Sugar Honey Baby

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Chapter 30

We can paint a smile on our face to conceal our true emotions but oh baby

The paint will crack.

Alexus Payne

“Can you guys believe that we have three more days before Friday.”

I wanted to smack Ryan in his head so bad, but I was afraid that Melody would hassle me about it so I refrained myself from doing so.

“Ryan, what’s so special about Friday?” Rams asked as her and Kevin approached the table with their trays of food in hand.

Ryan looked around the cafeteria before leaning in towards us.

“My parents are letting me have the beach house for the weekend and I want all of you to come.”

Melody squealed and gave him a quick peck on the lips, making me cringe internally.

Kevin stuffed his fries in his mouth. “That would be cool. A little getaway would be what all of us needs right now.” He mumbled.

Jace nodded his head at Kevin and wrapped his arms around Cherri.

“Well you can count me and Cherri in.”

Ramsey shrugged her shoulder. “I’m in too, but only if Kevin goes.”

Kevin pinched her cheeks. “Awe I knew you couldn’t stand to be from me love.”

Ugh another cringing internally moment for me.

“Awe I missed a romantic moment didn’t i?”

Gigi straightened her clothes as she sat down beside me.


“Uhm Gigi, why does it look like you got dragged through the halls.” Cherri asked, eyeing Gigi up and down like the rest of us.

Gigi nervously looked at me then waved Cherri off.

“Well some of us like a little touchy touchy Cherri.” Gigi replied while fishing around in her purse, clearly ignoring my gaze.

Cherri raised her eyebrows before turning to Jace.

“I like a little touchy touchy don’t I Jace?”

Jace smirked. “Just from me of course.”

Melody’s eyes grew big. “Oh my gosh, you two actually did it?”

Cherri’s face grew red as she buried her face in Jace’s shoulder.

“Melody stop being nosy and no, me and Cherri didn’t do the do.”

Melody shrugged her shoulder and relaxed in her seat.

“Well from what I’m hearing, everyone is coming to the beach house Friday, right?”

Everyone shook their heads at Ryan except for me.

“I think I’ll pass on the romantic getaway guys.

Dylan raised his hand. “Hey, I’m going to be there, lonely and single.”

Gigi stroked my arm and pouted. “C’mon it’ll be fun Alex.”

I diverted my eyes from her and looked down at my chipped black nail polish.

I didn’t want to be in some beautiful beach house filled with couples kissing and giggling.

Especially when the only girl I want will be there.

Cherri got up pulling Jace with her.

“If you don’t go then I’ll cry Alexus. Right here and right now.”

I immediately shook my head. “Ok fine, I’ll go with you sick lovebirds.”

Cherri smiled and walked out the cafeteria hand in hand with Jace.

I’m sorry but Cherri has the worst cry ever. It’s worst than a child crying and I just couldn’t bear hearing that right now.

“Well it’s settled. Were going to get mad turnt this weekend.”

I stood up, grabbing my leather bag. “Ryan, don’t ever in your life say turnt again.”

Leaning back in the chair, he rolled his eyes and continued conversing with the rest of the gang.

As I walked off, I couldn’t help but think of how much of a mess this weekend is going to be.

Even though we haven’t been “blessed” with Colby’s presence, I still feel tension in the group since the whole ordeal.

If they think some fancy smancy beach house is going to fix things then they’re wrong.

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