Blue Dreams

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Chapter 14: What Would I do with a Prince?

When Sandy thinks of the term "spiritual healing" it is accompanied by an involuntary eye roll. If she felt like she needed spiritual healing, she would likely have started with the local Episcopalian Church since that is the religion in which she was raised or she might have asked Juanita to introduce her to her Priest. She might even have gone to the Buddhist Community Learning Center where she has previously taken classes on meditation. Yet on Monday, July 3, Sandy is at a spiritual healing center between Santa Fe and Dulce about to meet with a hypnotist for hypnosis regression to explore her past lives.

Sandy has spent hours online and at the public library reading about psychic phenomena and the possibility of psychic connections, psychic bonds and past lives. She decided the most professional route she could take to look into what she is now mentally describing as “the blue screen issue” is hypnosis regression. This particular center has a consulting physician and psychotherapist should the hypnotist feel a recommendation is needed. The grounds are beautiful. There is a walking path and meditative gardens. Sandy started with a yoga class this morning. She figures it is not a complete waste of time at any rate. It’s a beautiful morning drive, a little yoga, a little hypnosis, a picnic lunch and pretty drive home. Just another day in the life of the modern New Mexican woman! She is a little worried about the cost. She took money out of the emergency automobile fund and, between the dulcimer and the hypnosis, has pretty much depleted that fund, but if she is going to pursue this, she doesn’t want to go to some cut rate, uncertified charlatan.

The hypnotist, Linda, invites her back to her office and asks her if she wants some tea. There are two comfortable chairs with a small table near a large window with an inspirational view which makes Sandy think of Georgia O’Keefe. The chairs are a distance from the hypnotist’s desk and face to the window. Linda gestures for Sandy to sit. As Sandy sits, she notices a road runner outside and wonders if there is any mythological component to seeing a road runner before beginning a spiritual healing. Sandy is relieved that Linda is conservatively and professionally dressed and has a relaxed and competent manner. Linda begins by explaining that she is not a therapist and the circumstances under which a referral would be made to a different professional. She then tells Sandy about the training she received for her certification, provides Sandy a code of ethical guidelines she follows and asks her if she has any questions. Sandy is not sure what she was expecting, but she finds her shoulder muscles had tensed up with anticipation, despite her yoga class this morning. With Linda’s professional demeanor, Sandy’s shoulder muscles begins to relax.

Linda’s voice is very well modulated even for the initial explanation. “Sometimes past lives can have consequences in this life. There are actions that repeat or traumas that impact us. We might find ourselves unable to avoid situations no matter how hard we try or we might have reactions to situations without a rational explanation. Regression hypnosis is simply a way to see where your spirit needs work through what past life is visited. I suggest a good place to start is by identifying a specific situation or problem you are experiencing in your current life. It allows me to help guide the experience. We do an audio recording so you can listen to your experience, but most people do remember their experience upon awakening. You have signed a release and an understanding of the recording process, but I always like to get verbal permission before I begin the recording. Do I have your permission?”

Sandy nods and puts down her tea. She is now looking forward to this experience. The literature had said she would be well rested upon awakening and she feels she is in good hands. Linda prompts her to express in simple, brief terms the reasons why she is seeking spiritual healing through regression hypnosis. Sandy doesn’t know how to answer. She doesn’t think she needs spiritual healing. She simply wants to know more about the man who is writing poetry and songs while she sleeps.

Linda: Are the poems and the songs disturbing in some way?

Sandy: Only that he is sad and wants to find love. He feels responsible for having emotionally hurt women in the past. I feel really sad for him. He deserves love, but just can’t find it.

Linda: Are you struggling with finding love? Do you feel like you might not deserve love?

Sandy: I don’t really need romantic love. It’s not something I want.

Linda: So you are not allowing yourself to find romantic love? You are not opening up to the possibility of love? This could be because of something a past life has experienced. We will start the hypnosis now.

Sandy: Wait. I don’t really want this to change me. I’m happy the way I am. I just want to know more about this man. I don’t want to be more open to falling in love. I mean, it sounds good in theory, but it just seems too complicated. It would change my life so much and I don’t really need that. I’ve never really believed in the myth of love because, you know, once the Prince kisses you and all that, then we really never see what happily ever after really means, you know. What do you do with a Prince in your day to day life? Watch television with him, do his laundry, have someone to hold your doors open for you. Who needs that?

Linda: I’m confused. You are seeking spiritual healing. Are you simply hoping the poetry and songs will stop?

Sandy: God, no. I love the poetry and songs. I don’t want them to stop. I kind of like waking up with this man in my head. I just want some type of confirmation that they are coming from a past life, so I know I’m not suffering from split personality or possession or something else. I’m mean they have to be coming from somewhere, right?

Linda reminds Sandy again in a patient voice that the purpose behind regression hypnosis is spiritual healing. Simply by saying she wants to know more about this past life and by making the commitment to hypnosis regression, her spirit is directing her to explore what trauma happened in a past life to make her so cynical about love. The whole point is to be changed by the experience. Linda tells her the fact of her writing these songs and these poems indicate the need for her spirit to heal. Linda asks her if she still wants the hypnosis. Sandy has to admit that Linda is making sense; although the thought that the songs and poems would end is not a thought she enjoys. She will miss him if he goes away. Linda says the only way the hypnosis will be successful is if Sandy trusts in the process and trusts in herself. Sandy will try.

Linda begins the hypnosis. There is nothing remotely spooky about the process. It is simply relaxing your body and your mind with a well-trained facilitated guide. It is not unlike meditation. Sandy believes she can trust the process. She finds herself getting drowsy and her eyelids getting heavy. She awakes about fifteen minutes later and tells Linda she needs pen and paper. She has to write down the words to a poem about trust.

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