Blue Dreams

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Section 5: Uncommonly Handsome Common Man

We have an intellectual discussion about my physical appearance.

I am the world’s most attractive man or the world’s most repulsive;

Dependent, you say, on culture, norms and values.

I say, but I know my value in the culture we both inhabit.

Intellectual flirtation-your way of saying yes while denying an attraction;

Although your eyes say, “Kiss me, handsome.”

Well, babe, you are only human.

You will take me tonight as I am.

Judgement- your name is woman!

At first your eyes will tell me

That you set me high above all others;

Consider me a most uncommon man.

I bring you nightly pleasure.

Your smile extends well into daylight.

You consider me your knight,

Your protector, your defender.

We walk the beach at sunset hand in hand.

I like this image of me and

In the image reflected back at me,

I believe this is who I am.

I dread the day I see disgust in your eyes;

The pain, disdain, repulsion soon to come.

In time in the image reflected back at me,

I will see another image of your man,

The lowlife who offended you

Through some neglect, misspoken word,

Perhaps an action you don’t understand.

I will avoid your eyes, your glance and gaze

Until we are strangers-angry

You have seen me for whom I truly am.

If I apologize today for any tomorrow,

Can you try to see me fairly?

I stand before you as simply-MAN!

I am well-intentioned, strong and caring,

Weak, insecure and deeply flawed-

Not high above or stomach crawling;

Just a common man.

My love, I stand vulnerable and exposed

My body, heart and soul as freely given

To a woman as I can.

Handsome and repulsive-BOTH?

Babe, I am only human.

Can you accept and love me as I am?

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