Love At First Sin

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Chapter 24

“Help!” Hotaru was knocked back viciously into the gate after her plea. She scrambled to grab her dropped weapon.

“Where is she?” Aries barked. Ebony hair curled around his rough features as crimson and black wings elongated from his lean back.

“Who?” Hotaru asked fearfully. Immediately after she asked that, the walls of the village dispersed, a gust of dust appeared briefly. “The hell-”

“I got her, Aries. Get Salem,” a smooth voice followed Taurus, a tall angel with brown hair and earthy hazel eyes.

“No!” Hotaru clutched her dropped Katana and charged towards Aries, who in turn grabbed the weapon by the blade. Instead of his fingers bruising or bleeding, the lapis katana chipped as shattered.

Aries- the most demonic angel in heaven, only compared to Scorpio. Even his appearance was devilish. There were suspicions of him being a fallen angel.

He flipped Hotaru to the ground and encircled his hand around her neck. After the initial shock of being slammed to the ground, Hotaru clawed at his chest.

A laugh fell from Aries’s black lips as his eyes flashed white, and Hotaru fainted.

After releasing the girl, he moved at an alarming speed to the cottage housing Zamora and Salem.

Aries smiled at the sight of Taurus’s sword clashing with Salem’s scythe. The Guardian had already been fighting him.

Sweat formed on Taurus’s face and neck as his silver sword met each hit of the demon’s unrelenting hits. When the blade of the scythe sliced him at the legs, Taurus cried out in pain. Using the opportunity, Salem jumped from the ground and grabbed his head from behind, pulling it up.

Desperate hazel eyes met bleeding black ones. One sadistic smirk and Salem pulled off his head.

“Taurus!” Aries cried out at the loss of his friend, his body disintegrating. He would never exist again.

That drove Aries to dash toward Salem and strike him in his face. Knocked back in shock and surprise, Salem stumbled yet gained composure.

“You don’t look like an angel,” Salem pointed out as his scythe-blade sliced the air. With his boots digging into the grass and kicking up dirt, Aries bit his lip.

“Where’s your girlfriend- my princess?” Salem’s eyes widened as he glanced toward the cottage Zamora was supposed to be in the cottage with the others. A snarl contorting the demon’s face when he attacked Aries again, shocked when his scythe was caught in a thick rope of black fire. Whips?

Without rope, Aries was bending black fire from his hands. The skill required extreme dexterity. And how was he bending hellfire?

“I am a fallen angel, Salem. They had to accept me as an angel when I controlled the Aries constellation.

Salem’s scythe fell to the floor. Aries came closer.

Was Aries telling the truth? Something about him was off. Salem had to take the chance.

“You’re lying.”

Aries avoided the question.

“We’re similar, aren’t we? But I have a job, Salem and I need Zamora for it. How does it feel to be powerless while I take away the thing you love most?”

When Salem’s eyes blackened, Aries smile grew. “Not something you’d expect an angel to say,” he mused as black flames ignited Salem’s fingertips.

“You don’t recognize me?” Aries added haughtily.

His hand came forward, which was met by a quick dodge. In a second, Aries was behind Salem and scorching his back with fire.

Salem cried out and twirled around to violently grab onto Aries neck. Before the demon set him on fire, Aries hand met Salem jaw.

“Set me on fire, and I’ll scorch you alive,” the deep voice promised death. Aries

With a wrenching heart, demonic eyes darted to the cottage. His first priority was Zamora. At that moment, he craved to be safely with Zamora. He never thought the Guardian Angels could be so vicious, or perhaps just Aries. But he promised to himself, he’d tear Heaven from the skies if it meant he could be with his angel.

Heat dared to escape Aries fingers. When Salem’s eyes squinted slightly, he gasped.

Pale arms slowly encircled Aries as Saiko leaned in to whisper in Aries’s ear. With red eyes narrowed and her words flowing out softly like a spell, Aries arms loosened. Just enough for him to be caught off guard.

Salem’s hand encircled Aries’s neck, restricting his breathing and forcing his confession.

“I’m Gryphon.”

Black fire engulfed the Guardian Angel as Saiko released him.

A painful cry left him as his body lit in a way similar to Taurus’s.

But that wasn’t enough. Salem furiously tore the limbs of his body, reveling in the wretched cries that sounded so disgusting, so pained that they could only be released from a demon. That was the price for what he’d done and if Salem could find a way to torture him further, he so would’ve. Salem knew all too well of Saiko’s soul-transport ability. He was a fool not to think of Aries as Gryphon sooner.

“Your angel wants to fight,” Saiko said in her feminine voice, moving aside to reveal Zamora.

“I can’t have you get hurt, Zamora,” Salem said softly, yet forcedly as he looked around anxiously for any signs of incoming Guardian Angels. “I was taking care of them on my own,” he added.

“Really? It was going great with Grypharies, not like he could’ve killed you instantly or anything, little brother,” Saiko said.

At Zamora’s wide eyes, Salem frowned deeply. He had to forget about Gryphon for Zamora’s sake. He loved her too much to dwell on something that would hurt her if she was reminded of it.

“I’m fighting for you angel, don’t worry about me. Make sure you’re safe.”

“I’m not staying inside while you’re fighting on your own,” Zamora countered. Nessa and Theo were currently rushing over to an unconscious Hotaru as Salem battled with himself to make a decision.

“Fine. You must stay safe, battle you’re own fights and call for help and I’ll come to you regardless,” the demon was only doing this to encourage her bravery, and to ultimately help her grow stronger. Besides, he couldn’t say no to her, especially with that fierce look in her fulvous eyes.

A loud crash-like sound had Salem whirling to see the source.

“You couldn’t land softer, Leo?”

Leo ignored her question. With a blinding speed, the red-haired guardian angel bent scarlet fire to Salem’s direction. In turn, Salem ducked, teleported behind him, and pulled him against him.

“Damn demon,” Leo cursed as Salem did an uppercut to his neck knocking him back. But when Capri aimed to help him, she was decapitated by Sagittarius.

“Leo’s head whipped back He was more so appalled than shocked to see she was taken down by none other than Sagittarius.

The Guardian Angel looked shocked as well, his face scrunched up into a regretful, shaken look.

Leo had to ask. He had to know if Sagittarius had been the one to do it. The one who’d mysteriously ended his lover’s life.

“Did you kill Virgo?”

Sagittarius gave a tearful look as he stepped closer. It was as if time froze in Haven. He had the dream too. Ephemera was not only known for her beauty, but intelligence as well. He was delivered the same dream as Zamora and Salem.

“I did it for Zamora and Salem. They’d be happier together than I could ever be. I’d be selfish not to do this.”

Dark eyes shifted to Evan, with his pale face patched with red. He was about to cry.

“Evangelos. I’m sorry I have to do this. One day, you will find another. Please, don’t long for me.”

“Sagittarius!” Salem yelled as he grabbed onto Leo’s neck and lit it aflame, incinerating both of them.

The twelve Guardian Angels were dead.

“Salem?” Zamora’s vision was blurring white. And the same gorgeous woman from the dream was appearing from before.

“Salem, I can’t see you.”

Off in the distance, Salem heard her.

“I know Zamora.”

The comforting voice drove her to Heaven.

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