Sugar Honey Baby

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Chapter 3

“He was bad. He smoked, he broke the law, he drove too fast for his own good. He didn’t care because no one taught him how to. But when it came to her, he wanted to be the best . He couldn’t bare the thought of her being hurt by him...or by anyone else. He would kill to protect her, the girl who cared about someone as worthless as him in all her perfection.”

Jace Hindrix

Monday came and hit me like a freight train. Everyone hated Mondays and everyone could attest to it.

The sun hit my face making me groan and I regretted opening my eyes. I got out of bed and snatched my blue curtains open to see Cherri doing the same. Her hair was a blonde nest on her head but she still managed to look decent. I held my hand up towards her and waved and she smiled before opening her window and I did the same.

I sat down on my window sill and stared at her in all her glory: Arms crossed and hair still a moppy mess on her head.

“JACE ARE YOU UP”. I rolled my eyes as Cherri giggled and closed her window. I sat up and did the same. “YEAH MOM”.

I dragged myself to my bathroom and stood in front of the mirror.

Everyone knows that I’m a good looking, arrogant badass but what they don’t know is that I’m also apart of a family that feels like it’s breaking apart everyday. They also don’t know that I have a four year old sister who spends her days in the hospital fighting cancer. But another thing people don’t know is that I touched Cherri Johnson and she didn’t die.

The rumor started freshman year and to be honest it was the stupidest thing ever. People said that it was told that if you touched Cherri Johnson then you would catch some horrid disease.

I remember some dude, I think his name was Colby but anyway, he stormed into the lunch room one day scratching at his skin saying that freaky Cherri Johnson had touched his shoulder.

Everyone started backing away from Colby, thinking he had the cheese touch or some shit.

High schoolers were dumb.

By the end of freshman year, everyone knew that Colby didn’t have a disease (even though I heard he caught herpes due to a one night stand later on in life) and nobody had seen Cherri Johnson.

The rumor had then changed to if you touched Cherri Johnson then she will die. I guess people weren’t satisfied with the first rumor.

Like I said once before.....High schoolers are dumb.

I might have somewhat believed that rumor instead since I haven’t seen Cherri in the last two years and I didn’t know what she looked like, I feel like nobody did and as the years passed....Cherri Johnson passed with it.

Not literally but you know what I mean.

As I did my personal hygiene for the day I began to feel bad because this girl has been living beside be probably my whole life and I didn’t even know it. She managed to sit in the back of economics class and not make a sound.

I wouldn’t say that if it wasn’t for Cherri almost falling out her window I wouldn’t know who she was cause I’m sure it was Mrs. Johnson’s sudden relationship with my mom that caused me to put a name to window girl’s face.

I had managed to touch Cherri and still be able to walk the earth the same time she did

For the last time I must say....Highschoolers are dumb.

“Jace honey are you almost ready to go, school starts in about thirty minutes”. My mom inched her head in my room before sticking her full body in. She caught me in a very disturbing scene when I was in middle school and she hasn’t barged in my room since.

I pulled my white shirt over my head before I grabbed my leather jacket and putting it on as well.

“Yea I’m on my way out now”. I walked towards my mom and pecked her on her cheeks but she grabbed my hands, stopping me from exiting out my room.

“Jace I don’t want to get a call today saying that you skipped school. I’m going to the hospital to be with Lily and the last thing I need to worry about is you being in school”. She let go of my hands and slowly rubbed her temples and I grabbed her hands this time and placed a kiss on them. “I promise I will stay in school today and as soon as I get out I’m coming to the hospital to be with you and Lily”. She pulled her hands away from mine and cupped my face in her hands. “I honestly couldn’t ask god for a better son”. She kissed my cheek and walked out of my room, softly shutting the door.

I looked at the time on my phone and I had about twenty five minutes before the first bell rang. I grabbed my car keys off of my dresser and headed down the stairs.

“Have a good day kiddo”.

I turned around to see my dad slouching on the couch with a beer at hand

He tried to use Lily as an excuse to be a sorry ass father and husband and I didn’t buy it. I grunted at him as a response and walked out the door, slamming It shut.

My 2017 model Camaro was parked in the driveway due to me being out late last night and just a tab bit wasted. Usually I would never leave Betty out in the driveway. I would hide her from the world in our large garage along with my mom and dad’s cars.

Oh and yes, I named my car Betty and nobody and I mean nobody looks, touches, or rides in Betty other than me, Lily and occasionally my mom.

I rubbed my hands along the smooth side.

“Cherlyn Nicole Johnson, I swear if you miss this bus then you are so grounded”.

I turned to see Mrs. Johnson storming out of the house with a pair of heels in her hands.

Not going to lie but Mrs. Johnson looked good for her age.

Cherri came out of the house with her hands stuffed in her pockets and slammed the door shut.

“Why can’t you just give me a ride like you always do”.

She crossed her arms as she kicked a rock that laid by her feet.

I took a moment to analyze her.

She was wearing a faded ‘Good Vibes’ shirt paired with ripped jeans and a pair of classic vans.

Her hair was blowing in the Cali wind and she grew agitated as strands kept getting in her mouth

“Mom answer me”.

Mrs. Johnson rolled her eyes before snapping at Cherri and placing her heels on the hood of the car.

“Say one more thing Cherri and I’m going to do more than just send you to therapy”. She slipped her heels on her feet before handing something to Cherri.

I was about to hop in my car when Mrs. Johnson called my name.

“Jace honey .....good morning”. I straightened up and waved at her “Good Morning Mrs. Johnson”. She gave me an award winning smile.

I heard Cherri groan as she leaned against her mothers car. Mrs. Johnson looked at Cherri then back at me.

“Jace can you do me this one favor”. She batted her eyes and for one moment I forgot that she was a mother probably in her forties.

“Sure thing”. I scratched the back of my head as I locked eyes with Cherri and she narrowed hers at me and then shook her head.

“Can you please give Cherlyn a ride to school”.

I looked around nervously til Cherri spoke up.

The thought of someone in Betty made my stomach churn.

“Mom, I can ride the bus, no problem”.

Mrs. Johnson turned around with one hand on her hip.

“Cherlyn, hush, with the way you was moving, I’m sure the bus is well on it’s way to school”.

I turned to look at the bus stop and the usual group of kids were gone probably meaning that the bus had indeed already passed.

Mrs. Johnson then turned back around to me and I shrugged my shoulders

“Sure, I’ll give Cherri a ride”.

Cherri, all wide-eyed shook her head viciously as her mom attempted to push her towards me but before contact could be made, Cherri jerked her body and glared towards her .

“Don’t fucking touch me”.

She glared at Mrs. Johnson who had the saddest look on her face.

“Cherri, I’m trying so hard to respect your wishes but I really miss hugging my daughter”.

She gave one more look towards Cherri then sent me a small smile before getting in her Honda and speeding away.

Well at least I know that me and Cherri have one thing in common: Two emotional struggling mothers.

Cherri looked at me before walking towards my car and standing there.

I went over to her side and opened the door for her and she slipped in.

I jogged over to the drivers side and slipped in and started the car.

I looked over to see Cherri typing away on her phone. “Well good morning window girl”.

Her face turned a light shade of pink as a grin danced across her face.

“Morning Jerk”.

I chuckled and saw her shift in the seat.

I looked at my phone and saw that we had about 10 minutes before the first bell rang and I wanted to keep my promise to my mom by actually attending school.

“Are you hungry”.

She pushed a piece of wavy blonde hair behind her ear and I took in the full appearance of her face.

She had green eyes that seemed to attract the natural light that surrounded her. Her full pink lips had a slight bit of gloss on them and right above them laid a mole on the left side of her face.

Cherri Johnson did not look anything like a freak

“Sure, but can we just go through a drive through or something”.

I nodded my head as I leaned back in the seat and drove to McDonald’s since it was the closest eating establishment by the school.

“Hello welcome to McDonald’s, what can I get you today”.

I tapped my chin before replying.

“I would like to get a McGriddle and Orange Juice please”. I said in probably the best British accent known to man.

“Would that be all?”

Cherri walked out of the car and stood in front of the intercom thingy.

“No uhm can you add some hash browns and a caramel frappe to the previous order”.

I have never heard her say so much before and I was quite shocked.

I also never seen anyone walk out the car to take an order but then I realized the whole no touch thing and I guess she didn’t want to risk leaning over me and making contact.

But to save time she could’ve just told me what she wanted .

She soon slipped back into the car as I drove to the next window.

Cherri handed me a ten dollar bill “The total was $8.47” by the way.

I nodded my head as I pulled out a ten dollar bill and handed the bill to the lady at the next window.

“Keep the change”. I could hear her giggle as I drove to the last window and received our food.

“You know I could have paid for it”. She reached for the bag and grabbed her hash browns out and munched on them loudly.

“Hey, your a lady and my dad raised me to never let a lady pay”.

Cherri scoffed as she slurped some of her frappe before placing it back in the cup holder

“Come on Jace, It’s 2018, don’t be so sexist”.

I rolled my eyes as we pulled up to the school.

“I’m sorry for being a gentleman”.

I parked in my reserved space and looked over to see Cherri getting out of the car.

“You are a bad boy and bad boys are not gentlemen’s”.

I grabbed my food and hopped out my car, locking it before catching up with Cherri.

“That kinda hurt window girl”. She rolled her head towards me and sighed.

“Jace Hindrix, you amaze me.......and you have a horrible British accent by the way”. She threw her hash brown paper into the nearest trashcan and then walked in the school with her frappe in her hand.

“Dude who the hell was that and how the hell she got to ride in Betty before I did”.

I turned to my best bud Dylan and patted his shoulder.

“That my friend is the famous Cherri Johnson.”

Dylan squinted his eyes, trying to remember who that was and then his mouth fell in a “o” shape.

“I didn’t think Cherri Johnson was that hot”.

I slapped Dylan in the back of the head and walked in the school leaving him there rubbing the back of his head.

I don’t know why but I had the slightest urge to tell Dylan to back off. I felt like Cherri Johnson was my own little secret that I just discovered.....

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