I swore I’d have Gryphon’s head once I found out who he was. But when Theo knew you came back, I came immediately to our bed and you looked so beautiful and peaceful, I held you for hours. I will never tire of holding you in my arms, Zamora.”

Warmth filled Zamora’s heart. After time past spent in love and embrace, Zamora brought up her dream.

“I had it as well. I was watching at a third view.” Salem said gently. She noticed his words were softer now, as if he was afraid any harshness would disturb his angel. Like she was precious glass, fragile, meaningful.

“What will we do?” Zamora asked.

“Stay here unless necessary. I’m powerful enough to take on Guardian Angels. I’m not losing the opportunity of being with you forever.”

When Zamora looked up at him with loving, amber eyes, he couldn’t help but voice one last thing.

“Fighting for my life’s sole purpose and centered desire means fighting for you, what’s meant to be mine eternally- to be cherished and loved exclusively by me.”

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