Sugar Honey Baby

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Chapter 37

Sometimes the greater good isn’t all that great

Cherri Johnson

My head was aching from the constant yelling and screaming in the headmaster’s office.

Alexus was laid back in a seat with her legs propped on the headmaster’s desk.

“I literally cannot be in here right now, this could go on my record.” Ramsey said while pulling her brown locks.

Kevin rubbed her back in slow motions and she calmed down.

See, I would vote them for prom king and queen.

Stop, keep it on track Cherri. Your boyfriend and friends can possibly be arrested.

“For the last time kids ,if you don’t tell me what happened then I have no choice but to take you down to the station.

Alexus popped her gum annoyingly loud and sighed.

“Well officer if I have to be honest, Those four over there wasn’t near us at the party so they had nothing to do with anything.”

The police officer looked over at Ryan, Ramsey, Gigi, and Kevin before looking back at Colby who then nodded his head at him.

“Ok well you four can go.”

Ramsey clasped her hands together and basically ran out of the room chanting “Hallelujah”

“So then there was five.” Colby said with a sickening smile on his face.

He literally made me sick to my stomach as I tried to fight the chicken that I had for lunch back down.

“Can I please be excused to the bathroom please?”

The officer nodded his head and it took no more for me to leap out of my seat and run to the ladies room.

My life keep taking these twist and turns and I’m not happy about it at all.

I’ve been hurt, abused, assulted, and cheated on in the past week.

I kicked the bathroom stall door open and sat down on the toilet, itching my wrist.

My old cuts had healed but been really itchy and irritable lately.

It feels like when more stress enter my life, the more my wrist starts to itch.

“I’m going insane.” I mumbled as I pulled and tugged on my hair.

Am I really going to go along and pretend that Jace didn’t cheat on me with Gigi?

Well it’s not like he had sex with her right?

Like he said, his emotions were out of whack and he was just in the moment.

But why did he have to kiss her, isn’t this what they made playboy magazine and lotion for?

“Stay focused Cherri, if you don’t say anything then you could go to jail.”

I rubbed my hands over my face as hot tears fell from my eyes.

Don’t matter what happens today, I will still be hurt.

Jace hurt me and before we can move past this, I need to let him know.

But first I have to save my friends.

I walked out of the bathroom with a mission

Mission save the coop.

You can judge the operation name later.

I walked into the headmaster’s office and place my hands on my hip.

“Excuse me officer I have a confession to make.” The police officer looked at me with one raised eyebrow

“Go ahead Miss.”

I pointed my shaking finger towards Colby.

“This dude right here, who’s trying to get all my friends locked up,is the reason why everything went down that night.′

I began scratching my wrist feeling everything start to twist inside my stomach. I was getting nauseous again.

″ He did a very very bad thing to me, and all my friends were trying to do was help me. If anybody should get arrested it’s not Colby, it should be me because it’s basically my fault. It’s my fault that I’m a victim, it’s my fault that he did what he did to me. It’s always my fault and I’m taking a stand for all the girls getting sexually assaulted by disgusting boys like Colby Faulkner.”

The Headmaster and police officers look back at Colby, who was turning as red as a tomato.

“So you’re meaning to tell me that you sexually assaulted a girl then got beat up for it and want us to arrest them?”

Colby ran his hands through his hair and begin biting his lip.

“It’s just not that, that crazy bitch over there shot up my ceiling. If you don’t arrest them then I’m getting my lawyers involved.”

Alexis stood up and dust off her skirt. “If you don’t shut the hell up and release these stupid charges then I’m getting my lawyers involved and I’m pretty sure a mess of a ceiling is not going to win over a sexual assault charge.”

I crossed my arms over my chest and smirked at Colby, feeling satisfied.

Jace licked his dry lips and glanced over at me.

“How do you feel about all this Sugar?”

I pouted my lips at the headmaster and sighed.

“I don’t feel comfortable with Colby hanging around here at school. This isn’t the first time he’s done this to me and there could possibly be other girls.”

She pushed her glasses onto her face and turned to the two police officers and started to whisper.

The first officer came up to me and smiled.

“I can assure you that Colby will be paying for his actions but it would only be fair if your friend here paid for the damages done to his ceiling.”

I looked back over to Alexus who shooed me off.

“Don’t worry Cher. I have years of therapy money I never used so a little damage repair is nothing.”

I leaped over the seat and gave her a big bear hug.

“Yeah yeah, just be glad it’s all over.”

I ended the hug and looked around the room at my friends.

Even though Colby was now out of the picture, I felt like things weren’t over at all.

Especially between me and Jace.


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