Love At First Sin

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Chapter 6

The amount of girls casting looks at Salem in that classroom was alarming. And Salem knew he was attractive by human standards. His features were flawless, angled and chiseled. His nose curved and his hair was a unique dark black. Not to mention his hard jaw and strong, tall frame. Near every angel and demon was extremely attractive, though. Humans were called ugly not just for their actions, but appearance too. But someone with a kind soul could erase any part of how they look and appear beautiful in the eyes of an angel, or even demon. Someone like Zamora who was gorgeous inside and out was beyond rare.

Of course these frivolous teenage girls would like him. They probably thought he was a cute, new mysterious boy that happened to move here by their parents. Though there was nothing cute about the power he withheld. He could incinerate anyone near him in the blink of an eye.

But Salem didn’t have a slight care. All he knew was that Zamora was sitting in the class directly next to this one. The urge to go to her was almost painful.

He was currently seated in the back, slouching as his striking eyes followed the fair-skinned teacher write equations with her white chalk. Whenever it hit the board, the sound pierced his sensitive ears. Salem nearly glared at the blonde teacher unknowingly solving and teaching equations while the demon suffered silently.

“Sounds awful doesn’t it?” Salem turned to see a boy sitting lazily at the desk beside him. He had dark brown hair and nearly black eyes. His skin was naturally tan, his body lean and his clothing tight and hugging every muscle in the brunet’s shirt. Salem was surprised none of the other girls were looking at him too.

“Before you say anything, no-one else can see me so don’t talk,” he said, his umber eyes boring into the demon’s light ones. I thought that seat was empty before, Salem thought. This had to be an Angel or Demon with the ability to choose if humans could see them or not.

“I just wanted to let you know that I know you’re Salem, I know you’re in love with Zamora. I know you’re on a mission to bring her to hell with you, but you don’t want to make her feel bad to the point she has to go there. I know this because I am one of the guardian angels.”

Salem’s fists clenched, his heart rapidly pounding. How was this happening? Was this some kind of trick? How did he say all of this so buntly?

“Sagittarius. I’m Sagittarius by the way. I go by Archer for obvious reasons. I’m here to tell you that there’s a way to bring Zamora with you to hell without going through that whole process. Since you can’t talk, I’ll answer the questions you want to ask me. I’m helping you because someone I love is in the realm that leads to Hell. I hate betraying Heaven but you have to make risks and sacrifices for the one you love and that’s exactly what I’m doing. Now you’re going to do it too. See, you have no idea if I’m lying but you’re already starting to believe me because the small chance I’m telling the truth would make you so happy, you’re jumping to conclusions.”

To say Salem was shocked was an understatement. He then remembered Zamora could tell if someone was lying. He would ask her if he was being truthful.

“This place is in a lake, too. There’s a portal I found that will close if we don’t go in 24 hours.” Then, Sagittarius leaned in before saying; “I got to it by killing the Loch Ness Monster.”

Salem looked at him as if he was insane. Which he kind of was. Salem didn’t need to ask Zamora if he was lying. There was no way this Angel was telling the truth.

Sagittarius laughed loudly, his eyes seemingly sparkling with laughter. “The funny part is I’m not even kidding. I can breathe and see clearly underwater, and I found a tunnel in a lake in Scotland while I was swimming for fun, thinking of a way to kill you. Next thing I knew, the tunnel went wider and there was a huge empty space of nearly black water. And then I saw some green, scaly 20-foot serpent with yellow eyes swimming towards me. The sad thing was, the poor thing was actually friendly and harmless. I saw some rocks covering something, and I wondered what it was blocking. I sadly had to kill the overgrown eel since it kept getting in my way. It was then that I removed the rocks and found another tunnel. I went in, and it lead to some sort of cave-room. It was dry and brown and dirty. Of course, there was a guardian there like there is beside any portal. He had a smooth robe and a dark hood. He stood at almost nine-feet tall. The portal was a billion different colors, the kinds that exist only in heaven. I asked the guardian where it lead to. He said ‘Haven.’ Haven is similar to heaven, but it’s less elaborate. When God tried making heaven, he goofed up a bit and made a lot of different realms that are close, but not quite heaven. This one is called Haven, and It’s where my love is. It leads to Heaven and Hell. So I was thrilled when the guardian said I could enter, but he told me if I were to go into Haven, I had to bring two other Angels or Demons to make it worth the trip. So that’s where you come in.”

Salem’s cerulean eyes widened. He didn’t need to ask Zamora if Sagittarius was telling the truth. There was no way he could be lying. Salem had seen Angels and Demons lie so many times, and he caught onto them easily by watching their body movements. Sagittarius hadn’t faltered even slightly and sounded confident with each word he spoke.

If what Sagittarius had said was true, he could be with Zamora safely and travel to Hell without making her have to experience such pain. Then, they could travel back and forth to Earth, Hell, Haven, it wouldn’t matter. He’d have Zamora by his side. That’s all that mattered. Besides, if Zamora went to a supernatural place, her aging would stop and she would be secured. It was brilliant. Salem just hoped that this was all true.

The bell rang abruptly, causing each student to gather in groups and exit the classroom. Salem quickly left with Sagittarius following right behind him. Salem speed-walked to go to Zamora. He had to tell her soon so they could go. He wouldn’t waste anytime at losing the chance this could truly happen.

“Hi, Dominik!” Salem looked down briefly at the petite, green-eyed girl clinging to his arm. She had freckles and a cute face. “I saw you at Math, do you want to sit with me at lunch?” It was a sweet gesture, but Salem didn’t care for her in the slightest. He needed to get to Zamora, and this young girl was preventing him from doing so.

Salem ignored Sagittarius’s snickering when he shrugged the girl’s hand from his arm carelessly and continued down the hall, leaving her in shock.

When Salem detected Zamora’s aura close by, he had to restrain himself from rushing over to her. He nearly pushed past the other students in his haste to get to her.

Sagittarius giggled. “You’re not gonna like this,” the angel warned playfully. Before Salem could ask what think of what he was talking about, he felt yet another strong aura. Michael’s.

“Sa- Dominik!” Salem glanced up to see Zamora pushing past Michael to get to him. His heart swelled at seeing Zamora, her eyes bright and expression happy. He loved that he had this effect on her, to make her care so much. But even he knew that it was near impossible for her to love him as much as he loved her.

Salem smiled lovingly before he looked toward Michael who had a look of shock on his handsome face. The demon frowned darkly, sending Michael a look as if to warn him to stay away. Salem knew he could look extremely intimidating if he so wished it.

Michael barely flinched. Salem paid him no more attention as he clutched onto Zamora’s hand. “We need to discuss something,” Salem said hastily, leading her down the halls and to some school supplies closet.

Zamora could tell he was serious about something. While she followed him, she noticed a brunet boy coming with them. He winked at her before speaking. “I’m an Angel, and I’m here to help you two.” Zamora raised a brow at him before Salem opened a wooden door and closed it behind them, locking it.

The harsh light beamed down. Pencils, erasers, scissors, and a whole lot of textbooks sat in bins stacked on steel shelves.

“First off, who’s this?” Zamora asked, gesturing to Sagittarius with a confused expression. Salem huffed before explaining everything rapidly.

“There are twelve celestial Guardian Angels after me, each are powerful and out to kill me so you can return to heaven to rule alongside Michael. This is Sagittarius, but he goes by Archer. He knows a place called Haven that we can go that will allow us to travel to Heaven and Hell without having to go through the original process. We need to go through a portal hidden beneath a lake in Scotland to get there. Your age will stop once we arrive there. He’s helping because the one he loves is there and he needs us to get there. There’s a portal that goes there, but we have to go now.”

Zamora took everything in, then realized just how major this was. She glanced over to Sagittarius. “Is this true?” She asked him, her heart hammering at the thought of what this meant.

“Completely,” he responded. Zamora nodded slowly once she realized he was telling the truth. Sagittarius broke into a huge smile. “Hold on, everything. I’m transferring us to Scotland.”

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