Sugar Honey Baby

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Chapter 19

She’s just scared

scared to fall too hard

scared that someone won’t be there to catch her

Scared to get so close , and mostly just scared of getting hurt again

Cherri Johnson

“I really don’t understand Melody but do you think you can come over for a bit.”

There was silence over the phone before she replied “You can count on me this time Cherri, I’m not going to disappoint you.”

There was a click that signaled she hung up and I ran my hands through my now knotty hair. I spent the past minutes pulling and tugging at my hair.

My nightmares have finally comeback to hunt me and there was absolutely nothing I can do about it.

Melody Kingston

My heart thumped against my chest as I packed my bag with my personal belongings.

Colby Faulkner was back in town and that can only mean one thing......trouble.

I made a promised that if Cherri ever forgave me, I would make sure to protect her and do my duties as a friend.

“Melody, Ryan is here to pick you up.”

I slung my backpack over my shoulder and grabbed my mac computer.

Rushing down the stairs, I called out “see ya” to my mom and closed the door behind me.

“Hey cutie calm down won’t ya.”

Ryan grabbed my shoulders and shook me a little.

I blew the strands of hair that laid on my forehead and rolled my eyes.

“Can we go now, please.”

Ryan let me go and pecked me on the forehead. “Ok, if that’s what you want.”

I shook my head and hopped in the passenger side of Ryan’s car. Even though I’m a senior and have months away before I’m spat out into the world, I still failed to receive both my permit and my driver’s license. I depend on my parents or my friends to take me everywhere I need to go and to be quite frank, it’s not a good feeling.

“So where are you having me take you to today milady.”

Ryan shut the door and put the key in the ignition.

“Cherri’s house” I breathed out


“Cherri, I’m here and I’m prepared to get down to business.”

I had already let myself into the house with the spare key under the garden gnome in the Johnson’s front yard.

Cherri came down the stairs in a hurry with her cheeks flushed. I could see the dried mascara on her face and my heart immediately sunk.

“Hey come here, it’s alright.”

Cherri flung herself onto me and we collapsed on the the couch.Her tiny frame shook violently as she bawled and screamed out in pain. I know seeing Colby after all this time must be traumatic for her and I could only imagine how she feels right now. I was only Colby’s sloppy seconds, he only desired Cherri and I’m still confused to why he did what he did to her.

“He’s going to ruin my life all over again Mel, my senior year was actually going great and now he’s going to destroy it all.”

I pulled away from my thoughts and stroked her disheveled hair. “I’m not going to let him do that Cher, we’re not going to let them do that. It’s time that you overcome this fear he brought upon yo. You isolated yourself from your family and friends for so long. You need to be able to associate and touch again Cherri, he’s taken too much from you.”

Sniffling, Cherri straighten herself up and nodded her head, slowly looking into my eyes.

“You don’t understand how easy it is to say it but hard to accomplish. Don’t think I haven’t tried Melody cause I did. It’s not like you were there to realize any of this anyway .”

I couldn’t help but roll my eyes. “You pushed me away Cherri, don’t forget that.

She shoved herself away from me and scoffed, her breathing escalated and I could have sworn I could heard her heartbeat from miles away.

“You can’t blame me for not wanting to be friends with someone who willingly dated my boyfriend who did something unspeakable to me.”

My head started to pound and I knew it was useless to push her on. I lifted my hands in the air, surrendering to her and her ranting.

“Maybe we would still be friends if you weren’t such a trashy attention seeker, you couldn’t just let anything be Melody.”

I snapped my head towards her finally reaching my breaking point. I sat here and listen to her cry, complain, yell, and say how much of a bad friend I was but the disrespect I just heard was not tolerable.

I stood up and grabbed my bag heading towards the door. “Maybe if you weren’t such a stuck up prissy asshole then maybe Colby wouldn’t have to force you to have sex, from what I heard, you weren’t even worth the possible charge.”

I opened the door and slammed it shut behind me feeling like absolute shit. I knew Cherri said some shitty things but what I said was even worse.

I basically gave Colby an excuse for raping her.

Yea. pretty shitty

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