Love At First Sin

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Chapter 2

Salem sat on the top of Emma’s roof. The view in front of him was beautiful, with the orange sunset and cloudless sky. Though anything looked better than hell.

Even the most beautiful parts of Earth could not compare to heaven. Heaven was unlike anything here. There were colors there that were unimaginable to humans. Other than that, it was slightly similar to Earth. Only heaven was perfect. It was Earth without a single flaw.

The demon thought over how he could get closer to Zamora. He would have to attend her school, no doubt about that. Could he just show up and go? Could he walk into the building and say he was new? He decided to try that.

As the night lengthened, Salem’s thoughts turned over to Zamora. He wondered what he must look like in her room, sleeping. Salem hadn’t slept in forever. Angels and demons don’t sleep, unless they’re born through Earth.

His curiosity got the best of him. The young demon moved instantly from the roof through the opened window of Zamora’s bedroom window. He was extremely quiet as he took in the surroundings of the room. It was plain, beige walls, carpeting, and a purple bed. There was a white vanity and dresser as well.

Salem drank in the image of the angel wrapped tightly in her blankets sleeping peacefully. She looked so sweet, so innocent that he couldn’t help but feel an urge to want to protect her, to wrap her tightly in his arms. She was his future bride. He’d already decided it, and he was going to be the one to love her for eternity.

When a demon falls in love, it’s something surreal. Demons are capable of holding deeper emotions than humans, and arguably angels. The love a demon holds for another is something extremely powerful.

Zamora slept soundly, unaware of the powerful, dangerous creature watching her with an emotion close to love. Salem had to fight the burning temptation to come beside her and pull her closely against him.

He did not want to think of what he had to do to bring her to hell with him. He’d have to make her hate the world around her to an impossible degree. Salem could not make her love him too much either, for then she would have to return to heaven. He now despised these rules made by his superiors.

It was torture, having to go through this. And Salem wasn’t used to feeling such emotions. He’d had not cared much for anything until this one angel came into his endless life. It was frightening.

Salem spared one last look at her sleeping form before bounding out the window and moving from each rooftop with inhuman speed. He knew it he should probably return to hell, but it wasn’t everyday he got to experience Earth.

He decided to see the city for the time being. Salem could work up a plan to win Zamora over. Of course, once she fell in love with him, he’d have to break her heart. But Salem justified it in his head, saying to himself that he would make up for it by spending each day caring and loving his angel.

Surely Lucifer would not mind if he kept her in hell. Salem had been a loyal subject to him, killing and torturing the lives of those who dared upset Lucifer. Salem had done favors for Lucifer that would make the most ruthless demons cower and reject.

Salem was perched on a highrise, his dark clothes shadowing him from any humans who would gaze up at the skyscraper. Cars and lights illuminated from below the demon as the nightlife bustled beneath him, the hushed sound of the busy humans nothing but background noise to them.

His senses picked up immediately at the sound of loud footsteps on hard concrete. Salem stood and spun around to see who dared to interrupt his thoughtful moment.

“Hello, Salem,” Michael said softly in his baritone voice. Salem felt his heart swell with anger at the sight of the angel, clad in pristine white clothing. The demon hated angels, especially those of noble standing. Michael practically radiated power and grace, with his vibrant green eyes and mussed blond hair. Verdant eyes were rare among angels, so it was considered a sign of attractiveness and beauty.

Salem knew from just one glance that he was an angel. He could detect it straight away, which is how he found his Zamora so easily.

“How do you know my name?” Salem gritted out lowly, keeping hard eyes on the tall angel.

“It is a power I inherited from my nobility. I can tell what every demon, angel, and human’s name is with just one look. My mind lets me know immediately, and it is my choice whether to remember it or not,” he explained.

Salem frowned deeply at the angel. “You must be the one who is going to take Zamora to the heavens, correct? You are Michael.” Salem’s emotions flared knowing this was the one who was here to take Zamora away. His competition.

“I am Michael, but do you know why I need to take Zamora away with me?” Salem clenched his fists, his fingers beginning to heat. Salem had a rare ability, the ability to bend hellfire. Hellfire was deathly black, a substance that would scorch anyone else who touched it.

“And why is that?” Salem got out as he tried his best to suppress his building rage. He did not want to think of Zamora being with this handsome angel. The thought of them together was disgusting to him.

“I am to marry her. I’m a prince, her most desired suitor. My very job is to bring her back with me to the heavens. But first, I must guide her to complete happiness, or rather ecstasy,” Michael said tauntingly, tilting his head at the enraged demon.

“I never knew a monster like you could want someone as beautiful as Zamora. Tell me demon, how do you plan to bring her so much pain, she’ll be brought to hell? What I must do is bring her to complete pleasure. Besides, I’ve already been with Zamora for a week now…” Michael trailed off purposefully, enjoying the fury and envy playing on the usually stoic demon’s face.

“How do you know who I am and what I wish to do?” Salem demanded, his eyes frigid and jaw tensed.

Michael simply shrugged and shook his head, causing a few golden strands to fall out of place and frame his chiseled face. “Why else would Lucifer send someone like you to Earth? You’re merely a pet to him, a tool. You should turn back now, go back to hell where you belong. It will only cause you pain if you stay and watch Zamora fall for me,” Michael nonchalantly said.

Salem’s body stiffened madly, his hands opening to reveal two stygian black flames. When his words came out, it resounded as if there were multiple tones behind it. Like a million deathly voices conjured into one. It would be terrifying to anyone, anyone but Michael.

“Stay away from her!” Salem wielded the hellfire from his palms into a blast directed at the noble angel. The demon was outraged, his mind hazed as he let his emotions take over. Such a thing to happen to Salem was so uncommon, it was frightening. He was always solemn, never caring for anything or anyone. Now he knew what it was to love another so strongly, the thought of them with another was infuriating.

Michael easily dodged the shot, laughing almost sadistically at the furious demon. “I came only to warn you, Salem. I’ll take my leave now.” And with those final words, Michael advanced rapidly away from the building. Where the angel had gone, Salem did not know. The only thing that processed in his mind was that for the first time in centuries, Salem had lost control.

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