Sugar Honey Baby

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Chapter 15

In the end you always go back to the people that were there in the beginning

Cherri Johnson

As soon as the late bell rang, I was met with a flur of students rushing into the class. I was slightly disappointed to not see Jace there but I soon recovered and began to listen to Mrs. Nimsey’s lecture. Alexus and Dylan both gave me weird stares and would make very noticeable attempts to talk to me.

“Cherri, are you going to talk to us, or at least me”

I eyed the blue haired individual before turning back towards the board.

“We never talked before so why now?” I asked, still eyeing the board.

“Awe c’mon sugar, talk to us.”

I automatically cringed at the name, I was only use to Jace calling me sugar and even when he said it, it made me feel weird.

“God don’t call me that you red haired freak.”

I rolled my eyes at Dylan as his laugh filled the classroom.

Mrs. Nimsey turned around and gave Dylan a stern look but he continued to laugh, wiping a fake tear from his eyes.

“If only you knew Cherri, If only you knew.”

I scrunch my eyebrows together before turning to look at him.

“What is that suppose to mean Dylan.” I asked, giving him my undivided attention.

“Come with me to bed and i’m sure you’ll find out .“He leaned back in his chair with his arms crossed behind his back.

“Jerk” I yelled and threw my wooden pencil at him.

It missed him horribly and hit Alexus on the top of her head.

She glared my way but as soon as her eyes met mine, her face soften. It felt so uncomfortable due to the fact that Alexus has never been so nice to me, or even looked at me pleasantly.

It was all so new.

“Alexus can you not look at me like I’m some lost puppy, get over it.” I whispered to her.

Dylan being his usually annoying self poked in.

“What’s going on between you too, is it girl season or what.”

I was then reminded to the time Jace brough that subject up in his room and couldn’t help but laugh.

“No Dylan now hush.” I said fighting back my laughter.

“Cherrrrrrriiii” Alexus called out to me.

I rolled my eyes. “Alexus, your being a pain.” I said while writing down the last bit of notes.

“Then talk to me, believe it or not but I know what your going through.”

Her sentence brought anger out of me. Alexus last name might be Payne but I’m sure she hasn’t felt the pain that I have.

“How could you possibly know what I’m going through, huh.”

She stared at me for a second before holding her hand out and pulling up her sleeve.

“I might not know what makes you do it Cherri but I do know how it feels.”

I stared at the red marks that covered her wrist and upper arm. Most of the scars were old but I could spot some freshly bright red ones.

Dylan’s eyes got huge as he stared at Alexus’s wrist.

“I thought you had stopped.” His voice was low and you could tell that he was hurt.

He reached out to her but she quickly pulled her sleeve down and leaned towards me.

“Cherri, talk to me. I know we might not be the bestest of friends but I’m sure we could help each other out.”

Dylan quickly turned to me.

“No Cher, not you too. Please not you.” his voice sound broken.

“Dylan, I’m sorry but you don’t understand, I tried to stop but once you start it’s hard to.”

Alexus patted her hand on his back as I tried to reassure him.

“C’mon red man, don’t tell me you can’t handle a bunch of cutting weirdos.” Alexus said and I scoffed in disbelief.

Dylan’s face twitched as he snatched his body away from her.

“What? What I said wrong?” She asked eyeing us both.

“Don’t you dare make a joke out of this Alexus, this shit is serious.”

He stood up so quickly from his desk that it forcefully jerked forward.

“Dylan, stop.” I reached forward for him but I was too late. He had already made his way out the class, ignoring Mrs. Nimsey’s cries.

My heart tugged at his reaction and that’s exactly why I didn’t want anyone to know.

“God Alexus are you trying to destroy my life or are you trying to destroy my life.”

I abruptly stood from my desk and grabbed my satchel.

“Maybe you should just deal with your problem and let md deal with mines. Leave me alone because we are nothing alike.”

I stormed out of the class ignoring the whispering and comments. Mrs. Nimsey didn’t even bother to stop me and I believe that was smart on her part because I was seconds away from releasing my wrath on somebody and that wouldn’t be pretty at all.

The last bell of the day was schedule to ring in about 10 minutes and I didn’t have nothing to do or nowhere to go. I went outside to the parking lot but Dylan’s red porsche was missing so talking to him was out of the question.

I sat down on the sidewalk and picked at the old chipped nail polish that remained on my finger nails.

“I didn’t know you skipped class Johnson, I guess you changed a lot these past couple of years.”

I looked up to see Melody calmly exhaling smoke from her lips as a blunt cigarette casually laid between her fingers.

This is a habit I knew Melody was addicted to, she’s been smoking every since 5th grade and despite her ‘attempts’ to quit I see she hasn’t.

“Well this is a rare sight miss kingston so I wouldn’t get use to seeing it.”

She nodded her head before taking a seat next to me.

“Do you ever wonder where he’s been all this time, how he just disappeared from thin air.”

She took a long draw from the tiny cigarette and looked my way.

“No but I’m sure you do, you did sleep with him. after all” I said as I looked around the parking lot, filled with cars.

She threw the rest of her cigarette on the ground before squashing it with her peep toe heels.

“Cherri that was almost five years ago, don’t live in the past.”

I laughed bitterly, already tired with this conversation.

“So your telling me that it’s ok that my ex best friend went out with my ex boyfriend who so happened to hurt me in the worst way possible. You didn’t care that he did what he did to me, you just wanted him to yourself and once he got what he wanted from you...he dipped.”

My eyes harden as I stared deep into her soul, wanting her to feel every word I spat out.

“Well you knew I had feelings for him but yet you went out with him. You got everything you wanted because you were the perfect little blonde princess that everyone adored.” Her eyes were red from the tears that began to run down her face.

“Well congrats Mel, I’m not the perfect little princess now, I’m broken because you wanted to be selfish. I bet your happy though because everyone adores pure melody. Even though you smoke and probably have the lunges of a fifty year old man and that you willingly lost your virginity at the age of 14 to my ex. It doesn’t matter cause nobody knows the real you but me, to them your innocent and sweet but I know the real you Melody, remember that”

I stood and grabbed my satchel.

“When I said I wanted to talk I didn’t mean like this Cherri.” She stood up and dusted the imaginary dirt off her skirt.

“Well what did you expect to happen Mel, whether you know it or not, you hurt me. After he broke me, you did nothing to help, you just made everything worse.” I crossed my arms over my chest and glanced down at my watch. The bell was due to ring

“I wanted to explain it to you, but you won’t give me the chance.”

I looked at my old friend before speaking what I’ve been thinking all this time.

“I honestly don’t believe that you deserve the chance Melody, I would have never done that to you and you know it. You are a bad friend”

Her lips began to quiver as groups of students exit the school.

Ramsey came running towards us and my patience was beginning to grow thin.

“What’s going on here?”

She placed her hands on her hips and looked at me and Melody with strained eyes.

“Nothing of your concern Rams.”

I was surprised that Melody was talking to her friend that way and Ramsey was surprised too.

“Woah Melody, call down, I’m just worried about you.” She placed her hands in the air and backed away from Melody.

“I know Ramsey but your so protective of me, I can take care of myself you know.”

Ramsey nodded her head as Kevin came and slung his arm around her shoulder, a common movement the two shared.

“Hello beautiful ladies, and Rams.” Ramsey then punched his stomach and he cringed.

“Babesss, I was just joking.”

Ramsey’s whole face turned red as Melody quirked her eyebrow at her friend.

“Chill Kingston, I already know those gears in that pretty little head of yours are already turning.”

Melody shrugged her shoulders and the rest of the gang turned up.

“So are we meeting up later or not?” Ryan asked looking around at everyone,waiting for a response.

“Not with you shithead.” Melody responded while flicking her brown hair past her shoulders, quickly recovering from earlier.

Ryan gasped then quickly rushed over and threw Melody over his shoulder, walking off to where I’m guessing his car was.

“Let’s meet up for pizza then.” Melody managed to call out through her fit off giggles.

“Ok sure, text me.” Ramsey shouted and walked off with Kevin.

I turned around and Alexus and Gigi stared at me.

“Do you need a ride Cherri.” Gigi asked, her long ponytail swaying in the wind.

“I’m sure she can find a way to get home.” Alexus butted in.

“But Alex.”

Alexus gave Gigi a pointed look and she her face flushed red as she pouted.

“Let’s go” she said as she grabbed Gigi’s hand and rushed off in the opposite direction from where Ramsey and Kevin drifted off too.

I rolled my eyes at Alexus behavior because I desperately needed a ride.

I kicked a Coke can that was laying around in the parking lot due to my frustration of being here.

I pulled out my phone and texted the only person I could deal with right now.

Me: Hey. U mind picking up a lonely girl in a school parking lot.

It took a few minutes before he replied.

J: Do yew noe how bad tht sounds

I cringed at his horrible texting before responding.

Me: Just come get me jerk

J: Sure thang window grl. we need 2 tlk abt sum thangs I hrd 2day

My mind went racing as I though about the events that happen today. I knew that Dylan Stone couldn’t keep his mouth shut and now I had to pay the price for it.

I wasn’t ready to have this talk with Jace because I didn’t want him to think I was some attention seeking lonely weirdo. I cut myself for crying out loud. I’m afraid to make contact with other human beings and I’m scared of being alone. I don’t deserve people as nice as Dylan and Jace. I was a disgrace to society and I didn’t need therapy to figure that out.

I was too afraid to text him back. I didn’t know what to say and I was close to telling him nevermind and that I had found a ride home.

I was seconds away from texting him when the shiny camaro came in view. He honked the horn at me and stuck his head out the window.

“Well are you just gonna stand there and drool over me or are you gonna hop in sugar?”

I could see the gleam in his eyes and I knew I was done for.

Curse that hot red headed boy named Dylan Stone, curse him.

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