Sugar Honey Baby

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Chapter 20

Maybe the fires had calmed down
But that didn’t matter
He still ignites them

Jace Hindrix
I wasn’t worried when Cherri didn’t text me back or when she didn’t come knocking on my door later that evening.
I did however become concern when she didn’t come tapping on Betty’s window Monday morning. I even tried to be generous by visiting my baby sister in the hospital and coming back.
She wasn’t even waiting on the steps
She wasn’t even answering my calls.
Cherri went AWAL.

Cherri Johnson
Even though I was in a house with three people and a frog, it didn’t stop the clawing feeling I had in the back of my throat.
I was alone
I couldn’t go to Jace cause he doesn’t and will never know.
I never told my parent’s and I don’t plan on doing to no time soon.
The only person who I could talk to had exit out my life just as fast as she came in it.
I don’t blame her for what she said or why she said it. I had pushed Melody past her limits. I could imagine her slamming the door and sitting on my front steps with a cigarette in hand.

Ok you caught me. I kind of spied on her from my living room window after our little argument.
I felt so bad cause she just say there and took it. Well until I went too far.
Now I’m stuck in my room, door locked and all alone.
I didn’t want to face anybody today but with the way my grades were looking, I knew I had too.

Redhotfire(9:51) Cherri r u Ok?
My heart swarmed at the thought of Dylan checking up on me. Even though I was expecting someone else to check up one me

To Redhotfire(9:53) Yea I’m fine. Do you think you can come pick me up during lunch?

Redhotfire(9:58) Sure thing Cherri pie
I mentally cringed but got ready nonetheless.
At 10:25, I heard a honk from outside and I grabbed my satchel, rushing out the door.
“Cherri baby, I missed you.”
Brown eyes locked on my every move.
I slide in the back seat and rolled my eyes heavily. “Dylan this was a one man mission and you failed”.

Dylan pouted and backed out the driveway.
My phone vibrated in my hand.

Me jerk<3(10:30) did Info something
Me jerk <3(10:30) *I do

To Me jerk <3(10:31) no.
I locked my phone and ignored the later vibrations.

Once we pulled up at the school, my palms started to sweat excessively.
I was nervous to cross paths with Melody. I was scared that she would still be upset with what happened yesterday.
“Are you going to get out the car or not.” Dylan asked.
I stayed in the car with my hand nervously on the handle. Jace turned around and gave me a warm smile. “It’s okay honey I’m here”.
I opened the car door and stepped out.
“Well let’s do this boys.”
We walked in the school and for some weird reason I felt like all eyes were on me. We made our way to the cafeteria and I was scared to sit at the table with the guys. After all these years I always sat alone and now I’m with new people, new surrounding, and a new scene. Even though I’ve grown accustomed to these people, I felt like today everything was going to change. Jace wrapped his arms around my shoulder and pulled me close. At first I tensed up with the sudden movement but then as his warm peppermint scent flew into my nostrils, I felt safe.
The first person who eyes met mine was Melody. She tapped Ramsey and she turned around eyes boring into mine. “Hey where you been Cherry we missed you” said Kevin.
Jace removed his arms from around my shoulder and sat down. I stood awkwardly and rub my arms frantically.

“Yea Cherri, Where you been babe.”
My blood turned cold as his breath fanned my neck. I could tell by Melody’s just who it was.

“Get away from her”
Melody stood from the table and crossed her arms over her chest.
Ramsey pulled on her shirt but Melody shoved her away. I swear, best friend or not, if she told Ramsey then I’m beating her ass.
Colby scoffed and grabbed me by the waist roughly and pulled me close to him.
“Calm down Kingstons. I’m just checking up on my favorite girl.”

Melody looked down and shook her head, obviously defeated by his measly words.
In all honesty, I just wanted him to let go of me. It was like I could almost feel his fingers burn their prints in my skin. I wanted to tell, scream, anything but my body wouldn’t let me. It shut down in fear.
“Honey, whose this.”
Both me and Colby’s head snapped towards Jace.
He had a disgusted look on his face and he had no plans of making it a secret that he didn’t like Colby.
“Oh you moved on Cherri, that’s unfortunate babe.”
He gave my waist one last squeeze and I whimpered as he pulled back.
“I’ll make sure to change that”He whispered.
I bowed my head as he waved at the group before walking away.

“What the fuck was that all about.”
Jace spat.
I looked around and saw the questioning look on everyone’s face.
The truth was I didn’t even know myself. I didn’t know what the fuck that was all about.

Melody looked up at me with big eyes and I knew that I had to do something about Colby’s return. I couldn’t have him saying anything about what happened that night. Especially to Jace.
I could tell by the look in Colby’s eyes that something was going to go down and by the way he smirked at Jace before leaving.

I knew it would involve him omehow.

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