Love At First Sin

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Chapter 3

Emma remained quiet as her new, and fairly outgoing boyfriend conversed with the people around them. Michael had come to their high school only about a week ago, and he had become popular almost instantaneously. He attracted people to him so easily. Emma wasn’t like that at all. She was more so the silent type, the girl who kept to herself. It was weird to have all these people around her in the hallways when she was so used to being mostly alone.

She wouldn’t have accepted Michael’s offer as her boyfriend if he hadn’t been so perfect. He had a boyish face, bright green eyes, and mussed blond hair. And although he was friendly and nice, he did not affect her the same way Dominik had.

Emma zoned out from the noise of Michael talking to Casey. Even with his arm wrapped around her shoulders, Emma couldn’t feel them. There were no sparks, no special emotions she received from Michael. But one thing he brought her was attention. He showered her with soft kisses and sweet words in the short time they spent together. Not to mention the group of friends he had accumulated around them.

Maybe she could learn to love Michael. But if she could feel such strong feelings for a stranger like Dominik, maybe it was a sign her love for Michael wasn’t true.

Emma may never see Dominik again. Although he did say he lived across the street. Why wasn’t he attending their school? Would he join anytime soon?

Her heart pounded at the idea of seeing Dominik again.The image of him filled her mind, his icy eyes, sharp jaw, and ebony-black hair. His broad shoulders and strong arms…

Michael abruptly stopped in front of his locker, releasing Emma from his light grip. He felt a subtle aura emitting from the office, the devious, disgusting sign of a demon present. As he concentrated, he recognized the emanation as Salem’s.

As he concentrated further, he sensed another supernatural being. It wasn’t an angel, but definitely not a demon. Michael frowned as frustration settled in. Were more people coming after Zamora? He had to bring her to heaven soon, before something were to happen. He had to do something to make her completely happy. Michael had already befriended several humans, humans that were considered to be cool amongst the high school. He hated conversing with them, but he did it for her. Wasn’t it a dream for teenage girls to be popular? What else could he do to make Zamora happy?

Michael glanced over across the hall where Zamora was putting away her books and putting on her backpack. He smiled at his future bride. She was gorgeous, even as a human. He could not wait to see how beautiful she would be in heaven. But right now he had to bring her with him on the bus, away from Salem.

“I mean the school day is over, but you have to come tomorrow. Is that your dad?” The blonde-haired woman motioned toward the man sitting in the chair with her pencil. He had on a black trench coat and a black hat to hide his face. He looked out of place, and Salem recognized him as a supernatural being. Although he couldn’t detect who he was in terms of demon or angel, he somehow knew he did not intend to hurt Salem.

Salem glowered at the subtle feel of Zamora’s distinctive, sweet aura clouded by that angel Michael’s. He clenched his fists in suppressed distress until the mysterious man finally spoke, sending chills down Salem’s spine.

“I am. May my son come by tomorrow morning?” Even Salem shuddered at the sound of his voice, the tone sounding both powerful and aged. “Of course,” the woman responded immediately. “You two may leave now. School will be out soon,” she quickly added.

Salem was extremely confused. Who was he, and why was he interested in Salem? He frowned as he followed closely behind him as they went outside the building.

Once they were out of sight, he grabbed onto Salem’s hand abruptly. “Hold on, Demon,” were the last words Salem heard before his enhanced vision went into a blur of white.

When they reappeared, they were at an empty brown beach, the water dark and oddly still. It was night now, and the starlight and moon glinted eerily off the water.

Salem had so many questions he didn’t know where to begin. He began with the obvious. “Where are we?”

“The black sea. It is a in the middle of six countries including Ukraine and Russia. I’ve brought you here mostly for a place to talk privately. This is also my favorite place on Earth. Only I can feel the spirits lurking around here. And before you ask, Salem, I’m not here to harm you, but I assume you could already tell that. You are Salem, correct?” The demon nodded slowly. He wouldn’t normally be so trusting, but whoever this was, he gave Salem a comforting feel. There was something strangely familiar about him.

“Yes,” the demon finally said. “My name is Micah. I am not a demon, nor angel. I am mixed, a cross between both. I split my time between Heaven and Hell.” Before he continued, he took off his black hat. Chestnut hair fell to frame his slightly wrinkled face and his dark hazel eyes. He looked so human.

“I look very much like a human, but I have the properties of both demons and angels. I have come for one purpose, to warn you. I was sent by the heavens to bring this message to you, Salem.” His heart sped up at Micah’s words. Had the angels found out of Salem’s mission? Michael must have told them.

But Salem had to trust in Lucifer. He would have planned for that to happen surely. Micah’s next sentence confirmed his thoughts. “Lucifer made a deal with the heavens before you came down to Earth. That if he allowed you to come and attempt to successfully take Zamora away with you, the heavens could take complete ownership of Earth, if you failed.”

Salem frowned. Lucifer must have a lot of confidence in him to take Zamora to Hell. The demon glanced up at Micah. He would normally kill a messenger sent by the heavens, just to spite those degenerate angels. But not Micah, not with his kind, true aura. Had Michael felt this in him? Salem could only see the purity in Micah’s heart up close.

“There was a catch, though,” Micah said before leaning in slightly as if to say the next statement was to be extremely important. “I am unsure if I am to tell you this but there are twelve angels out to get you. The celestial guardians, the ones who act when called on by the heavens.”

Salem’s arctic eyes widened. Why hadn’t Lucifer told him of such an important thing. “Who are they?” The demon almost commanded.

“Be patient, demon,” Micah warned him. “They have been sent to exterminate you. And if they kill you here, you will be damned to cease to exist. Not in hell, not in heaven. You will merely be nothing.”

Salem’s mouth gaped. Such an awful, depressing fate. His thoughts then shifted to Zamora. He could not go without loving her, without protecting and cherishing the angel.

“It will begin with Angel Aries. Each guardian is an angel from when the sky on Earth is set. It is that way because of when the Earth was formed. When Earth was formed, the rest of the universe followed after.”

“Next will come Taurus, Gemini, and so forth. I do not know if they will follow any sort of order, but each will have their own strategic way to kill you.”

Salem took this in slowly. “Thank you for helping me, Micah. I know it is a dangerous thing to risk telling me this, especially since it could anger the angels.”

Micah smiled before his expression faltered slightly. “It’s not a problem… Salem,” he spat the last word out before his eyes glinted red. “Micah!” Salem dodged a tendril of cold water drawn from the black sea directed to hit him.

Micah smiled madly as he bended the water in a fury of attacks to Salem. The demon gasped when the water turned black as it hit the sand, and tiny white figures could be seen evaporating out before they faded away with tiny cries of despair. Were those the spirits Micah was talking about?

Salem would not stand to be taken down so easily. The attacks from him were powerful, but Salem was so much stronger it was unbelievable.

He moved at an extreme speed to grip Micah’s neck into his hand. Salem watched sadistically as Micah’s once confident expression contorted into a pained, ugly one.

The demon’s hand lit with hellfire, the black flames engulfing Micah and eliciting terrible, horrific cries that only fueled Salem to hurt him further. No-one attacked him without getting scorched.

The last thing Salem heard before Micah incinerated to the ground rang clear in his mind. “I hope you win the fight.”

Salem watched Micah’s ashes fall to the sand and took notice the particular order they fell in. There was no mistaking the two almost-connected swirls.

The signal of the fourth astrological sign. Cancer.

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