Sugar Honey Baby

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Chapter 11

Self doubt is the anchor that keeps our ships from sailing......

Cherri Johnson

I laid in his arms for what seemed like hours, and then again maybe it was. My arms would occasionally tingle and the sensation brought multiple grins to my face. Jace fell asleep long ago and I was stuck here staring at his ceiling, deep in thought. I was afraid to move because I didn’t want to wake him, but the crampy feeling in my lower area encouraged me to get up so I can use the restroom. I swung my legs over the edge of the bed but my upper body stayed caged in his grip. I pried his fingers off me, one by one and quickly rushed to the bathroom.

After using the bathroom, I couldn’t help but smile in the mirror that was located above his sink. I, Cherlyn Johnson had just laid in bed with the Jason Hindrix. I tugged at my shirt and brought it to my nose. Sweet peppermint explored my nostrils and I couldn’t help but squeal. It was like his scent marked me and claimed me as his even though I’m sure I wasn’t.

I know for sure that I wasn’t the first girl to fan girl in front of his bathroom mirror and get overly excited from smelling his scent on her clothes.

Great. Flipping Fantastic.

I walked out the bathroom with my head hanging low. I hated how I always seem to bring myself down, I was my own enemy.

“I though you ditched me window girl.”

I held my head up to see Jace flicking through his phone, not even sparing me a glance.

I decided to not answer him and sat down on the floor.

“What’s with the distance Baby.”

I cringed at the name.

“I’m not your baby Jace, last time I checked my name was Cherri and not Alexus.”

A laugh errupted from his throat and bounced off the walls. I hated how he thought everything was funny when I was always serious as a heart attack.

“Shut up, There isn’t anything funny Jace.”

He stopped laughing and looked me dead in the face before errupting in a fit of laughs again.

I stood up from the floor and stomped my feet. “Your an asswipe of a person you know that right?”

He wiped fake tears off of his face before pouting at me. “Live a little Sugar and I told you she was one of the bros.” I rolled my eyes and gave him the finger. “Shut up and stop pouting, you look like you have to shit.”

He threw a pillow at me and it hit me on my forehead.....I knew I couldn’t dodge that even if I was to try.

My butt started to vibrate as I pulled the pillow in my lap and I realized it was my phone. I pulled it out my pocket as ‘Sugar’ by Maroon 5 blared from it. I didn’t even bother to answer or decline the call cause I knew it was my mother calling.

“So I’m guessing your not going to answer that”. Jace asked as he stretched his long legs and arms.

“Yes, there is a new way us humans answers phones now, we stare at it until it answers itself.” I replied with sarcasm dripping from my tongue.

Jace scoffed as he flung himself off his bed. “You have a smartass mouth Cherlyn.” I could hear the agitation that came behind that sentence and it really pissed me off.

“Well say the words Jace and this smartass mouth will leave you alone.”

He combed his hand through his hair and sighed. “Is it the time of the month or something for you.”

My mouth hung open as I stared at him with shock all over my face. Did he really just pull a monthly card on me. But according to yesterday morning, he was right. It was indeed that time of the month for me but it wasn’t like I was going to tell him that so Instead I shrugged my shoulders and changed the subject.

“Shut up and feed me pretty boy.”

His lips tugged into a genuine smile that I honestly could get use to seeing everyday.

“Sure thing Johnson and your not too bad your self” he said as he walked past me, blessing me with his strong peppermint scent.

Jace always knew the right words to say, even if they were cocky or conceited or down right nasty, his mouth never seem to fail me.

*not intended to be dirty lol*

I walked down the stairs minutes later to be met with an ugly and horrendous sight.

Jace had Alexus slung over his shoulder as her eyes fluttered open.

I thought she had left when everyone else had but instead she decided to crash and take a nap on Jace’s couch.

“Wakey Wakey my punk princess, I’m cooking food.”

Alexus head popped up and a silly face soon replaced the once tired look she held.

“You know that food is my second true love Jace.” She kicked her legs and he flopped her down on the couch.

“May I know what your first true love Is Mrs. Payne.”

She twirled a piece of her now long blue and black hair between her fingers before replying with a simple “you”.

It took everything in me to not strut over and pull those extensions out of her head and shove it down her long throat but instead I kept my cool. I made my way to the kitchen ignoring the both of them and sat on a stool by the granite counter.

“I didn’t know you was still here Cherri.”

Alexus had invited herself into the kitchen with Jace right behind her like some lost puppy. I rolled my eyes before facing my back towards her.

“Same for you, thought you left with the others.”

I could hear her chuckle and the sound made my blood boil, it was worst than hearing Gigi giggle.

“This is my second home dollface, I never leave.”

I turned back around to face her, feeling my face bcome hot.

“Nice to know.”

I don’t know if Jace was just plain stupid or if he thought I was plain stupid but I knew for certain that Alexus Payne was not one of the bros and she must be handled like a hot mocha latte from Starbucks.......with care, she must be handled with care.

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