Sugar Honey Baby

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Chapter 2

Don’t try to be what your not. If your nervous, your nervous. If your shy, your shy. It’s cute

-Adriana Lima

Cherri Johnson

I threw on a pair of high waist jeans and a Adidas shirt I managed to cut up.

My mom opened my door dressed in a ruby red dressed and lipstick that matched

“Cherlyn darling what do you have on”?

I rolled my eyes as I grabbed my black and white chucks from under my bed.

“Clothes mom”.

She came all the way in my room and crossed her arms.

“Honey we have company coming over for dinner. I want you in a dress in less than 10 minutes”.

She walked out of my room and made her way down the hall to my brothers room. Probably to force him to actually partake in personal hygiene.

I decided to put on my floral two piece dress I ordered offline.

My mom had a way with getting people to do what she wanted

Call it charm but I call it manipulative. This was the third dinner we’ve had this month and I was tired of dressing up.

I slipped on a pair of open toed heels and applied a dark velvet red on my lips.

“Cherri hurry up. It doesn’t take long to look ugly”.

Josh peeped his head in my room as I heard a sudden “ribbit”.

I rolled my eyes annoyingly

“Please Josh....leave Wart out of this”.

He placed his index finger on his chin then smiled his famous devious grin.

“Cherri. Cherri”.

He then walked down the stairs.

I decided to go ahead down stairs as well and as soon as I reached the bottom the door rang.

“Cherlyn...get the door sweetheart”.

My mom gave me a stern look as she finished fixing my dad’s tie.

I shrugged my shoulders and opened the door.

A lady with blonde hair, slightly brighter than mine was at the door. She wore a tired smile on her face and had what I think was a pie in her hands. Next to her was a tall man who had what I may say was a nice grown beard that matched his brown hair which was cut lowly. His sharp features reminded me of someone but I couldn’t put my finger on it.

I moved to the side letting my head fall, not wanting them to get the idea to shake my hand or even worst.....hug me. After the two came in I shut the door till a foot stopped me from doing so. I looked up and saw Jace smirking down at me.

“Well isn’t it window girl”. He removed his foot from the door and swiftly pushed himself past me.

Uhm Rude

I could feel my stomach bubble as his leather jacket came in contact with my arm but it soon calm down after I smelled his aroma.....mmm peppermint I’m guessing.

I pulled the top part of my dress to cover my midsection a little better than it originally was.

I walked in the dinning room to see only one seat opened. Josh sat on one side and Jace sat on the other I rushed towards my seating pulling it all the way out making sure not touch anyone and then scooted closer to the table after I sat down.

Jace knee connected with mine and I roughly snatched my knee away from him. He sideyed me and I looked down avoiding eye contact with him

My chest started to burn as I placed my hand across my heart.

“God Cheryln not right now”.

My mom slammed her hands on the table as my brother snickered

Jace reached out to touch my shoulder but I jerked my body back, avoiding making contact with him.

Josh stood and ran to the kitchen, Warts falling out of pocket and on the table.

I could hear my mom and Mrs. Hindrix scream before darkness swallowed me whole.

“Is she going to be alright Heather”. I heard a feminine voice say.

I heard my mother sigh before a cool rag was placed on my forehead.

“As long as she isn’t touched then she should be ok”.

“Her skin turns all read and blotchy if you touch her”. I heard my little brother say.

I opened my eyes and sat up on the floor. I was grateful that nobody lifted me off the floor this time, I’m glad they’re respecting my wishes...well almost everybody.

I looked around until I spotted Jace sitting on the couch texting away on his phone. I’m actually glad that he wasn’t one of the many people who decided to hover over my unconscious body.

I lifted the cold rag from off my forehead and gave a warming smile to Mrs. Hindrix.

“I’m sorry that I scared everyone”.

She returned the smile as her husband came and wrapped his arms around her shoulders,

“We’ll I guess we should be going now, C’mon Jace”.

My eyes looked over to the couch once again as my gaze met his. He nodded his head towards me before getting up and following his parents towards the door. I caught the scent of him again and this time I was sure that he smelt like peppermint.

“Cherlyn I can’t believe that you actually did that”. My mom was throwing away the food that was left on the plates.

“Mom you know I can’t help that”. I rolled my eyes as I ate one of the leftover breadsticks.

“That’s it, I’m not dealing with this anymore, your being childish for crying out loud”.

She slammed the plate down on the table before placing a demanding hand on her hip.

“Cherlyn your going to therapy”.

I nearly chocked on the breadstick that I was nibbling on.

“Heather you can’t be serious right now”.

My dad was at the bottom of the stairs with Josh standing behind him. His tie was hanging loosely around his neck as his crystal blue eyes stared at my mother.

I could always count on my dad to be on my side.

“I thought we we’re going to discuss this with her together”.

Uhmm you said what now.

“Are you guys serious right now, like honestly”. By now I had managed to chew the rest of my breadstick.

“Yes we are Cherri, we don’t want you living the rest of your life passing out when someone touches your shoulder”. My dad walked towards me with tired eyes.

I so badly wanted to tell him that I grazed Jace’s arm without passing out well he grazed mine but instead I looked both of my parents in the eyes before stumping my way up the stairs, passing Josh who looked at me with a sad face.

A copy of Perfect Chemistry laid on my bed as I came out my bathroom; steam radiated off my body as I clutched my towel to my wet body.

I heard a faint whistle far away

I clutched my towel closer to my body as my eyes roamed my room. My eyes landed on my window as I walked towards it. I opened it and there stood Jace staring right back at me sitting on the window sill of his room.

My eyes roamed his body which was wet at the moment. A towel hanged loosely around his waist as water droplets dripped from his body. I looked up at his hair which laid messily on top of his head.

“So I’m guessing you just got out the shower too”. He raised one of his eyebrows as a smirked spread across his sculpted face.

I swear that God had to take his time with this one cause....well hell, he was something else.

I sat on my window sill as well as I clutched my towel against my body some more. My knuckles turned white as I clung to my towel for dear life.

“Uhm yea”.

He nodded his head as he looked past me, casually sitting there as the moonlight seemed to catch his soft brown eyes, making them stand out.

“We’ll I think I’ll get dressed now”. I stood up ready to close the window.

“Wait....Do you go to Palm Beach High”. He sat up and grabbed his towel as it slipped at the sudden movement.

“Jace, I sit in the back of your economics class but to answer your question, yes I go to PB High...been going there for the past three years”.

He shrugged his shoulders as a silly grin appeared on his face.

“Jerk ” I yelled out of my window before slamming it shut.

I looked over to him and saw him mouth the word “feisty”. I shook my head disapprovingly before snatching my curtains shut.

“Do you you to Palm Beach high”. I copied Jace in a deep voice that failed to flow like his did.

I won’t lie and say it didn’t hurt that he didn’t know that we went to the same school but then it hit me.

It’s kinda hard to notice the girl in the shadows.

I slipped on my Minions pajama pants and a old Nirvana t-shirt before grabbing my reading glasses and getting cozy. I was determined to finish reading Perfect Chemistry.

It was a habit of mine to get lost in a sappy romance novel due to the fact that I could never have a romance of my own.

Cause if they touch me....I just might die.....

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