The Uncommonly Handsome Man and the Arrogantly Self Reliant Woman

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Do you believe in destiny or freewill? Do you believe in Happy Endings? Do fairy tale myths of romance still have a place in a 21st century world? This is a love story about an uncommonly handsome man and an arrogantly self-reliant woman with a paranormal twist. Through these characters the novel explores the larger philosophical question of romance including the question of fate vs. freewill. The uncommonly handsome man is Dwayne Hucks. He is a singer/ songwriter/ poet college professor with two failed relationships in the past. He is living a less than life and settling for the 8 weeks on the road he gets to perform. He is having odd dreams of a world of blue and a woman he has never met. He is suffering from writer block. The arrogantly self-reliant woman is Sandy. She does not believe in love, romance, or silly romantic movies, books or songs. Her life is defined by the sacrifices she has made as a single mother. She is having odd dreams of a blue screen with poems, song lyrics and music written. She is suddenly a romantic poet and song writer who writes from a male perspective. There are two sub plots in the novel. Dwayne's best friend is dying, but has not told Dwayne. He has a plan to make Dwayne a star as his dying gift to his friend. Sandy's teenager daughter wants a male role model in her life.

Romance / Poetry
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Section 1: I dreamt you.

You have been in my dreams-

I dreamt of a world

With surroundings in blue

And just me and you.

I dreamt of a world

You and I different ages

I have seen you in stages.

I dreamt of a world

When I saw you dance

I wanted romance.

Its as if we’re both drawn

In this odd world of blue

Just me and you

I dreamt of a world

Where I combed your hidden gray

After a long, hard work day

I have dreamt of a world

You in a yoga pose

Me a poet with no prose.

It turns my real life to blue

Each morning I must part

From the stranger in my heart.

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