Love At First Sin

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Chapter 4

“Oh, hey Dominik,” Emma called as he neared her. She was sitting on the lush grass beside the entrance to her subdivision. Salem smiled to himself. He had the perfect idea planned out in his head. As long as Zamora agreed, everything would go smoothly.

He cleared his throat as he sat beside her. Salem could hear her heart hammering, as he looked at her. This was a good sign, he could tell.

“I hope it is not too sudden, but would you like to go on a date with me?” Zamora’s chocolate eyes widened as a red blush tinted her cheeks. Salem frowned immediately. That wasn’t the reaction he had wanted. He had to think of something quick. “Or just you know, hang out? Is that better?”

Zamora sighed in relief. “I guess so. I don’t have a car though…” Salem grinned at that. Salem had been roaming around Vinnytsia after he’d killed Micah before he came back. While he was there, he’d found a gang trying to break into a store on the streets. Salem had temporarily disabled each man, a technique he learned in hell from Lucifer. It was used in angels more often, since it was mostly used as a way to not harm someone doing a bad deed.

But Salem did not want to kill the humans. He instead concentrated his energy to his fingertips and tapped each man once on the forehead, the way to bring them to be unconscious. They tried attacking Salem, but it was no use. Any punch that landed on his skin would be like hitting concrete.

Salem spared human lives not from his own morality, but more so to let them suffer. It was strange, but in a lot of ways Earth was worse than hell. Hell was boring sometimes, and it was always gloomy with the endless black sky and dead white grass. But it was never painful. But those gangsters, they’re lives must be far worse if they stay on Earth.

He had also taken one of their motorcycles. He’d transported it with him and it was currently next to the neighborhood. Salem wanted to ask Zamora if she would ride on it with him. Maybe it would bring them closer together.

“We can go on my motorcycle,” Salem said. Zamora shook her head vehemently. “What if I fall off? Are you good at riding a motorcycle, Dominik?” Salem nodded and motioned for her to follow him. “Very.”

Zamora got up and followed Salem the short distance to wear his motorcycle was parked on its kickstand. It was dark black, and the wheels glinted silver. The entire look was intimidating. But she wanted to go with Dominik on the motorcycle, and she wanted to experience something daring for once. Even though there weren’t any helmets...

Salem got on first, and Zamora second. Although she felt nervous, once she wrapped her arms tightly around Salem’s waist, she felt oddly safe. His back was hard as she leaned on it, and his leather jacket had a slight musky scent. She was already in love with him so much.

“Hold on tight,” Salem said before he kicked the stand and began riding slowly. He had taught himself how to in Eastern Europe, and was already so good at riding it. He could make sharp turns and swerves, but he didn’t want to scare Zamora. Having her arms wrapped around him was both endearing and exhilarating for him. His attention was directed to her tight hold, even as he began to speed on.

Trees and cars passed by quickly as Zamora held firmly to Salem. She couldn’t help but notice the way his strong arms bulged against his jacket, or the way his broad shoulders tensed slightly when she moved her arms. Zamora hadn’t even began to think about where they were going. Maybe she was being too trusting.

The sound of the motor was loud in her ears. When Salem made a particular turn, she realized they were headed off into the city. “Where are we going?” she asked loudly.

“I want to show you the city, and how beautiful it is at night,” Salem yelled back, his masculine voice sounding far different. She shuddered.

Could she stay until night? Everything about this was extremely sketchy. But then again, her parents worked extremely late anyways. And she always wanted to see the city lights at night.

Tall skyscrapers and shops came into view as Salem pulled into a parking lot outside the entrance. He kicked the stand and put the stolen keys into his pocket. Zamora got off and smiled when Salem reached out to grab her hand. She knew she shouldn’t, she knew she had a boyfriend, and that this could easily lead into more. But right now, she honestly did not care. It was like all her attention was focused on Dominik solely.

His larger hand enveloped hers, his cold eyes beaming at her. He was so happy right now, and he wanted so badly to pull her closer to him. But this was more than enough right now, and he had to be patient.

They walked together in the district, passing random people who would glance at Dominik in either fear or interest. He did look intimidating, at his tall height of over six feet and black hair. Not to mention his clothing. He looked more like a biker than those gangsters had in Ukraine.

He finally found a bench that was somewhat secluded and pulled Zamora to his side. She was reluctant at first, but she soon eased into his embrace. “I need to tell you this right now, Emma. I love you.” Zamora’s heart pounded rapidly, her mind set in a frenzy. He was so blunt, and yet she could still see how his body would tense as if anticipating her reaction. She spoke before thinking. “I love you, too.”

Salem wrapped an arm protectively around her then, and pressed his forehead to hers, his scent surrounding them. She looked into his eyes as all thought left her. She knew then she couldn’t love another the way she had fallen in love with Dominik, let alone Michael. He was not worth it, not worth it to ruin this moment between them. It was strange, Zamora was so against cheating and running away with a boy. But it was different with Dominik.

His lips hovered against hers. It took all of his self control not to kiss her then, because he would not be able to stop. Zamora’s quick, soft breathing brushed against his lips, making it harder and harder to resist. He instead reached up to brush her cheek, her smell of lavender coming through. She was so soft, so delicate.

His eyes gazed over the passing people almost angrily. “Come with me,” he near commanded, bringing Zamora with him. He held her hand firmly in his hand, leading her to a secluded part of the city. They passed people and buildings and stores. Most of the city was crowded and grey. It would’ve scared Zamora if it weren’t for Dominik. Something about him told her he would protect her.

They went into an alley and up a steel ladder. Salem told Zamora to go first, so as to make sure she didn’t fall. He didn’t care if it was a small danger. Salem vowed to keep her safe.

The two were now atop a small building, but it overlooked an empty part of the city. It wasn’t particularly pretty, there was an abandoned store in front of them and a couple trash cans near it. But they were alone, and that was what mattered.

Salem wished he could take them to the top of a skyscraper, but he couldn’t. It would require he teleport them. Besides, it wasn’t allowed to go past the first floor in that building unless you worked there. He wanted to give Zamora more than this, but it was all he knew.

“I have a boyfriend, I’m sorry Dominik. I should have told you, I should’ve said no-” Zamora was cut off when Salem kissed her back angrily, his arms gripping hers tightly. She gasped first before she returned the fervency as her emotions spiraled and her heart was on fire.

Dominik broke from her lips briefly to say what he needed. He was beyond angry Michael got her first. He wanted her for himself, and he took it out on his rough kisses.

“If you love me leave him,” he said heatedly before bringing her closer. Zamora did not know what to say to that. Michael was practically the reason her social life thrived at school. But she was beginning to realize how miniscule that truly mattered.

She sighed and held onto his built arms, feeling his muscles flex and move as he moved faster. It was completely surreal, this experience. Zamora had never hugged another boy, let alone kiss. And now she was experiencing this.

Her hands ran through his raven hair. And the two remained like that, holding each other until it grew into evening. In the midst of it all, Dominik pulled into his pocket and got out a small ring he’d gotten from the shops in Vinnytsia. It was ruby and golden. He had tricked the shop owner, but he did not care. He also didn’t tell this to Zamora.

It was wrapped in thin plastic. “I bought this for you,” Salem lied. He hated lying to his angel, but his identity as a demon had to remain a secret. “It’s beautiful Dominik,” Zamora sighed. Salem tucked a strand of her dirty blonde hair behind her ear. “I’m glad.”

A soft mew broke them from their moment. Zamora leaned over the building and saw a mangy, skinny black cat near the trash cans. “I’m gonna go help it,” she said quickly. Salem shook his head and smiled as Zamora went down the ladder. She was too kind-hearted.

He watched her closely with heated eyes. If the cat had some sort of disease or illness, Salem would be able to detect it. It was just a poor cat.

“There ain’t gonna be anything here.” Zamora’s eyes darted from the yellow-eyed cat to a group of men coming toward her unknowingly. “You never know where money might be, Chris,” another voice said. Zamora froze completely. They were in their late teens, she could tell. But they were dressed in black hats and plaid, dirty clothing. They looked dangerous and poor.

One of them glanced at Zamora and raised a pale brow. His dark eyes scanned over her and he ran a hand through his spiky red hair. “I think I found something better,” he said as he came closer to Zamora.

Her heart hammered when the four other guys laughed lewdly. She tried to make a run for it, to run back to Dominik when he reached out to grab Zamora and pull her against his lean, dirty chest. “You’re so pretty,” he cooed, and Zamora struggled to get away from him. Before she could call out his name, Dominik’s voice boomed.

“LET HER GO!” The redhead only smirked and stroked her arm instead. “Is she your girlfriend?” he asked tauntingly. Zamora kicked his legs and clawed at his arms, but it was no use. He was simply too strong.

Salem’s eyes blazed with anger. He’d saw the scene from the rooftop and was enraged. The demon went towards him and ripped his arms away from Zamora. She staggered backwards and held herself.

Chris laughed, his umber eyes gleaming. “You’re outnumbered,” he said. “Give me the girl and we won’t hurt you.” Salem ran to hit him. “She’s mine!”

While the human tried to evade his attacks, Salem was too fast and too strong. He landed each punch directly on the ginger’s attractive face. Salem showed no mercy. Chris cried out after each blow. Another guy from the group tried to hit Salem from behind, but it completely backfired. Salem struck him once, the power from his burly arms enough to knock him away.

“Dominik!” Salem looked over shortly to where Zamora was being taken by another of the guys, one with dark brown hair and a white tank top. At that moment, Salem realized he wouldn’t make it in time. The human had a motorcycle as well, only this time it was parked right where he could take away Zamora.

In the blur of his rage, Salem did something he was sworn never dare do. He used hellfire against humans.

He wielded the fire with expertise, killing each human with just one hit. The fire killed them instantly, the only sounds were that of the humans crying in fear.

Once he was done, Salem was heaving. He looked around and saw his Zamora, the love of his never-ending life, standing there with a look of complete fear. His face fell, and he immediately regretted everything. Salem slowly went toward her, his hands held up as if to say ‘I won’t hurt you.’

Zamora surprisingly did not back away. She was frozen as Salem embraced her. The powerful demon closed his eyes, waiting for her to come down from her shock. Now, he needed to explain everything.

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