Sugar Honey Baby

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Epilogue (The Notes)

Dear mom,
I know you better than you know yourself and I know the first thing your going to do is blame Jace and the Hindrix’s but this was all me. Back in middle school someone sexually assaulted me and it changed my life forever. I didn’t know how to tell you guys without everything changing overnight but how stupid was I. Maybe things would have been different if I would have just told you. Maybe our relationship would have been better and the fights and argument would been to a minimal. I’m sorry I did what I did but it was my decision. I didn’t feel like Cherri anymore. I let my true identity get masked away and after so many years, it was hard to find it again. I hope you learn to forgive me for what I done to you and the family and you may think that it was selfish of me but I felt like this is what I was meant to do.
P.S I know your going to scream at me for not doing the dishes last night, I just thought about it while writing. Lol love ya mom
Your estranged daughter
Cherlyn Jones

Hey dad,
You were the only member of my best friends club and I want to say thank you for being a lifetime member. You’ve always played for my side even when I was in the wrong. You are the meaning of a true friend and I’ll forever be grateful for that. Please take care of mom and josh since I’ll be watching over you guys with the big man. Refrain from having a slumber party with your calculator and statistics at the office. Mom needs you with her and the last thing y’all need to do is drift away from her. Please don’t drift sway from her. I love you deeply. To the moon and back
Love, Cher Bear

To Josh and Warts
Please do me the biggest favor and don’t turn my room into a petting zoo. Watch over mom and dad and make sure to grow. You need to realize that your the big kid now and you need some space to grow. Tell warts he’s always been my favorite but just know you’ll always be my bro.
Your weirdo sister

Dear the only love of my life,
I don’t know if you know this but I’ve been in love with you before you even knew my name. I’ve watched you grow up in the small space of your room and I’ve listen to your horrible taste in music and late night fiascos. The day that you found me dangling outside my window I just knew I ruined any chance of you liking me. Guess I was wrong. I never got to thank you for not leaning over me when I passed out on you at dinner with our folks. I blush to my feet every time I think about how embarrassing that was for me but none of that matter. You and Dylan were willing to accept a little weirdo like me with no problem. You let me get close to your friends and I’m grateful for that but Jace I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I did this to you and I’m sorry I forgave you so easily. What you did with Gigi was wrong and you know it. I’m not going to press this issue and let you eat yourself alive with guilt since by the time you read this I’ll be dead and gone but just know that some mistakes aren’t easily fixed with a kiss. I died with a little hurt in my hurt but that doesn’t amount to the love I have for you. You’ll always be my jerk and I’ll always love you. Move on and make some lonely girl out there feel the way I first felt with you. Stay close to the gang and give lily a big kiss for me. Tell her I never let her hand go and that she’s a true warrior but most of all......she’s got the best brother around. I love you jerk, never forget that and never forget us.
Window Girl

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