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Much Needed

I have people telling me that they don't like the book anymore and that I shouldn't have killed off the main character. I even have people telling me they won't read the spin off (which is fine by me). You have to understand that this book was mapped out since the beginning and I always planned for Cherri to die. At first it was going to be suicide but as I continue to read the book, I realize that isn't what I wanted. Guys you have to realize that Cherri and this book is my baby. I also believed that Cherri deserved a happy ending and in my opinion she did. She died knowing that she was helping people she cared about (Lily and Jace). She didn't want to take someone so important (Even more important than herself) from Jace. Cherri was struggling all her life and she knew that even after being able to have contact with other people again, things wouldn't be the same. She wanted Lily to be able to grow and and live the life she never could live so that's why she did what she did. Now if you'll like to have a alternate ending then I would be more than happy to provide that for you guys but the true ending stays. You'll see if you read the spin off how it all ties together but it's one promise I can make to you. THE MAIN CHARACTER WON'T DIE AND I PLANNED OUT A VERY HAPPY ENDING. SO HAPPY YOU'LL HAVE TO BURST WITH EXCITEMENT. I'm so sorry for ruining the book for you guys but I'm not one for happy endings but in my opinion it did have a happy ending. A little girl's life was saved.

So if you don't want to read the book then I understand but I love you guys regardless.

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