Sugar Honey Baby

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Chapter 22

Sometimes the words that bubble at the bottom of my stomach just claw their way out

Jace Hindrix

Seeing Cherri run out the cafeteria really tore me up on the inside. I didn’t mean to hurt her feelings and that’s one thing for sure. It was true that once Cherri came along, everything got rocky in our circle, but it wasn’t Cherri’s fault. Everyone had started to switch on one another and they just needed to blame it on somebody.

And they decided to choose Cherri.

“Text me when you talk to her Hindrix, I want to know if she is okay.”

I gave Alexus a quick hug after I shut my almost empty locker.

“Maybe hearing an apology from you would be better Alexus, after all, you are the one who said it.”

She swatted me away “Of course I am but don’t think you didn’t do no wrong. She did tell you to fuck off, not me.”

I shrugged my shoulders and began to walk out the school doors with Alexus behind me. “I know so that’s why I have to explain myself to her.

“Why her though, I mean you never explained yourself to any other girl, Why Cherri.”

I rubbed the stubble on my chin and sighed. “I don’t really know why Alexus, I just really have this weird feeling when I’m around her or even when I think of her.”

She nodded her head and looked over her shoulder with a sigh.

I looked in the same direction and saw Gigi talking with Melody and Ramsey.

Alexus shook her head “I know that feeling.”

“How about we do something about that feeling Payne.”

Her lips quirked up into a sly smirk.

“Well don’t keep me waiting Jace, what’s the plan?”

“We tell these two women how we feel about them.”

Alexus smirk fell and fear came across her face.

“Jace” she started but I was quick to cut her off.

“No Alexus, this ends today.”

“Ya, ok it all ends today.”

I patted her back and went towards my Betty with a mission: Tell Cherlyn Johnson that I have extremely deep feelings for her.

Now I just have to hope that she feels the same.

Cherri Johnson.

I wrapped my scars up with the fresh bandages I found in my parent’s room.

I slipped on an over sized hoodie after I made sure I treated the scars with care and spent some time shaming myself.

I was doing so good before Colby came and before Jace left me lonely.

My parents are at work more than often and I’m sure my dad would be the only one to listen to me. My mom would be more likely to throw a therapy pamphlet my way and shove anti-depressants down my throat.

My phone screen lit up with a text from Jace telling me that I should open my front door. I was positive that he came here to apologize but I was also positive that I didn’t want to hear it either. All I’ve been hearing is bullshit and it’s really starting to push me over the edge.

I opened the door to see a pair of brown eyes that I was hoping not to see so soon.

“What the hell do you want Jace?”

His eyebrow arched like a stretching ally cat’s back.

“Getting straight to the point aren’t we Sugar?”

My blood ran hot, not cold, at the nickname that use to make my knees buckle.

“Cut the crap Jace, Why are you here?”

He grabbed my shoulders and pushed me into the house closing the door with his foot.

“I’m here to tell you something that I should have told you a while back.”

I turned my face up in disgust as I tried to shake myself from his grip.

“Let me go, please.”

His eyes softened as he slowly released my shoulders, stuffing his hands in his pockets.

“Sorry Cherri, but I really need to get this off my chest.”

I nodded my head, signaling for him to continue.

“Well for starters, I’m sorry I’ve hurt your feelings earlier but It’s true, everything was fine til you came along.”

I scoffed and rolled my eyes. “You came next door just to hurt my feelings again?”

He shook his head no “Let me finish this time, okay.”

I bit my lip in order to keep quiet so he could finish saying whatever the hell he had to say.

“Anyway, yes it was true but everyone falling out wasn’t your fault Cherri, this problems always been there, they just needed something or someone to blame it on.”

I scrunched my eyes closed then opened them again, processing what Jace just said.

“So why me?” I asked.

He shrugged his shoulders and sighed. “Everyone felt bad about how it went down, especially Alexus.”

“But what about you Jace?”

He slowly inched closer to me, making my breath get stuck in the back of my throat.

“Can I touch you Cherri?”

My eyes flickered to meet his and I shook my head, slowly.

He placed his index finger under my chin and grabbed it with his thumb, bringing me closer to him.

“Cherri, I’m pretty dang sure I’m falling hard for you and not take you home and get in your pants fall, but let you come home and have dinner with my parents fall.”

I held back a giggle as I thought of the first dinner I had with him and his parents.

“Cherri, I really like you and I almost lost it when I saw someone else touch you, I kind of like being the only person who could touch you.”

His cool breath hit my face as he inched his face closer to mine.

I gulped as I felt my palms starting to get moist as I argued on how much closer we could get to each other.

“Are you going to say anything Sugar?”

With him being so close, it was hard to manage any words come out my mouth.

“I l-like you too”.

A smirk invaded his face as he placed a small kiss on my cheek.

“You don’t how long I’ve been waiting to hear that Johnson.”

I licked my lips and grabbed the back of his neck, shocking him.

“Same Hindrix. It almost felt like a lifetime.”

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