Sugar Honey Baby

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Chapter 39

As much as we try to fight it, we can’t get over the things that hurt us. No matter how big or small it may be. If it hurts, it hurts and that my friend, is hard to rid of.

Cherri Johnson

Is it so weird that I wanted Gigi to be at our lunch table today?

I wanted her to see me all snuggled up on Jace, kissing on his stubbled chin and playing footsie underneath the table.

I wanted her to see who he chose and who he ended up with.

Which was me by the way.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m still affected by what happened between them but I can’t continue to live in the past right?

“Cher, baby. Can I eat please?”

Jace swatted my grabby hands away as I tried to wrap my arms around his neck.

Alexus snorted and whispered ‘hooked’ under her breath as if I couldn’t hear her.

I shot daggers at her and pouted but scooted away from him anyway.

“Sorry babe.”

Every since we did the do, I’ve been attached to his hip.

Like almost literally.

He patted me on my head and stuffed his slice of greasy pizza in his mouth.

“So where’s Gigi at?” I asked innocently.

Ramsey cut her eyes at me while Kevin sighed.

“In case you got amnesia over the weekend, Gigi isn’t here because you ruined her face.” Ramsey said while crossing her arms.

“I find it disgusting that you ran back in the arms of a cheater and went crazy on Gigi.”

Ramsey abruptly got up from her chair and stomped out the cafeteria door.

Dylan leaned up beside me and whispered in my ear.

“Plus, I’m sure she doesn’t want badass cherri on her case again.”

I chuckled and pushed Dylan away.

I wasn’t no badass Cherri. I was just a very hurt and bruised cherri. Yes that’s it.

Hurt and Bruised

Jace Hindrix.

Being a very hormonal teenage boy is not a good thing.

Especially after your girlfriend delivered some of the best sex you ever had and decides to cling onto you like a baby monkey the entire lunch period.

It took everything in me to not throw her on this table and fuck her senseless in front of our fellow friends and classmates.

Ok. Moving on to a new topic.

Everything else went smoothly after lunch. I went to all my classes and did almost all of my classwork.Hey, I’m not going to be fooling anyone by doing everything right.

“Hey babe, ready to go?”

Cherri came up to me with a smile on her face and her hands freely clutched to that raggly ol satchel of hers.

I promised to take her to the hospital so she could see Lily today and then we could go to my place and hang.

If ya know what I mean.

She linked her arms around my biceps and practically dragged me to the parking lot.

“Someone is excited to see a certain someone.”

Cherri looked at me with big eyes and let a smile softly play upon her lips.

“I’ve been waiting to go and see her all week Jace, can you really blame me for being so excited.”

I kissed the top of her forehead and she squished the side of her face into my arm.

“Your too adorable for your own good johnson.”

She stuck her tongue out at me and I couldn’t help but to laugh.


“How are you feeling champ?” I rubbed the top of Lily’s head and she attempted to swat me away.

“No Pwincey, I actually did my hair today.”

Cherri threw me a quick glare before turning to Lily with a smile.

“You look more beautiful than usual Lilly.” She said while stuffing her bag with the little knickknacks she packed for Lilly.

Lily smiled while a pink blush covered her chubby cheeks.

“Thanks Cherwee.”

Cherri Johnson

Jace kissed the top of Lily’s head before leaving to park the car around the front.

“I’m so tired but I had much fun today.”

I gave her a small smile as I tried to balance my satchel and bag on my shoulders.

“I’m glad you enjoyed yourself kiddo, you deserved it.”

She shrugged her shoulder and looked out towards the window.

“Can I tell you a secret Cherwee?”

My eyes soften on the young child’s now sadden face.

“Of course sweetheart, you can tell me anything.”

One single tear fell from her chocolate eyes as she continued to stare out the window.

“I’m dying and no matter what mommy says, I know I am.”

I rushed to her side and grabbed her hands gently.

“Don’t say that Lily, you are no-”

“It’s ok, don’t be sad, I’ll be with nana soon.” She whispered quietly.

She turned towards me and my heart almost busted from sadness.

“I heard them tell mommy I needed a new heart for my sickness to go. Don’t tell Jace though. I hate seeing him cry.”

I kissed the top of her head and the door opened revealing Jace.

“You have my word on it Kiddo. My lips are sealed.”

Jace gave me a confused face as I rushed past him and down the hall.

“Hey wait up Cherri, what’s the rush?”

I stopped in my tracks and turned around with one of the fakest smiles ever.

“Sorry, just ready to eat I guess.”

He jogged up to me and wrapped an arm around my shoulders.

“OK hungry hippo, we’ll grab a bite to eat.”

I gave him a peck on the cheek as questions swarmed my head.

What’s stopping them from getting Lilly a new heart? and why are they just now doing something about it? I was determined to get these questions asked, even if I had to ask Mrs. Hindrix myself. I just let Lily into my life and I’d be damned if she gets taken out of it.

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