Sugar Honey Baby

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Chapter 5

It’s a shame when the things that are in your mind and in your heart never reach your lips

Jace Hindrix

I have somewhat managed to keep my promise to my mom and stayed in school for the remainder of the day.

I don’t know why but I told Cherri that I was going to pick her up at 7:00 sharp.

I felt bad for causing attention to her since that was probably the only thing she been avoiding her whole life so I’m guessing getting icecream at a respected distance would satisfy her and I was right.

I sped my Camaro towards the hospital and parked towards the back, usually where my mom parks when she plans to spend a while here.

I walked towards the elevator, not even needing to know the room number, I remembered the number the day that she was enrolled in here

Room 375

As soon as the elevator dinged, signaling that I arrived to the correct floor, I walked off and was meet with the scent of disinfected spray and all the cleaning shit.

I walked towards the room and knocked on the door, I could see Lily’s head jerk towards the door and I watch her through the glass as she clapped her hands and my mom came and opened the door.

“Pwincey”. Her eyes lit up as adoration filled her chubby face.

I walked over and sat on the edge of the bed “How you feeling champ” I patted her foot that was engulfed in thick wool socks.

She shrugged her shoulders then grasped a piece of hair between her fingers and tugged on it. I reached over to her and removed her fingers from her hair and held them in mine.

“Stop, talk to me Lily”.

She looked at me with watery eyes and my heart literally dropped at the sight.

“I’m afraid that I’m going to die pwincey”.

A tear escaped and fell down her cheeks, slowly, painfully.

My mom dropped her head, a sniffle could be heard.

“Lily, don’t think about silly things like that. Don’t you know that your suppose to come home with us soon and we’re going to go and have a big play date and go to Disney Land and all that fun stuff”.

I dropped her hands and cupped her face into my hands rubbing small circles on her chubby cheeks with my thumbs.

She smiled a toothy grin before leaning up and rubbing her nose on mine.

“I love you princey”.

“I love you too Lily, don’t you ever think otherwise”.


It was 7:45 when I walked out of the hospital, leaving behind my sleeping mom and sister.

I walked to my Camaro, eyes droopy with no emotion.

I was tired, not physically but emotionally.

When I walked into the house, I could smell alcohol...almost like it was floating around the house and I knew that he was gone.

I slammed the door shut, cursing under my breath and throwing my keys on the floor and stomping up to my room, pissed.

I had a sorry excuse for a dad. The least he could do was check on his sick daughter but I guess alcohol is the only thing he cares about, his one true love.

I opened my door to be welcomed with the scent of strawberries and other various fruits.

My mom had a way of going nut crazy when it came to making sure her house was magazine cover ready so everyone’s room had to look perfect and smell amazing.

I threw myself on my bed, a gush of wind came threw my window, blowing my curtains open. I jumped up, startled by the sudden movement.

Sometimes I can be a big ass wimp.

I got up and went to go and close my blinds when I saw her


In her afternoon glory.

Her head was tied up in a bun and I’m guessing she recently put on a set of Pajamas.

I think they was mixed matched but she still looked good.

I grabbed a old random book and threw it at her window. She jumped by the sudden action and turned around. I’m guessing I’m not the only whimp around here.

She opened her window up and rolled her eyes at me, crossing her arms over her chest in the process.

“Well hello to you too Johnson”. I leaned against my window frame and heard her scoff.

“Hello you egolistic, narcissistic, lying ass jerk”.

She unfolded her arms and pressed her hands against her hips.

“Wow where did all this anger come from sugar”.
Her face turned red.
“My name is cherri and maybe its because I was stood up today”.

I raised my eyebrows at her

“Wow that must sucks babe”.
I turned my eyes toward her and I’ll admit I was kinda scared.
Cherri face had lost all it’s color and her mouth stood open. There was no emotion in her eyes, almost as if a vacuum came and sucked them all out.
“Go to hell Jace Hindrix”.
She slammed her window shut then closed her curtains.

She was gone.

I scratched my head, confused at Cherri’s sudden reaction.
I sat down on my bed and scrolled threw my phone. I swiped down to see all of my notifications and that’s when I realized that I was indeed a jerk.
Take cherri out 4 ice cream at 7
Was under my reminders.
Good fucking Job Jace.
I was finna throw my jacket on to go and apologize but then I realized
Jace Hindrix doesn’t apolgize to anyone
He doesn’t feel sorry for anybody

I had enough problems regarding my baby sister who was laying in the hospital fighting for her life.

I have a alcoholic father who drowned his problems with beer and liquor.

I have a mother who was losing the little bit of life in her twinkling eyes, her youthful face becoming bland.

So no I didn’t have space for more problems
Especially not with weird Cherri Johnson.

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