Sugar Honey Baby

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Chapter 13

She was a poor weak human being, a human soul, weak and hopeless in suffering, shivering in the toils of eternal struggle of the human soul with pain

Cherri Johnson

I’m a bit relieved that today is Monday even though school holds no promises for a better day, especially for me. Saturday was a total bust and when my parents came home Sunday, it was no better. My mom didn’t even question my whereabouts and my father ignored me along with Josh and Warts so I was happy to get out of the house this morning.

I walked out of the house and was instantly met with the sun in my face and it made me feel somewhat better. I glanced down and saw a little butterfly bandaid that stuck out from the aleebe of my gray cropped sweater

Since saturday, I’ve been collecting butterfly bandaids on my wrist and it easily went from one bandaid to five and to say I was happy about it would be a understatement

Since saturday, I’ve been collecting butterfly bandaids on my wrist and it easily went from one bandaid to five and to say I was happy about it would be a understatement.

I was disgusted with myself

But once you start cutting, it’s hard to stop

A loud roar caught my attention and I snapped my head up to see a shiny red porshe pull up in the Hindrix driveway. A certain red headed popped out the car.

Dylan Stone

He closed his door and casually leaned against his car door, not even taking in his surroundings.

I frowned as I sat down on my porch and began to pick at my worn Vans.

Moments later, Jace came out the house, looking like he always do, nice.

screeching soon filled my ears and I immediately realized that the bus was stopping at the bus stop.

I cursed under my breath as I grabbed my satchel and ran towards the bus stop, not realizing my shoelaces were untied.

I instantly found my face on the sidewalk and I groaned.

I picked myself off the ground and snatched my satchel off my graveled enemy.

Curse you sidewalk

I made my way on the bus and turned around to see a certain pair of brown eyes staring deep into mine.

I shook my head as I turned back around and sat at the back, ignoring the rude remarks and snarky comments that were thrown my way.

I rushed off the bus as soon as it stopped infront of the school. That was probably the longest ride I ever had to go through and I think I would rather just walk from now on. I slung my satchel over my shoulder and made way for the front doors.

“Hey Cherri, come here for a sec.”

I turned around to see Kevin waving me over with a lazy smile on his face.

He had his other arm over Ramsey’s shoulder as she eyed me up and down.

Melody looked at me for a brief second before excusing herself and rushing for the front door. Ramsey rolled her eyes at me before shrugging out of Kevin’s arm and following Melody.

Well that was short of awkward.

Gigi was making pouty faces at her camera before Ryan came and photobombed her, making her hit him playfully on his chest.

Behind them stood Dumb, Dumber, and Dumbest.

Also known as Dylan, Alexus, and Jace.

Alexus was laying her head on Jace’s shoulder while blasting some pretty hardcore music in her chunky headphones.

Dylan was casually scrolling through his phone, still not taking in his surroundings.

I made my way over to the group of friends, clearly not thinking.

“I hope your feeling better after what happened Friday.” Kevin said while awardkly scratching the back of his neck.

I saw the rest of the group come closer as I backed up nervously.

“Yea, we been bashing Melody about that and she won’t say a thing”. Gigi announced while pocketing her phone.

I liked how everyone became so interested in me but then again I disliked it....I was a ghost

“Guys back off, she’s not a pack of meat you filthy dogs.”

I was surprised to see Alexus walk up and push her way through the group.

I looked behind her too see Dylan and Jace remaining in their spots but their eyes were glued to me.

Not one spoke a word and im sure Jace told him what happened between us.

I shook my head and focused my attention back on Alexus.

“Your saying this for what? To try and make your self look good?” I stated with my arms crossed.

Alexus looked to the side with an amused expression on her face.

“No Cherri, it’s because I feel bad for you.” She looked down and her eyes connected on my wrist. I looked down as well to see a red exposed scar. One of my five bandaids had fallen off. I quickly pulled the sleeve of my sweater down and looked up to see Alexus staring at me. I looked around to see the whole gangs eyes on me and I immediately panicked and speed walked towards the entrance.


I turned to see Jace making his way to the front of the little group.

I quickly turned around before he could see me cry.

One of my dirty secrets had been discovered by the lovely Alexus Payne.

I made my way to the bathroom, tears streaming down my face.

I opened the door to be met with Melody and Ramsey.

Melody face was flushed red and Ramsey was attempting to reapply her makeup.

I walked past both of them, hoping to go unnoticed.


My eyes twitched at the way she called my name. Like we were still friends in middle school.

I wiped my face with my sweater sleeve before I turned towards her.

“Yes Mel”. I smiled falsely at her.

Her face lit up with excitement.

“You called me Mel”.

She pushed Ramsey away and walked towards me with her hand stretched out.

My smile quickly turned into a scowl.

“Isn’t that what friends do, call out their nicknames or whatever”.

She dropped her hands down.

“Cherri give me a chance to explain please.”

I looked her in her eyes and almost drowned in the waterpool that filled them.

She always had a way of convincing people easily with her big doe eyes.

“Ok but you and you only Melody”. I agreed.

She shook her head then turned around to Ramsey.

“Hey Rams, I’ll be out soon, give me a minute yeah?“.

Ramsey’s face scrunched up but she shrugged it off and exit out the bathroom.

“Meet me at my house this afternoon, ok.”

She placed her hands on my shoulder and the touch seemed to burn. I backed up and swatted my hands at her.

“Ok ok but no touching”.

She squealed before clutching her hands together.

I guess I’m not use to other people touching me yet, just Jace and that sucked.

“Ok it’s a date”. She grabbed her makeup bag before rushing out the bathroom.

I leaned my head against the tile wall before closing my eyes and releasing a sigh.

I don’t know what just happened but I hope it’s for the better.

I definitely need answers.

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