Love At First Sin

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Chapter 8

It took just a flash of white until Zamora saw the most beautiful place she’d ever seen. What appeared to be small wooden cottages and shortly cut grass surrounded her, along with a beige trail leading to each house. The village-like setting was enclosed by a nine-foot tall stone wall that had a medieval spruce door with a sleek black lock. Above her was a sunless, crystal light blue sky.

When Zamora looked to Salem, she noticed something very off. “Salem your eyes are red!” Zamora said in shock.

Salem turned to Zamora and nearly gasped as well. “Zamora, your eyes are bright amber, your skin is olive, and your hair is chestnut brown.”

Zamora waved her hands in front of her eyes. He was right, her skin was three shades darker than before. She had a far more drastic change to her appearance. The only thing that changed with Salem was his eyes. His already intimidating icy eyes were now a sinister crimson. With his powerful frame, to his dark clothes and black hair, he truly looked every bit like the dangerous demon he was. Zamora almost flinched when she saw his devilish, ruby eyes. And she would’ve been a slight bit intimidated if it weren’t for the fact that she knew Salem loved her so much to never hurt her. Besides, she controlled white fire now. She could battle easily on her own.

“When you escape to a supernatural realm, your body adapts into it’s true form. Earth shifts your appearance from what it truly is,” Salem said, stepping closer to Zamora. Her breath caught when he came closer and traced her bare arm, his snake-like scarlett eyes seeming to heat when she shivered lightly. “If I thought you were beautiful before, you are stunning now. How are you able to make me want you more with each second, Zamora?”

Zamora flushed as he heart picked up pace, beating quicker with each word the demon said. Her eyes fell from his ruby eyes to his angular jaw, to his curved lips, to the tight black clothing stretched from his powerful arms. She felt so small at that moment, and ultimately vulnerable. Zamora was strong-willed to most everything, except when it came to love. Perhaps that was one thing the demon and she had in common.

“Archer!” The sound of the masculine voice ripped the two from their quick moment. A lean, tall angel was dressed in white boots, a tight silver shirt and knee-length smooth shorts with a sheathed sword hanging on his belted hip. He was soon being embraced tightly by Sagittarius, whose appearance had barely changed, other than his dark brunette hair changing to a light brown.

“You came back,” the blond angel cried, gripping onto Sagittarius’s tattered shirt. Once the two released, the angel glanced over to Salem and Zamora, his dark blue eyes wide with surprise. “You must be Princess Zamora,” he said. Salem frowned at the blond’s cheery voice, slightly startling the angel before he regained his composure.

“I’m Evangelos, or just Evan. I’m in charge of taking care of Haven,” he explained. “Please, we have two empty houses where you all can stay.”

Zamora smiled gratefully as she followed Evan down the sandy trail with Salem following closely beside her. They passed each sprucey home. There were around a dozen in the area. Salem and Zamora’s house was on the very end. Sagittarius’s was right beside there’s.

Evangelos turned to smile. “The gate at the very right opens to a cobblestone room. There’s a portal going to the Underworld there, but it’ll open in about a week. You can all relax for now until then. Feel free to talk to any of the others around here,” the angel said merrily.

Zamora frowned to herself. So that was it? That’s all it took? Then it was happy ever after with Salem? It was far too good to be true.

Salem gazed up at the darkening sky. “Is there a sun or moon?” he asked anyone.

“Not here. The sky is always bright, but at night it goes completely dark. We usually have Homura light torches for us at night. She lives in the first house,” Evan explained. Zamora glanced over to the other two gates. “Can I travel to Heaven now, too?”

Evangelos shook his head. “Heaven’s portal is closed until about a year. If you ever get tired of the village, you can always go off the left gate. It leads some forests, along with biomes,” Evangelos finished with a yawn. “Well, goodnight. Everyone gets tired in Haven, so I guess I’ll see you all in the daytime.”

Salem and Zamora watched as Sagittarius and Evan went in separate homes before going inside their own, opening and closing the dark wooden door.

The inside was had one closed window, with two large, white beds on either side. A fire was dying down in the corner, the fireplace made from grey stone. The flooring was completely plain, other than a plush red rug set in the middle of the cottage. The small room felt rustic and cozy.

Salem smiled to Zamora as he laid onto the bed to the left side of the home, pressed against the wall. “Are you excited? We will be going to Hell in just a week, Zamora.”

The angel smiled, taking note of how Salem purposely left an empty space for her to lay on beside him. The dim firelight casted over his chiseled features, and almost illuminated his crimson eyes. Her breathing felt shortened as she decided to lay beside him before thinking otherwise.

The bed creaked as Salem wrapped his arms tightly around Zamora. Her rapid heartbeat slowly began to fade as she soon relaxed, though it was difficult when the demon’s strong arms and powerful body was pressed to closely to her own.

Salem held her protectively, resting his head and nuzzling the crook of her neck. He loved his angel so much, to the point where it was almost painful. The idea of her ever disappearing or being with another would devastate him, along with leaving him enraged.

Zamora let out a silent gasp when his lips formed a soft kiss below her ear. “Goodnight, my angel.” She smiled at his soft, husky voice. “Goodnight, my demon.”

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