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One day you're going to love me... and I'll deny you. Jamie Gallagher and Lynn Sodawaan were childhood best friends - though he never realized that her affection for him wove a little deeper than simple friendship. They were stuck to each other like honey to toast. And then one day, she was just gone. To cope with her abandonment, Jamie resorted to thrill-seeking, his way of muting the throbbing hole Lynn had left in her wake. But when his carelessness results in him waking up in a hospital bed with a missing appendage, a guilty conscience, and the unwanted company of none other than Lynn herself, his world falls apart. With drama swirling around the two teens, the only question is... will one bitter boy, a tenacious girl, and two fragile hearts be able to find the harmony they both yearn for? Maybe Cinderella can save Prince Charming this time.

Romance / Drama
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We were friends once, but that was long ago.

Now you’re back, asking for a chance that I’m not sure I want to give.

If only you were that easy to hate...

But when you look at me and seem to see between the crevices of my brokenness, I can’t help but explore the ‘what ifs’.

And then we'll kiss and my world shatters into a million glistening pieces of futile hope.

Desires will surface and radiate from your smile and I’ll be too far gone to understand why.

And then one day you’re going to love me,

... and I’ll deny you.

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