Blue Dreams

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Section 4: Bliss (song)

I’m a man without a woman

A soul without a home

Wandering eternal across the desert sand

Seeking temporary comfort in any random lips

The nightly, desperate seeking

The close to, but not quite, bliss.

My tale is not uncommon

Its writ in many a poem

Sung in every bar by every country band

A lonely man escapes into the bottle he sips

If you hear the old bed creaking

It’s close to, but not quite, bliss.

I’ve never had a soul mate

I’ve looked far and wide

Wandering eternal across the craggy moors

Seeking my salvation in a hundred pairs of arms

Searching for answers in their eyes

Oh, close to, but not quite, bliss.

I’ve had some amazing dates

Even took a bride

Walked through love’s revolving doors

Done some hearts some harm

Told my share of lies

So close to, but not quite, bliss.

I’m a man growing old

Yet my journey onward goes

Wandering eternal on winter’s frozen ground

Seeking a soft bed just to lie and rest

Would like a few nights to recall

The close to, but not quite, bliss.

It is true what I’ve been told-

A man reaps what he sows

No farm, I’ve lived on what I found

Searching for the myth I can’t resist

Going through the motions of it all

For the close to, but not quite bliss.

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