Sugar Honey Baby

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Chapter 21

The fire in your eyes take me back to a place all too familiar


Alexus Payne

I’ve been knowing Jace since we were like I don’t know twelve. He was my first kiss and first reason of why I think boys are low life scums of the earth.

Thanks Jace.

Me knowing Jace all these years has helped me know almost every facial expression and what they mean. For example, After this blonde dude left, I could pratically see the steam rising off his head as imaginary arms wrapped around Cherri protectively.

This blonde dude rubbed Jace the wrong way over the wrong reason.

A girl

and not just any girl, but a weird and anti social freak.

“Sooooooo who was that cutie.”

Gigi placed her elbows on the table and I desperately wanted to smack them off.

She wiggled her eyebrows at me before turning her attention towards Cherri.

“Don’t worry about it, he isn’t the type of guy you want to get yourself involved with.” Melody whispered.

Gigi eyed Melody and then Cherri.

“I feel like something happened between the three of you.”

Jace clenched his teeth together. “No shit, Captain Obvious.” he growled at Gigi.

I threw one of my cold fries at him.

“Don’t you fucking growl at her.”

He rolled his eyes at me and then huffed.

Gigi smacked my forehead with her overly sparkly purse.

“I don’t need you to defend me Alexus, I’m a big girl.”

Before I could respond, Ramsey scoffed loudly, gaining everyone’s attention.

“Would you too stop and admit your dating already, this shit is mega lame.”

My eyes bulged out of my head along with everyone else’s. “Yo, not cool Rams.” Ryan said while he shook his head.

“Put a sock in it Ryan, we all know you drool over melody.” Kevin said as he waved his hands around excessively.

“Please, I’m surprised Ramsey isn’t pregnant already. Next time make sure your shirt is on the right side before you exit the janitors closet.”

Damn low blow.

Ramseys mouth dropped open and she stood abruptly from the table.
“We never had sex in the janitors closet Kevin so would you care to collaborate on that.”
I could hear Kevin mumble under his breath and the next thing you know, everyone was cussing each other out


everyone stopped midentence as Cherri stood there flustered.

“Can we like not argue, please.” She grabbed her satchel tightly around the straps and everyone looked at her with shame.

Well not me

“Screw you Cherri, everything was fine til you decided to speak up. We never had a problem til you added yourself to the group.”

I regretted the words as soon as I said them but I meant them.

Everything was fine til she showed up.

Cherri looked around the table and no one spoke up.

Guess I wasn’t the only one who thought so.

“Jace. Is it true?”

She looked at him with watery eyes and I knew he would fall for it.

“Well, If we’re being honest sugar.......”

Cherri shook her head vigorously.

“Fuck you and your sugar and baby and all that shit. Fuck you.”

She stormed off and Dylan jumped up from the table but I grabbed his arm.

“Let her cool down a bit.”

He snatched his arm away but sat down anyway.

Cherri Johnson

“Congrats Cheryln. Your officially alone .”

I grabbed a fist full of my hair as I stormed out the cafeteria doors.

“Shut up shut up. Your not real.”

The voice laughed long and hard.

“Oh but I am. I’ve been gone too long my friend.”

Tears streamed down my face as I punched at my head, trying to rid the voice.

“Your going to have to try harder than that to get rid of me this time Cherri.”

I can’t do that anymore.
Believe me
I tried

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