Sugar Honey Baby

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Chapter 35

You were that one brown leaf connected to my beautiful flower that I had to cut off.

Cherri Johnson

He opened the door and looked back at me with worried eyes.

“Well are you coming with me?”

I pulled down the sleeves of my sweater and sighed.

“Now or never I guess.”

He nodded his head and went inside the small hospital room.

Mrs. Hindrix was sound asleep in the corner of the room in a very stuffy looking chair.

“Princess, are you up?”

A little girl sprung up from the bed with sleepy eyes.

“Pwincey, I haven’t seen you in so long, did you forget about me?”

She stretched her arms out to him and he gladly engulfed her in his strong embrace.

“Never, I’ve just been busy but I promise I won’t stay away from you this long ever again.”

She placed a kiss on his cheek and their hug ended.

“Now I want you to meet someone very important to me Lily.”

He came over and grabbed my hand and pulled me to the bed.

“This is my girlfriend Cherri.”

The little girl, well Lily, observed me from the bed as I stood there awkwardly.

“So your mom named you after a fruit.”

I giggled as I sat down on the bed.

“Yeah and your mom named you after a flower.”

She placed her index finger on her chin as her eyes grew big.

“Wow, I never thought of that before, I’m a flower.”

I shook my head in agreement. “And lillies and very beautiful.”

She gave me a cheeky grin and laughed.

“Can you bring me a lily next time you come Cherri.”

I looked to Jace to find him staring at me.

“Yeah, Of course. I’ll buy you lots and lots of lillies.”

She smiled and rubbed her tired eyes with chubby hands.

“Pwincey, I’m sleepy and tired.”

He kissed the top of her head with stretched lips.

“I know Lily but your a fighter, you’ve got this buddy.”

She grabbed his head with her little hands.

“Night Night Pwincey.”

He grabbed her hands from his face and kissed them as she drifted off to sleep.

“Night Night Princess.”

I wiped the random tear from my cheek before Jace could see me.

So this little cutie must be his sister that I’m sure no one knew existed.

He went over and placed a kiss on Mrs. Hindrix cheek before grabbing my hand and leading me out the door.

“She’s a sweetheart Jace, I already adore her.”

He kissed my hand before letting it go. “I’m glad you like her and I’m pretty sure she likes you too.”

He gave me a weak smile that I somehow couldn’t seem to return back to him.

“But that’s not why you ended our trip so early is it?”

He shook his head no as we entered the elevator with a few other strangers.

I rolled my eyes at him as we made it to the lobby floor, exiting the small elevator.

“Well do you care to explain anything or do you have anymore secret siblings you want me to meet before you start telling me shit.”

He began to pull his hair but I could care less about him pulling that gorgeous hair of his.

Jace was pissing me off at the moment.

We made it to the car but I made no effort to get in. I wasn’t going anywhere til he told me what was going on.

“Cherri can you stop being stubborn for one minute and just get in the car.”

I tilted my head to the side and stared at him as if he lost his mind.

“Jace can you stop being an asshole and tell me what’s up.”

“Cherri get in the damn car.” He strained out through closed teeth.

I placed my hands in my pockets. “No”

He hit the steering wheel before exiting the car.

“Ok fine, you want to know why I ended our trip early?”

I place my hands in the air and laughed.

“Well what do you think Jace.”

He gave me a fake smile.

“I kissed Gigi, there are you happy now?”

I looked around the parking lot, looking for an explanation because he sure wasn’t giving me the right one.

“You did what?”

He stepped closer to me, stretching each word out.

“I. Kissed. Gigi.”

I slapped him across the face as soon as he came up to me.

“You dick, that’s what you are. Your a sick ass dick.”

He held his cheek and stared at me in shock.

“You ruin my trip because of something you did. Then you bring me here to see your ill sister, what was even the point of that?”

I ran my hands through my hair as I paced back and forth in the almost empty parking lot.

“What are intentions Jace. Did you think you could fix me up and just break me back down.”

I poked him hard in his chest.

“I don’t need an asshole in my life like you.”

He stepped back with hurt written all over his face.

“You don’t mean that Cherri, your just hurt.”

I tilted my head back and laughed.

“Your damn right I’m hurt but I’m not stupid, not anymore Jace.”

He grabbed me by my shoulders.

“Cherri you might think you don’t need me anymore but I need you, baby I love you.”

I shook his grip off.

“Were you thinking about how much you love me when you were locking lips with Gigi?”

He stood there with fresh tears in his eyes.

“I guess not.”

I turned around to walk away from him and all the problems that came with him .

“Cherri, where are you going?”

I looked over my shoulder and gave him a sad smile.

“I’m going home Jace.”

Our neighborhood wasn’t that far away from the hospital and I could definitely use the walk.

I needed to be away from him.

I woke up the next morning with a banging headache and a slimy substance on my forehead.

I shrieked and jumped out of my bed, seeing Warts hop around on it.

I went over and picked the wet creature up laughing a bit.

“Josh, your buddy escaped from your room.”

My little brother barged in my room with his glasses hanging off the bridge of his nose.

“Here you go.”

I placed my hands in front of him and he gasped.

“Your touching him.”

He grabbed Warts from out of my hands and smiled.

I ruffled the top of his hands.

“I’m slowly getting back in the swing of things Josh.”

He nodded his head then ran out of my, hopefully ignoring the fact that I spread my slimy hands in his hair.

After showering and attempting to do something with my hair, I walked down the stairs to see everyone in their usual morning spots.

My dad had a paper in his hand as usual as my mother sipped on her probably bitter coffee.

“Good Morning Daddy, How are you feeling.”

I walked over and placed a kiss on his forehead before turning to my mother with a smirk on my face.

“Good Morning Mother.”

I gave her a subtle wave.

Her mouth hung open as I sat down between them.

“Cherri Honey, What’s going on?”

I shrugged my shoulders and picked up an apple from the bowl in the middle of the table.

“I learned that if I want to get better that I’m going to have to do it by myself and when I’m ready too.”

He placed his newspaper down and gave me a side hug that I didn’t reject.

“We’ll take these baby steps with you honey, isn’t that right sweetheart.”

We both turned our gaze to my mother who still had her mouth wide open.

I rolled my eyes as she straightened herself up.

Whose a disgrace to the family now?

“Of course we will.” She finally replied.

I shrugged my shoulders.

“Oh and someone left your luggage on the front steps, I placed it in the living room.”

I gave her a fake smile knowing that I would be hearing from her later about the situation.

I turned to my dad and batted my eyelashes at him.

“Can you take me a few places today daddy?”

He raised his eyebrow at me before taking a sip of his coffee.

“No Hindrix boy today?”

I shook my head no.

“No Dad, no Hindrix boy today.”

I clung the flowers to my chest as I walked down the hall for the third time trying to find the room again.

I was too stubborn to go to the front desk and ask for her room and I was too embarrass to knock on the door.

Even when I peeped in the little window on the doors, I couldn’t tell which one consumed a little girl.

“Cherri, is that you?”

I turned around to see Mrs and Mr. Hindrix.

I walked towards them.

“Uhm yes, I was looking for Lily’s room. I had met her yesterday and promised to bring her some flowers.”

Mrs. Hindrix smiled and clenched her chest.

“That was so nice of you to do Cherri. She’s wide awake now so you can go and talk to her if you like. We’re going down to the cafeteria, do you want anything?”

“No thank you Mrs. Hindrix.”

She grabbed her husband’s arm and made her way to the elevator.

“She’s in room 375 by the way dear.”

I gave her a thumbs up as she disappeared behind the elevator doors with Mr. Hindrix.

I made my way to room 375 and prayed that a certain Hindrix member wasn’t inside.

I knocked on the door two times before her tiny voice spoke up.

“Come in.”

I opened the door to see Lily watching cartoons with a bowl of Jello in her hands.

“Good thing I wasn’t some random stranger huh.”

Lily placed her bowl of Jello down and gave me a cheeky smile.

“No one knocks on the door except my nurses, sorry.”

I pouted and placed the flowers on the table beside her.

“Look, I brought you lilies.”

She glanced at the flowers then back at me.

“Thank you Cherri, they are really pretty.”

I gave her a smile as she picked up the bowl of Jello once again.

“So did pwincey bring you here?”

I sat down on the edge of the bed and frowned.

“No, my dad did. He’s waiting outside for me.”

She made an O shape with her mouth and slurped up some Jello.

“He came back last night and cried. He was very upset.”

I bit my lip hopping she would stop but she continued.

“He said he hurts cause he hurt someone bad.”

I stood up and gave her a weak smile.

“Well it hurts when you hurt somebody Lily. I’ll see you sometime later, okay?”

She gave me a smile and I returned it as I walked out the room, trying to brush the tears away.

I might not need Jace right now but he needs someone but right now that someone can’t be me.

I need to be free of him.

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