Sugar Honey Baby

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Chapter 4

When your feelings for someone grows stronger, so does your fear of losing them

Cherri Johnson

I only had one more class before school was over with. There was a lot of words to describe how I was feeling. Estatic, happy, name it. I was Just ready to get out of this place.

I walked into my economics class and walked directly to the back and sat down. In every one of my classes I sit in the back, all my teachers respect my wishes and I never have to worry about being called on.

I was almost invisible and I liked it that way.

I watched as the classroom filled up with loud and obnoxious teenagers. I rolled my eyes and sat my head down on the desk.


I looked up to see Jace standing in front of me with a smirk plastered on his face with some dude with redish hair standing behind him, eyes traveling over me. I shifted in my seat, not use to the attention

“Jace please go away before you attract attention towards me”.

He shrugged his shoulders as he sat down in the seat beside me and the red head boy sat on the other side of me.

“Go away”. I hissed at him before putting my face in the palm of my hands.

I heard the red head boy chuckle before gazing my way.

“Cherri, you apparently don’t know Jace....he isn’t going anywhere no time soon sweets”.

I snapped my heads towards him.

“I apparently don’t know you either so why the hell are you here?”

He leaned towards me with raised eyebrows “I’m Dylan”.

I caught a whiff of his scent and he smelled like a summer breeze air freshener or something fresh like that.

I leaned back fearing that he was getting a little too close to me.

He raised his hands up and leaned back in his chair “So I’m guessing that whole thing about touching you is true”.

I rolled my eyes before looking at Jace who was narrowing his eyes at Dylan.

“Jace what did you tell him”.

Jace averted his eyes towards me “I didn’t tell him a thing Cherri, everyone knew about you”.

I shook my head at him “Impossible, nobody knows who I am”.

“That’s where you are wrong, love” I cocked my head to the side at the sudden name.

“My name is Cherri, not love, Jace and what do you mean. I’ve been ignored since middle school so how does anyone know who I am”.

I crossed my arms over my chest and glared at him....he has to be lying.

“Well to be honest everyone forgot about you but there was a rumor back during freshman year about you”. I turned to Dylan putting my index finger to my lips and shushing him.

“I want to hear it from Jace”. Dylan put his hands up once again before pretending to be copying the notes from off the board.

Jace blew a piece of hair from over his eyes before staring at me and I felt my face turn hot.

“Aww, that’s cute sugar”. He winked at me before slumping down in his seat and looking towards the board.

“Hey jerk! Tell me what people have been saying about me”. I hissed

He continued to look towards the board as a grin crept on his face.

I threw my pencil at him but missed terribly as it hit his desk.

“Jace Hindrix tell me now”. My voice was above a whisper but I knew that he could hear me.

“Cherri do I need to speak to your parents”. The teacher looked at me over her thin glasses and I shrugged as a response.

Never in my life have I been called out by a teacher

“Mrs. Johnson I said do I need to speak to your parents”. Her voice was stern and for once she caught the attention of the class. Everyone looked back at me, some people had confused faces while others whispered.

“Is that freaky Cherri Johnson from freshman year”.

“Omg she looks so normal”.

“Somebody touch her”.

My eyes darted around the room as my head started to feel light as the voices clashed together. I grabbed my bookbag before locking eyes with Jace. He offered me a look that I hated the most.

A look of pity

I walked out the room and slammed the door shut, I could hear Jace calling my name but I ignored him and continued to walk down the hall.

I called my mom and it went staright to voicemail, the same thing happened when I called my dad.

My heart felt heavy as my breathing started to slow...I was scared......I was alone. The people I needed the most were not here when I needed them...Just like that day in junior high. I feel like no one is never here when I need them and that’s why I hate being alone.

I slid down on some random locker and hugged my knees. I could feel tears run down my face as I breathed slowly.

"Cherri are you ok?”

I looked up to see Jace and I felt my heart beat.

I leaped up and jumped into his arms not wanting to let go.

Seeing his familiar face brought joy into my heart
I wasn’t alone...

He looked down at me in shock.

“Cherri, what are you doing”. I looked up at him then jumped down, my face flushing with pink”. “I’m sorry”.

He reached forward and grabbed my waist “Don’t be”.

Our faces inched closer until I could feel his warm minty breath tickling my lips

“Cherri, Cherri, CHERRI”.

I snapped my head up, wiping my eyes to see Jace looking down at me with worry in his eyes “You good?”

I rolled my eyes before wiping the tears off my face “Why do you care anyway, I told you to go away. If you would have just listened then none of this would have happened Jace”.

I stood up and brushed my jeans off then looked at him, arms crossed.

“I’m sorry, let me make it up to you” He scratched the back of his head then casually placed his hands in his pockets.

“How?“I arched my left eyebrow with my arms still crossed.

“Let me take you on a date”.......

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