Sugar Honey Baby

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Chapter 36

It was like someone ripped the final piece to my puzzle in two and hid away the glue

Jace Hindrix

I haven’t cried since I learned that Lily had cancer and that was almost two years ago.

I wouldn’t call my self unsentimental, I just never had a reason to cry.

That was until Cherri literally walked out of my life.

Being the guy who could get any girl he wanted started to suck since I can’t have the only girl that I need.

Cherlyn Johnson had a claim on my heart that nobody else could replace and I messed it up with my own selfish reasons.

I was jealous, upset, and really really horny.

But that didn’t give me the right to kiss Gigi back.

“Dude, hurry the fuck up or I’m leaving your sorry ass.”

I gave Dylan a cross look as I ruffled my hair one good time before grabbing my keys.

“Idiot, your the one who insist we ride to school together.”

He gave me a lopsided smile while I locked up the house.

“Where’s Cherri at?”

I looked towards Betty to find Cherri missing. She would usually be there sitting on the hood with a sheepish expression on her face, knowing how much I hated her sitting on Betty.

“She’s not riding with me today, or probably ever.” I mumbled, getting in the car.

Dylan slide in the passenger seat with a confused and questioning face.

“So like are you guys done?”

I started the car and looked over to him.

“Yea, I guess so.”

The day went by painfully slow with Cherri acting as if I didn’t exist.

My heart tugged at the sight of her holding a conversation with Dylan and Alexus in class and I almost lost it when she put her hand on his chest, tilting her head back and filling my ears with her adorable laugh.

I, like everyone else, was surprised to see her touching and laughing like she wasn’t a total nut case months earlier.

I guess without me, she finally healed.

When lunch came around I was more than happy to find that the table was filled with the gang laughing and tossing jokes at one another.

Of course Cherri was the last to show up and she didn’t even mind that the last open seat was next to me. She sat down and smiled at the others as if nothing happened.

Maybe that’s what she been telling herself.

That nothing happen.

“So Cherri, how did you take the news sweetheart?”

Gigi folded her legs under her bum in her chair, something only someone so small like herself could manage to do.

“Excuse me?”

Cherri slowly pulled the chicken leg from her mouth and gave Gigi a deathly glare.

“I said, Ho-”

“I heard what you said, I’m just wondering why your saying it.”

The whole Cafeteria became quiet as all eyes seem to settle on Cherri.

Did I ever mention how high schoolers are dumb.

“Someone seems a little upset that I took her man.”

Multiple oh’s and dang’s could be heard all around the cafeteria and that seemed to make Cherri even more pissed.

“I should have known from the first time I saw you, clinging on to Jace, that you were nothing but an attention seeking whore.”

Hundreds of phones could be seen taking pictures and snap videos of Gigi and Cherri’s fiery conversation.

“They’re going to go viral in seconds.” Melody whispered as she buried her head in her hands.

“Well you also should have known that Jace wouldn’t have gone for some freak show like you. Who are you kidding Cherri, you can’t even touch someone without freaking out like a little bit-”

Gigi’s words were cut off for the second time today as Cherri tackled her to the ground.

“How’s that for touching you little whore.” She yelled while repeatedly punching Gigi in her face.

I jumped up from my spot and grabbed Cherri by the waist. She had a pretty damn tight hold on Gigi’s ponytail and no matter how much I tugged on her, she wouldn’t let go.

“Sugar, let her go.”

She shook her head and pulleD on Gigi’s hair harder, making her yell out in pain.

“No, she’s going to pay for taking you away from me.”

My heart sank at her words, not wanting to believe that she would think that.

“Cherri, let her go and look at me baby.”

She slowly let go of Gigi, who scrambled away to Alexus who was laughing her ass off.

“What Jace, What could you possibly want now, didn’t you see me handing her ass to her?”

A smile crept onto my face looking at her so mad and flustered.

“Will you listen to me?”

She shrugged her shoulders and my grip on her waist tighten as I pulled her closer to me.

“Cherri, will you listen to me?”

She looked at me from under her lashes, her breathing becoming irregular.

“y-yes, I will, go ahead.”

I placed my index finger under her chin, making her look at me.

“Words can’t explain how sorry and shitty I feel for doing that to you Cherri. I was so caught up with being jealous and upset with you that my emotions spoke for themselves.”

She bit her lip as her eyes filled with tears.

“There is no other girl on this planet that I would rather be with than you Cherlyn Johnson. No matter where the future might take us or how you may feel about me right now, my heart will always belong to you and only you.”

Cherri began to smile through the thick tears that slowly ran down her face.

“I really do love you Jace, I love you so damn much that it makes me crazy.”

I started to kiss her tears away before hovering over her lips for a slight second, taking in her natural beauty.

“Then let’s be crazy together cause your driving me insane baby.”

I smashed my lips onto hers, not being able to resist her any longer.

A roar of cheers and claps could be heard in the background as she manuevered her hands through my hair, making me groan in her mouth.

She pulled away instantly, beaming at me with her tear stained face.

“So what does this means for us now?” I dipped my face in the crook of her neck and placed a small kiss there.

She backed up and placed her hands on my chest.

“It mean no more secrets and no more running away when we have a problem. I want you to come talk to me when you feel jealous or upset, not run away to kiss the gang.”

Dylan stood up and shook his napkin in the air. That’s a definite hell no for me.” he yelled making the student body laugh at him.

I stuck my pinky out to her and she linked hers with mine.

“I promise Sugar.”

Her face turned red making her seem so cute and adorable.

I planted kisses all over her face making her squirm.

“Ew, stop it Jace.” She yelled but I continued to do it anyway.

Alexus came over and squeezed between me and Cherri.

“Ok break it up you two love birds.” She then turned to me and poked me in the chest.

“Make this the last time you hurt Cherri or it’ll be the last time you’ll be able to walk straight.”

She gave my cheeks a squeeze.

“Awee well isn’t this just adorable.”

Alexus slowly let my cheeks go and turned around.

Standing with his arms crossed over his chest and a fucked up face ( thanks to yours truly) was Colby Faulkner along with our headmaster and two police officers.

He pointed to me and Alexus and then to the gang at the table.

“That’s them officers, arrest them.”

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