Sugar Honey Baby

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Chapter 26

Alexus Payne

“Your a fucking slut, going around shaking your ass and getting drunk.”

Gigi flipped me off as she twisted her ass in some random dudes lap.

I stormed off with tears in my eyes. I hated how she acted like she didn’t care or maybe she wasn’t acting at all.

Gigi clearly doesn’t feel the way I do.

I entered the kitchen and immediately paused at what was before me.

Cherri was on the floor crying with a busted lip as Dylan and Jace fought wrestled on the floor with two dudes.

I ran over to Cherri and grabbed on to her.

“What the hell happened here?”

Cherri looked at me and turned into a blubbering and snotty mess.

I shook her with little force. “Snap the hell out of it Cherri and tell me what the fuck happened?”

She wasn’t budging to talk so I decided to take actions into my own hands.

Standing up, I wiped the tears that betrayed me and fell on my face.

I slowly pulled my small pistol from out of my miniature backpack, being careful so no one would see me, and shot a powerful one into the air.

People fled out the kitchen and house as I ran and pulled Jace off his victim who I found out to be Colby.

Colby scrambled to his feet and grabbed his friend and ran out of the kitchen to lord knows where.

I’m pretty sure Colby and that other nameless bastard deserved what they got but that was besides the point. I had to make sure that Dylan and Jace got out of here and quickly.

“Jace, grab Cherri and get the hell out of here.”

He wiped some blood off the corner of his mouth and nodded.

He went over and scooped Cherri in his arms who held on to him and began crying again.

“Shhh sugar, it’s gonna be alright.” he cooed in her ear as he walked out the kitchen with Dylan right behind.

I quickly placed my pistol back into my backpack and put it right on my shoulders like nothing happened.

I whipped my phone out my back pocket and quickly text everyone in the group chat to meet up at Jace’s house.

I went back in the now empty livingroom and there was no sign of Gigi and a little pang of hurt hit me in my chest. I guess I can hope that she makes it home alright but she clearly made it known that she wasn’t mines to worry about.


1 hour earlier

Cherri Johnson

I was honestly pooped out trying to avoid everyone. At one time I could have sworn Ramsey saw me but she continued to dance away with Kevin anyway. I thought I was out of the clear til Ryan came rushing towards me, dragging Melody by her elbow.

“What the hell is going on here Cherri, Melody said that this was all your doing.”

I placed my tray of pigs in a blanket down and glared at Melody.

“Real mature Melody. The moment you slept with Colby was the moment you got just much as involved as I did.”

Ryan let go of her elbow and snatched her by her skirt. “You slept with that cocky bastard?”

I gasped as Melody began to tremble in fear.

“Hey, chill out Ryan. This was way before your time.” I said, hoping he would ease up on Melody.

He stared at me before releasing Melody. “Let me find out this was lie.” he told her before walking away.

“Is this normal between you too or is this new?”

She shook her head before hanging it low, unable to look at me.

“No, he gets like this sometimes. It’s not his fault though.”

I bite my bottom lip, trying to find the right words to say without trashing her and Ryan’s relationship.

“Well I’m sure that he’ll come to his senses soon Mel.”

She gave me a bright smile then fixed her skirt a little.

“Well we officially been at this party for four hours and only Ryan saw us.”

I scratched my head and looked around. “Yea that’s pretty good if you ask me.”

She groaned before giving me a wave and going back to wherever she came from.

I decided that I was done rushing back and forth serving these damn pigs so I went to sit down in the kitchen. Nobody was in here and I was automatically grateful for the little bit of privacy.

I sat on a bar stool and laid my head on the cool granite counter top.

“All pooped out huh?”

I sat my head up to see Colby and a pasty red head boy smirking at me.

“Give me 5 minutes and I’ll get back to work.” I said as I raised my hands in the hair and flopped my head back on the counter top.

I felt hands grab my waist and hoist me off the bar stool.

I immediately started to flail my arms around but the pasty boy grabbed them and pinned them behind my back.

Colby walked up to me and carresed my cheek, making my face turn boiling hot.

“Get away from me you freak!” I yelled as I struggled to get of this dudes grasp.

It felt like his fingers were digging holes in my arms and I started to cry.

“Awe the baby wants to cry now?”

Colby grabbed the zipper to my skirt and slowly pulled it down.

Was he seriously about to do this again at his own party with hundreds of people around?

“Please don’t do this Colby please.”

I jolted backwards trying to make the other dude stumble but he held his ground.

Colby smacked me across my face and I almost fainted at the stinging sensation he left.

“Be still dammit.”

I held my head low as he traveled his hands under my skirt.

“Don’t do this again Colby, you can change, you don’t have to be that guy.”

He linked his fingers on my underwear and roughly tore them off while snickering.

“Baby, I’ve always been THAT guy.”

I kicked and screamed as he tried to pry my legs apart but I wouldn’t let him do it, not again.

He grabbed my hair and sent one good blow to my stomach.

I could feel all the air escape my lungs as my vision blurred away.

So this is what getting the lights punched out of you is like.


I woke up to the sound of people yelling and it made my head hurt. I sat up and cringed at the pain that was sent to my stomach.

“Get the fuck up you asshole and fight me.”

Jace was red faced and sending daggers of hate towards Colby as Dylan repeatedly punched the pasty dude.

Colby slowly got up and pulled out some lace material out of his pocket, wait those look like my underwear.

Colby lifted the lace material and took a long sniff at them.

“She smells so good Jacey boy, too bad you didn’t get a taste at her before I did.”

As soon as the last word left his mouth, Jace sent a fist to his face. I gasped as he dropped to the floor and Jace got right on top of him.

“Jace stop, get off of him.” I cried out as he delivered punch after punch to Colby.

Tears streamed my face as I cried uncontrollably, wanting everything to stop.

Why was he doing this, acting this way.

This was not the Jace Hindrix that I know.

Alexus appeared in front of me with tears in her own eyes and I wondered did this affect her as much as it affected me.

She grabbed me tightly and looked all over my face.

“What the hell happened here?” She asked

I tried to tell her what I could remember but that was mostly nothing. I tried to speak but my words scrabbled together and it made me cry even more.

She grabbed my shoulders and shook me “Snap the hell out of it Cherri and tell me what the fuck happened.”

I tried to tell her again but held my head down once I realized that I wasn’t going to be able to say anything.

Alex stood up and moments later I heard a loud bang around me, almost like a car backfiring.

People started to run everywhere but I remained still on the floor, not moving.

“Jace, get Cherri and get the hell out of here.” Alexus yelled

Jace walked over to me and scooped me in his arms. My body reacted before my brain could as I clung on to him and cried. I so badly wanted to get away from him but as soon as my body touched him, I couldn’t help but be as close to him as I could.

I knew I was safe with him even though in the back of my head I felt like I was in danger.

“Shhh sugar, it’s going to be alright.” he whispered in my ear as he walked out of the kitchen and out the house with me in his arms.

“Dude we’re going to have to hurry before the cops show up and see us.” Dylan said as he spat on Colby’s freshly mowed lawn.

Jace chuckled as he walked down the sidewalk to his car.

“We’re good Dylan, I’m sure Colby will keep his mouth closed, it’s far from over anyway.”

Dylan opened Betty’s back door and Jace laid me on the backseat.

“What’s not over Jace?” I asked, scared to know the real answer.

I studied his face as he licked his red busted lip. I was so glad that he wasn’t damage apart from the busted lip because I knew that Colby and that other guy are going to need some weeks to recover.

“Don’t worry about that Honey, I got you, I always got you.”

He leaned down and placed a sweet kiss on my lips. I pulled him back down and kissed him again when he tried to leave.

I fingered my way through his brown locks but he pushed me back softly.

“I’m sorry but I can’t right now Cherri, not after I saw that asshole on top of you.”

He stood up straight and closed the car door.

I hugged my knees as him and Dylan filled in the front seats.

“You want to stay with me tonight sugar?”

I sighed as a tear slipped out of my eye for probably the hundredth time tonight.

“No. I just want to go home please.”

Even though it was well into the next day and my parents or more so my mom would freak out and go ape shit crazy, I wanted to go home, scrub tonight off of me, and sleep away til the next day.

“Uhm ok, There’s a meeting at my house if you want to stay for just a little bit.”

I chuckled “I rather miss everyone talking about things they don’t know of, I’m just going stay at home.”

I rather just die actually.

Cherri Johnson just wants to die.

Please and thank you.

What....I still have manners

(Part 3/4 completed)

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