Love At First Sin

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Chapter 7

“Relinqou.” The Guardian’s voice was low and deep, the tone sounding as if a dozen different human voices were talking at once.

Sagittarius had taken them directly to the portal, causing Zamora to nearly shriek at the shock of seeing the Guardian standing there. His skin was grey, along with his dark, worn clothing. His face was almost completely hooded, but you could see the outline of his thin lips. Zamora briefly wondered what he would look like without the hood.

The Guardian spoke only in Latin, which meant Zamora couldn’t understand a thing he said.

“An iam ingressus angelus. Ut tantum duo veniunt!” Zamora flinched at what appeared to be a command from The Guardian, resulting in Salem pulling her to his side tightly.

Sagittarius frowned before turning to Zamora. “He’s saying an angel has already entered the portal before us, and only two of us may come.”

Salem frowned. “So one of us has to stay behind...”

Zamora’s eyes glinted as an idea popped into her head. She glanced over at Salem, who seemed to be thinking a similar idea. Disable The Guardian.

Sagittarius smirked as he looked between Zamora and Salem. One thing he missed while he was in Heaven was the way these Demons and Humans would easily break the rules if need be. He shook his head when a certain angel’s face flashed into his mind.

Salem went first, moving quickly beside The Guardian at lightning speed. The Guardian’s head whipped to face the demon, his hood falling and revealing silver eyes. No pupils, just completely blank eyes. It was almost disturbing to look at.

Before she knew it, her fingers where lighting up, sparking. Her brown eyes widening at the embers she held in her hand. She caused it so easily, as if controlling and moving the angelic fire was like using an extra limb.

Salem smirked madly when his hand lit with black fire, using it to scorch the Guardian’s face with each landing punch.

The Guardian cried repeatedly, his voice sounding like a douse of water was poured onto a burning fire. Like a million small cries for help.

Zamora took the opportunity to send a blast of silver flames in his direction, her heart pounding as she did it. It was then that the Guardian died completely, his body fading, disintegrating and ultimately disappearing.

It was silent before Sagittarius broke into a fit of laughter. “Never expected The Guardians to be so weak. Heaven better up their game.” His dark eyes shifted to Zamora. “Oh and Zamora? With some practice with that kind of power, you could be indestructible,” the Angel praised. “I could never kill that Guardian on my own.”

She smiled proudly as Salem gleamed at her. She never failed to amaze him.

“Ready to go to Haven?” Sagittarius asked happily. The portal seemed to be fading slightly, the array of unique colors fading to black and grey. It was closing soon.

Salem gripped Zamora’s arm gently, his azure eyes seemingly smiling at her before he guided them through.

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