Sugar Honey Baby

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Chapter 17

Jace Hindrix

“Have you ever wanted to live in a world where there was no pain and only food, everything was edible, even the people.” Cherri sat crossed leg on the floor, her big eyes searching mine.

“Cherri, humans are edible, it goes along with this whole thing called cannibalism.”

She clicked her tongue on the roof of her mouth and rolled on the ground. “I bet humans taste delicious.” She licked her lips and wiggled her eyebrows at me.

“Play it safe Johnson” I warned her.

She laid flat on her back and stared at the ceiling.
“Jace have I ever told you that i’m eternally grateful for you and Dylan.”

I sat up from my position on the bed and licked my dry lips. “No, but I’m glad you feel that way.”

Her chest heaved up and down as she stared at me, her eyes traveling over my face.

“What’s wrong Cherri?”

She shook her head and looked away from me.

“You know you can tell me any and everything Cherri”.

She nodded her head before standing up.

“I wanna do something before I go to that dreaded place.”

“What dreaded place?“I asked,

“Home” She came over and plunged herself on the bed beside me.

I wrapped my arms around her waist and she laid her head on my shoulder.

“God, I really care for you Jace Hindrix, like a lot.”

I gently caressed the little exposed skin that her sweater didn’t seem to cover.

“I care for you too, You know i’ll do anything for you right?”

She hummed against me,

“Hey don’t you fall asleep on me Sugar.”

I didn’t get a response and sure enough she had fallen asleep on my shoulder.

I carefully laid her down as a soft knock came on my door.

“Come in”

Gigi peeped her little head in and smiled.

“Is it okay if me and the gang come in.”

I look back at cherri before replying. “Nah, I’ll come out, I don’t wanna wake her up.”

Gigi smirked and closed the door. I glanced over at Cherri, a smile invading my face.
I really care for this girl.

Alexus Payne

“Maybe if you let up off me then I wouldn’t be so grouchy.”

Ramsey poked her bottom lip out. “You know you love me Alex, plusss.” She came closer to my ear and whispered. “I’m the only person who knows about your little crush on hot stuff so you have to let me lay on you.”

I rolled my eyes and pushed her off of me. I hate blackmail even though I use it all the time. It doesn’t feel so good when the roles are switched though.

“Go ahead and tell, I don’t care.”

Ramsey crossed her arms over her chest and sat up straight on the Hindrix’s well known beer scented carpet.

“What kind of friend I would be if I went and did that, I just thought it would work on you this time.”

I chuckled and laid back on the couch, patiently waiting for Gigi to come back down with Jace.

“Answer me Alex, I know you hear me.”

I rolled my eyes “Yea, I’m trying not to though, your loud mouth is making it hard.”

Gigi came down the stairs with Jace behind her flowing honey brown hair. Gigi was the most beautiful creature I ever met and I, the notorious, rude, and brave Alexus Payne was afraid to tell her. Yea I spend countless hours flirting with her but she never seem to get it. I feel like Jace in a moment like this, waiting for Cherri or in this case, Gigi, to finally realize that I’m the one for her.

“Hey guys, I’m glad you can make yourselves comfortable in my house”. He scratched the back of his neck “Like always.”

I stood up and wrapped my arms around Gigi waist and patted Jace on his head.

“I don’t know about the rest of them, but I’m always welcomed.”

He swatted me away and fixed his hair. “Unfortunately”

I pouted “Oh you know you love me Jacey.”

He scrunched up his face before looking towards the stairs. “Whatever, I consider you a payne in my ass.”

I hit him on his shoulder then pulled Gigi with me out the door.

“Hey, where are we going Lex.”

I let go of her waist and gently rubbed my thumb on her bottom lip, the pink flesh feeling like clouds under my touch.

“Don’t worry bout that, you know your safe with me G.”

She put her hands in front of her face but even though she tried, she couldn’t hid the bright pink tint that covered it. Gigi’s face looked like strawberry icecream, my favorite treat.

I removed her hands from her face and gently squeezeed them with mine.

“You always surprise me Alexus, always surpr-”

I cut her off with a quick kiss on her cheek which resulted in a light shove.

“Someone might see us Alexus, why aren’t you more careful.” She placed her tiny hands on my chest and looked around, stretching her neck ever so lightly.

“Couldn’t help myself” I grumbled and walked away leaving her on the Hindrix’s front porch.

“Where do you think you are going Payne? Your my ride home...and what about the place you were taking me.”

I could hear her voice crack and I knew the waterworks were coming soonm
I turned around and blew a kiss at her. “I’m sure you’ll find your way home sweet cheeks.”

I waved then turned back around to continue the short walk to my car. I heard a door slam and I’m sure it was Gigi walking back in the house but I didn’t turn back to check, I could care less.

Cherri Johnson

I walked down the stairs feeling fully energized from the nap I had in Jace’s bed. Gigi walked in and slammed the door with her face red and a single tear running down her cheek. She quickly wiped it before anyone else could see it but she failed.

“Are you okay Gigi.” Ramsey walked up to her and rubbed her back.

“Yea, I’m fine but I’ma need a ride home later.”

Ramsey scrunched her eyebrows together “Sure no problem, Kevin won’t mind an extra person, but what happened to-”

Gigi held up her hand and shook her head “Don’t bring that selfish pain in the ass name up, please.” Ramsey shook her head and backed up slowly as Gigi grabbed a mirror out her purse and checked her makeup.

“Look like somebody has awoken, huh.”

Quick hands grabbed me by the waist and before I could protest, my body automatically calmed down.

“Jace put me down you big meatloaf.”

He walked over to the couch and dropped me down on it


I yelled and began kicking my legs wildly, trying my best to hit him.

“Ok Ok, I’m sorry karate kid, stop before you kick me.”

I paused “That was the plan idiot”

I started kicking again and he grabbed my legs.

“Chill sugar, I’m not gonna be no use to you if you bruise me up.”

Suddenly, Melody plopped up from off Ryan’s lap and cooed. “I totally ship ya’ll, like your ship name can be Jerri or better yet, Chace.”

I rolled my eyes “Shut it Melody, that sounds stupid.”

Melody shrug her shoulder and sat back down on Ryan’s lap as he gave me an icy stare.

Me being the childish person I am bucked at him, pushing my head forward and my arms back. He smirked and turned around, whispering in Melody’s ear.
Jace placed his hand on my back.

“What was that all about.”
I turned around and gave him a faint smile.”
“I don’t know, I was hoping you could tell me pretty boy.”

He raised his eyebrows before placing his head in the crook of my neck.

“Pretty boy you say.″ His warm breath tickled me and my knees buckled.

This kid don’t know what’s he doing to me.

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