Sugar Honey Baby

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Chapter 14

Never get tired of doing little things for others . Sometimes those little things occupy the biggest part of their heart.

Jace Hindrix

Even after I called her name she still made her way into the school doors. Dylan patted my back but I shrugged away from him, aggravated. I told him earlier this morning that I was done with Cherri Johnson. Even though he stared at me like I was some alien creature, I was still serious. Dylan talked the subject away by saying that God sent us Cherri to protect and at that moment I wished that his mother wasn’t seeing a preacher.

I grabbed my bag as soon as the first bell rang and walked into the doors that Cherri disappeared into not long ago. As I was walking to my class I saw Ramsey sticking her ear up to the girls bathroom door, straining to hear.

“Uhm Rams, What you doing.”

She quickly stepped away from the door and leaned against the wall, crossing her arms over her chest. “Oh hey Jace, I’m just chilling ya know.” She threw her hands in the air as if me catching her eavesdropping was the norm.

I raised my eyebrows at her, not buying it one bit.

Her face became a little red as I continued to stare at her.

“God Jace, Go away.”

She became flustered as her gaze went everywhere else but at me.

I was blessed to make people feel uncomfortable with my good looks but I’m not cocky, I promise.

The door to the girls bathroom opened soon and Melody walked out with Cherri close.

Ramsey popped off the wall and grabbed Melody by her shoulder. “I swear if you said anything to my best friend, I’ll have your head served to Daisy.”

Cherri rolled her eyes, unfazed by Ramsey’s threat but if I was her, I’ll take Ramsey and her Pit bull Daisy veryyy serious. One time I stole Ramsey’s fries and the next day I’m being chased down the street by Ramsey and Daisy while she yelled “Sic him girl.” over and over again.

I was snapped from the horrible memory by Ramsey yelling.

“Did you just roll your eyes at me , let me at her!”

Ramsey leaped for Cherri but Melody grabbed her arms while I stood in front of Cherri.

“God Chill out Rams.” Melody rolled her eyes as she pulled her friend away from Cherri and made her way down the hall, still pulling a fuming Ramsey.

Cherri’s hands found my shoulder as she attempted to push me away.

“I could have handle that myself, stepping in front of me was not needed.”

I didn’t even flinch at her words since I told myself I was done with her. I can’t even make up a reasonable answer as to why I stepped in front of Cherri, It was almost like an instinct.

“Yea whatever. If it wasn’t for me and Melody then Ramsey would have pummeled your ass to the ground.”

She bit her lip and I swore it took everything in me to not kiss the life out of the girl I said I was done with.

I don’t even know why I would think of something like that, I was just suppose to help Cherri, not develop a feeling to kiss her anyway.

“Thanks Jace.”

I snapped my head to her, not expecting her to apologize let alone talk to me for as long as she has.

“You don’t have to thank me Cherri, I would have done it in a heartbeat.”

Her face reddened and I knew that I still had the same effect on her.

“Does this means that your not mad at me anymore.”

She batted her eyelashes at me and for a second my breathing stop.

“Cherri, I was never mad at you” I find myself saying.“I was just hurt ya know.”

Her eyes opened up wide and I could tell that my words had shocked her.

“I didn’t know that someone like me could hurt someone like you, I was dumb for saying that stuff anyway, especially after all you’ve done for me”.

She tightened her grip around her satchel as her eyes bored into mine

The late bell rang and it startled her, making her jump and lose eye contact with me.

“Shit, now I have to walk in front of all those idiots.“She rolled her eyes and began walking.

“Or you can just skip with me.”

It had slipped out my mouth before I even thought about it, what was I thinking. Cherri probably haven’t even skipped class before and s-

“Sure” she turned around and smiled.

I cocked my head to the side and stared all wide eyed at her.

She looked around before waving her hands in my face.

“Dude I said sure, whats the stitch”

A smile stretched across my face as I placed my hands on her shoulder. “Are you sure about this.”

She placed her index finger on her chin and tapped it.

Panic soon covered her face and she looked around the almost empty hallway.

“I promise I’ll skip school with you some other day but I forgot I have a test in Pre Cal today and if I want to continue to not go to therapy then I need to pass it.

She pecked me on the cheek before running off into the distance, leaving me there alone.

I was surprised that Cherri was the one to make contact with me and not the other way around. She was slowly able to touch other humans again, or maybe for now, just me.

After poundering around, I decided that I didn’t want to stay at this lame school and that I would much rather be spending my time at the hospital with my little sister.

I made sure that the halls were empty before I made my escape into the parking lot.

I hopped in my camaro and I was glad that the hospital was only a five minute drive because halfway there I could hear my stomach growl. It felt like the last days of Pompeii in there.

My phone started to ring as I got out my car and locked it up.

“Jace you have 3 seconds to explain why you was marked missing in your physical education class.”

I mentally groaned as my mom blasted my ear off on the other end of the phone.

“Mom chill, I’m at the hospital ok, I’ll be up in a few and no one ever goes to P.E.”

I could her her sigh

“Jace I know you love your sister but you need to be in school, I want to see my son walk across that stage.”

“And you will ma but just give me a break today, just let me see Lily please.”

I heard the beeping of the machines in the background as I waited for her answer.

“Go home Jace or back to school for all I care but you can’t see Lily today, she’s exhausted.”

I began to protest but she interrupted me.

“Jace, please wait til tomorrow.”

I nodded my head even though I’m sure she can’t see me.

I hung up the phone and got back in my car.

I hated that I couldn’t see Lily today or hear her call me pwincey, it really tugged at my heart because Lilly and Cherri are the only important girls in my life right now and I feel as if I couldn’t go more than a week without seeing either of them.

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