Sugar Honey Baby

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Chapter 33

You stabbed me in the back the worst way possible

You betrayed my trust

Alexus Payne

My heart clenched as I saw them stare into each others eyes but as soon as they kissed, my little heart broke.

I could feel my stomach churn as my best friend and the girl of my dreams exchange saliva.

“I saw everything between you two assholes, Jace how could you?”

Jace grabbed on to my arm as I tried to run away, tears on the brim of my eyes.

“Alexus, please let me explain, let us explain.”

I shook my head at him, feeling my anger getting the better of me.

“How in the hell can you explain you cheating on Cherri and Gigi being a complete utter whore.

Gigi looked away as I glared at her.

Good, feel bad bitch.

“Hey, there’s no need to call her that Alex, calm down.”

I scoffed and snatched my arm out of his grip.

“Oh this is great, next thing you know you guys will be dry humping on the roof.”

Jace rolled his eyes, getting agitated but I couldn’t give any fucks at the moment.

He betrayed two people who I thought were close to him but apparently not.

“You know what Jace, I thought that after you met Cherri you had changed. No more humping and dumping and no more playing around, being a player.”

His eyes diverted from me as I mentioned both Cherri and his old ways.

“Apparently I was wrong, I can’t believe that you were capable of being this evil.”

His head cocked to the side as he looked at me with pleading eyes.

“Alex, believe me when I say I know I fucked up and believe me when I say I regret it.”

I shrugged my shoulders.

“So why do it?”

He looked over my shoulder then back at me.

“Because we got caught up in the moment and I was a little hot from earlier with Cherri.”

I quirked an eyebrow in the air as his face became flustered.

“So why not go finish what you started with Cherri instead of coming out here and sucking face with her.”

Gigi sighed and I sized her, mentally begging her to say something.

“It’s complicating and she’s with that douche Connor.”

I raised my hand in the air, stopping him.

“Stop being such a girl, you didn’t even get the chance to know the dude because your head was so far up your ass and your tongue was too busy down Gigi’s throat.”

Jace rushed and placed his hands over my mouth and I bit him, making him yelp.

“Fuck Alex, don’t be so loud about it.”

“fUcK aLeX dOn’T bE sO lOuD aBoUt It.” I mimicked him

“Alexus, I’m serious. You can’t tell Cherri or anyone else about it.”

I thumped him on the side of the head and he grimaced.

“Look here Hindrix, you got until Monday to tell Cherri or I’m releasing everything at that lunch table.”

He nodded his head and leaned in for a hug but I rejected him.

“Don’t think we’re cool cause we’re not, your no friend of mine Jace Hindrix.”

I pushed my index finger into his chest and turned around on my heels.

Me, Jace and Dylan were a trio but after that little stunt he pulled, don’t mind it being just me and Dylan.

Jace knew how much I likedGigi and he goes and do some bullshit like this

Puh lease.

I walked into the kitchen where the whole gang sat and goofed off.

Ramsey came around and slung a lazy arm around my shoulders. “So glad you could Join us major Payne, we missed you.”

I wiggled her off and sat down on one of the empty bar stools.

“So did you find him Lex”? Is he still mad at me?”

Cherri’s big doe eyes looked like they were on the verge on crying as she looked all over my face for an answer.

Poor baby Cherri. I’m sorry you have a asshole for a boyfriend.

“Awe sweetheart, your shithead of a boyfriend is out on the patio enjoying the view with Gigi.”

She smiled and nodded her head, sipping her cola through a straw.

“I’ll go talk to him later then, let him blow off some steam or whatever. I hate when he gets mad.”

I shook my head, unable to look at her any longer. Jace really fucked up and I hope that this eats him alive.

“YOOOO Peeps.“Jace yelled as he came into the kitchen with Gigi behind him. Ugh speak of the devil and he sha’ll arrive

Cherri leaped off her seat and ran to him “Babe, are you okay now?”

Well I guess in Cherri’s book later means now but oh well.

He wrapped his arms around her waist and gave her a peck on the lips.

“Yea, I’m fine baby, just was a little agitated with the long ride here.”

Everyone ooed and awed at their relationship but I was really over it.

“Oh as if.” I mumbled under my breath and hightailed my ass out of there.

I refuse to let Jace deceive Cherri in front of me, I won’t bare to see it.

Jace Hindrix

I heard her mumble under her breath as she stormed out of the room.

I felt like complete shit for what I did and Alexus wasn’t making it any better.

Cherri began to secretly play with the hem of my shirt.

“That was something else you did back there, I kind of liked it.”

I could feel a smirk coming but I quickly pushed it away.

“God I love you so much Cherri.” I said aloud and really meaning it.

She kissed my cheek and laid her head on my chest as we swayed back and forth.

I have to tell her and make things right because I’ll be damn to loose her. I think I’ll explain everything to her after I let her meet a special little lady in the hospital Sunday afternoon, giving me time before Alex opens her mouth.

“I love you too Jace, I really really do.”

Yea, I have to make things right between us.
And soon....

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