Love At First Sin

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Chapter 25

The gift of life. Zamora and Salem didn’t know they were receiving it, didn’t know that they would die and meet each other again in Heaven. That Hell and Heaven had thought of them as eternal lovers. After all, they were a symbol of love. A legend.

Before entering Heaven fully, Ephemera gave them the gift of life. And with it, they experienced the hardships, and joys through it all. As two people in a world of billions.

The sound of feminine sobs and deep yells resounded in the simple house. No attention was directed to the two children, Hope and Dustin, who were beside one another. Rising from Dustin’s blue bed, Hope walked over to the large window and tried to open it up. With as much strength as her little fingers could muster, the eight-year-old girl lifted it up to invite the night air.

“Are you meeting him again?” Dustin’s muffled voice seemed to break her heart. Hope always had to act more mature than her age, due to their tough circumstances. Before leaving, Hope reached over and hugged the toddler tightly to her chest.

“Yes, Dustin. And don’t forget, I love you. If you want you can come.” The boy shook his head, messy blond hair falling in front of his brown eyes.

“I love you too, Hope. You need to go, and I’ll be okay. I kind of want to be alone right now.”

A sad smile spread across Hope’s pale face as she released him and climbed through the window. After a soft ‘bye’ to her little brother, Hope ran off into the night air, feeling the chilliness and smooth grass mould between her toes.

She saw the same shadowy figure of him. Every night, he came to make sure she was okay. Though she knew he would be there, it still set her heart racing.

“Dominik!” The pre-teen caught her in a hug as they fell to the ground underneath the pine tree.

Wiping away the tears that had built in her eyes, Dominik felt a feeling of anger swell in his chest at the thought of something working the girl he cared for up to the point where she would resort to controlling the urge to cry.

After hours of nothing but hugging and talking, Hope spoke up first.

“Do you think Heaven is real?”

Dominik looked down at the girl with an inquisitive, amused, and sad look all at once.

“I don’t know, Hope. No-one knows.”

“If it’s real, then why do so many bad things happen?” Hope inquired.

The boy released a breath slowly, looking into the sagittarius sky. Finally, he seemed to find an appropriate answer.

“If everything was perfect on Earth, then there really wouldn’t be any reason to go to Heaven. We have to get through this to go to the next part, the better part. The only thing I know for sure is that this isn’t our final stop. Does that make sense?”

A heavy silence followed, only interrupted by the distant sounds of bugs and animals. Dominik spoke again.

“I know one thing other than that, something I’ve never doubted.”

Hope looked at him with an emotion close to admiration. Despite the boy-next-door being only a couple years older, she always idolized and thought of him as the smartest person in the world.

“I love you.”

A huge smile etched it’s way across Hope’s cute face while Dominik’s turned red in fear of what she would think at his sudden confession.

“I love you, too.”

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