Sugar Honey Baby

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Chapter 25

I don’t understand the meaning of time and you clearly don’t either

So let’s stop here and stop wasting each others.

Cherri Johnson

I stared in shock in the mirror at the skimpy outfit Melody brought me.

“I’m not wearing this bull crap to this party, I’m sure you’ll enjoy it but not me.”

Melody was behind me applying makeup to her already beautiful face while I pulled the hem on this very short plaid skirt.

“God when does this party start already so I can go and come back home.”

I finished the look off with the solid black choker that I found in the bag. There wasn’t any shoes so I just threw on a pair of high top sneakers.

″Are you ready to go so we can get this thing over with?” Melody grabbed her leather jacket and threw it over her shoulders.

“Don’t act like your not excited to prance around this party and serve guys.”

Melody flicked her tongue at me as I followed her out my bedroom.

“You may be mad at me for past reasons but that doesn’t mean I’m going to hear you bash me all night.” I rolled my eyes at her even though I’m sure she couldn’t see me.

“You don’t have to worry about me bashing you because I don’t plan on being with you and I really hope your right about the guys not showing up.”

Melody nodded her head and we exited my house. My whole family, including that warty frog, were out watching this new Marvel movie. I was happy that they left without saying a word to me, well my dad text me, but a invite would have been nice either way.

I was hopping that this would be a small party, not even small but normal at least. I should have realized that this party was going to be huge when I saw a tent on the sidewalk when we pulled up.

“Everyone who attends Casanova has to be here.” I said as I carefully walked up the thick stairs to the house.

“More like everyone in California is here.”

I nodded with agreement as I walked through the door and scanned the scene.

So many familiar faces were staggering around and talking out of their asses. It’s funny how people can do a complete 360 when they are drunk.

“Well if it isn’t the ladies of the hour.”

Me and Melody turned around and my mood dropped as soon as I saw his face.

Melody grabbed my hand but I snatched it away from her and rubbed at the irritating flesh.

Why do these idiots think they can touch me?

“I’m a big girl Mel, but can you go ahead and tell us what the hell to do already?”

I eyed Colby as he eyed me.

“Calm it tuts, the dishes are in the kitchen, just go around and ask people if they want it, same for you tits.”

Melody gasped and grabbed her flat chest.

“Can it Colby, don’t get her started.” I turned around and made my way to the kitchen.

I have to say that even though the kitchen was filled with drunk teens, it still gave out that sweet and warm aroma from earlier years. I use to love to sit here and do homework as Colby mom baked us cookies. Sometimes I wish I could go back to those days but you can’t change the past.

Believe me, I wouldn’t be waltzing around in this tight skirt serving pigs in a blanket if I could.

“I’m going to lurk around the living room a bit, you sure your going to be okay here?”

I gave melody a thumbs up with my free hand and made my way towards the entrance.

“Yo G, I’m glad you could make it.”

My eyes grew wide as Gigi and the gang walked through the door. Colby threw his arms around Gigi and she squealed. God she’s such a girl.

I was surprised to see Dylan walk through the door but as soon as I saw a pair of brown eyes scan the living room, I dipped.

Jace Hindrix just had to come didn’t he?

Now I have to serve these stupid pigs while avoiding the whole entire gang.

That’s like seven whole people!!!!

(Part 2/4 completed)

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