Sugar Honey Baby

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Chapter 27

Jace Hindrix

“Alex what was going through your head? What made you say. ’Hey, let me shoot a bullet in the air real quick?” Kevin asked as he paced back and fourth in my living room frantically.

Alexus propped her feet on the coffee table and popped open one of my dad’s beers.

“Will you shut up prissy boy, you didn’t even do anything so quit your whining.”

Kevin stopped in his tracks but Ramsey jumped up and grabbed his arm, pulling him down on the couch with her.

“Look we have to figure something out before Colby calls the cops and gets the three of us in Jail.”

Dylan threw a piece of paper at Alex and laughed.

“Well that must suck for you two but I’m still seventeen so I’m going to juvie.”

I had the urge to smack him in his face but decided not to. I was above livid after I saw Colby taking advantage of Cherri like that.

I was also somewhat upset with Cherri.

She went to this idiot’s party without telling me then got drunk off her ass while Colby groped her like some sex doll.

It took everything in me not to kill him, to not choke him until the last bit of life exited out his pathetic body.

I, Jace Hindrix, almost commited murder over a girl. A girl that I’m absolutely crazy for.

A girl that in would die for.

Ramsey laid her head on Kevin’s shoulder and gazed at me.

“So what are we going to do dude. I’m sure he’s not going to school Monday but he’s going to return sometime soon.”

I took my jacket off, hot with anger.

“I’m not sure Ramsey, but one thing I know for sure is that he’s going to be the last person to call the cops.” I assured her.

“Why would he be the last, he’s the one who got assulted out of nowhere.” Ryan added.

Melody abruptly stood off his lap and stomped her foot. “The damn bastard deserved it. He deserves to rot in hell for doing that.”

She sat down on the floor and hugged herself.

“I can’t believe I let that happen, I told her I wouldn’t let him do it again and the damn bastard did.”

Everyone’s attention was now focused on Melody.

“What happened again Melody, what did he do to her before?” Rams asked.

Melody shook her head. “It’s not my story to tell, it’s Cherri’s.”

I leaned forward in my chair, determined to get some answers.

“But you played a huge role in it, didn’t you Melody?”

She looked up at me with tears in her eyes but shook her head, answering my question.

“He’s the reason why she doesn’t want to be touch isn’t he?”

Her head bobbed back and forth, confirming my question.

“So your telling me Colby assaulted Cherri before?”

Melody looked away from me and stared at Ryan.

“Tell me Mel. Tell me right now.” I demanded.
She pulled on her long brown locks and screamed.

“He raped her. For months he would rape her and she didn’t tell me and once she did, I brushed it off.”
Tears fell down her face as she crawled to me and grabbed my ankles.

“He broke her and I let him cause I was jealous. I wanted him so bad but he wanted her and he took her.”

She let go of me and flung her body on my legs, holding them while I stood still in the chair.

Everyone was quiet, except for melody and her loud and obnoxious crying.

“She was doing ok and now he broke her all over again.” She mumbled against my legs.

Dylan’s face turned red as numerous cuss words flew out his mouth but I just sat there.

Too many emotions were trying to come out at one time.

Alexus stood up and grabbed her bookbag.

“I say we kill this bastard. Whose with me?”

Everyone nodded their heads and stood up with her, except for Melody who still clung to my legs and Ryan who glared at her back.

Alexus walked towards me and averted her eyes to melody before scoffing.
“Jace, why the hell are you still sitting there, this is your girl we’re talking about here.” Kevin pressed on.

“Yea, I know your pissed, I know you want to do something.” Alexus added.

I ignored them all as I felt my mind become clouded and my thoughts seemed to vanish as my vision became blurred.

“Jace, hellooo, Jace, Jace.”
“Jace are you ok?”
“Jace answer us.
“Oh my God, someone call 911!”

(Part 4/4 completed)

End of Part 1

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