Sugar Honey Baby

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Chapter 6

Sometimes I feel giving people a high-five in the face....With a chair

Cherri Johnson

I should have known that Jace was no good. Nobody like Jace Hindrix can ever be good.

People like him take the last bit of good left in a person and turn it into something cruel, sickening and twisted

And that’s exactly what Jace Hindrix was: Cruel, sickening and twisted.

The week had gone by so easily and I didn’t even notice that it was Friday. My parents haven’t even brought up the therapy since I haven’t had a breakdown and I take the bus in the morning even though my mom insisted I ride with Jace.

Hell no

I didn’t even want to be in the same room as Jace but due to my schedule, I had to inhale the same air he did for a hour and forty five minutes.

I was glad that Dylan and Jace decided to desert me in the back and let me be isolated from the rest of the hormonal teens that sat in the front. Even though I got the occasional looks from both of them, not one made an effort to speak to me and for that I was grateful. I had a feeling that I would throw a bitch fit and one thing is for certain....People who want their presence unknown from this sick world we live in are known as ghost and ghost most certainly don’t throw bitch fits.

The bell suddenly rang, signing that it was time to go and I was happy as fuck. I grabbed my satchel and sped walked out the classroom and towards my locker.

I looked down at my watch and the time was 3:45...OK I got a good five minutes before the buses pulled off. I hurriedly empty my worn textbooks and binders into my locker before slamming it shut and running off with my satchel hanging on my arm.

“Ma’am there is no running in the halls”.

A teacher stood feet before me but I didn’t stop, I had a mission to complete.

I passed by her, making the papers fly out of her hands.

“That’s enough”. She yelled and I suddenly stopped in my tracks.

I turned around to see her face flushing with red as she bent down and collected her papers.

I walked over and helped pick up the few stranded papers on the floor and then handed them to her.

“I’m sorry but I have a bus to catch”.

She put her hands up, signaling for me stop.

“That doesn’t mean that you ignore the rules of the school”.

I sighed before running my hands through my wavy hair, agitated

“I can assure you that it will not happen again Mrs.....”

She rolled her eyes before pushing her glasses on her nose with a pruned finger.

“Yes because you have detention”.

My eyes bulged out of my head. She couldn’t be serious right now.

I looked down at my watch and I had only one minute before the buses pull off. I looked both ways before making a run for it.

“Hey get back here”.

I looked back and stuck my middle finger at the fuming teacher.

Bish I’m out here pulling a Demi Lovato....Sorry not Sorry.

I pushed open the doors to see the last bus pulling off onto the road .

“Fuck”. I pulled my hair as I sank on the concrete stairs of the school, dropping my satchel

Mission Failed

I stood up after a good minute and snatched my satchel off the ground.

I guess I’m walking home today.

I dragged my feet along the ground as I made my way to the sidewalk feeling defeated.

“Hey Johnson, need a lift”.

Jace had pulled up beside me with Dylan in the passenger seat and my whole body filled with annoyance.

“Nope, I have feet....I can walk”.

Jace rolled his eyes “I didn’t ask for all of that Sugar”.

Now it was my turn to roll my eyes. I was going to say something before Jace interupted me.

“Either you get in this car or I’m going to throw you in here”.

I shuddered at the thought of Jace touching me and decided that I wouldn’t want to go to therpy anytime soon.

I opened the back door to the car and threw my satchel in before sliding on the leather seat.

“Ok so let’s get it going, I’m yearning for some Ice cream”. Dylan clapped his hands together before turning around to me. “I think I want a cherry on top too”. He winked at me and Jace slapped him on the back of this head.

“Dumb ass”. Jace mumbled, more to himself than to Dylan.

I leaned up closer to Jace, not close enough to make contact.

“Take me home, I refuse to get ice cream with you, you little dip shit”.

I could sense him smirk and that only fueled my anger. I reached over to open the door. “Ok stop Johnson, I’m sorry for standing you up but things came up”.

I crossed my arms over my chest before pouting. It’s not like I’ve been stood up before or even went out with any other human beings excluding my family...but still. I didn’t like sitting at the parlor alone looking stupid

“Cherri, I’m serious...I didn’t mean to stand you up, I honestly forgot.”

He stopped the car before burning his eyes into mine through the mirror. I unfolded my arms and looked out the window. “Fine, whatever you say Hindrix”.

The car ride to the ice cream parlor was extremely weird, only because Dylan singing Ariana Grande is not the best thing ever, but it’s the funniest.

Once we arrived I basically jumped out the backseat and ran in the parlor.

I was engulfed with the smell of cinnamon and I instantly moaned. I wish my house smelled like this, I like to think my house smelled like despair but the frebreeze can said spring waterfall...oh well.

I happily skipped to an empty booth and waited for the two slow bimbos to walk in. Once the bell chimed, signaling someone walking in, I turned my head to see a boy. He walked down the aisle and his eyes met mine.

“Hi”. He gave me a sheepish smile and flicked his hair to the side.

I gave him a small smile before awkwardly looking around.

“Your very beautiful”. He slid in the booth beside me and my breath hitched.

Ok so he believes in moving fast

I put my arms in front of me “can you please go”. I was honestly uncomfortable and he was too close to my liking.

He reached over and touched my chin....the gesture brought back memories from that horrible night.

Tears leaked from my eyes as my chin began to burn like it was on fire and my lungs felt as if they were being squeezed to death.

I tried to turn my head but only end up hitting my head on the window and tears continued to pour from my eyes.

“Sorry princess”. He licked his lips as my eyes started to get heavy and my chest felt lighter. I wonder if this is what dying feels like.

I heard the bell chime again and I wished it was the boys, I could feel myself slipping away.

“Hey get the fuck away from her”. I heard Dylan yell as my body fell limp against the cold window.

“Cherri, Cherri, Sugar”. My eyes fluttered to be met with a pair of soft brown ones.....Jace.

I rubbed my temples and sat up and looked at my surroundings. I was in the back of his Camaro and both him and Dylan were turned around in their seats, staring at me with worried eyes.

I sat up and fanned them away. “I’m good boys, don’t worry”.

They both looked at each other and then back at me.

“Who the fuck was that Cherri?“. Jace clenched his jaw and I’ll have to admit.....that was hot.

I could feel my face flush and that made him raise his eyebrows at me. I turned my head and looked out the window to avoid looking at his face and he turned back around in his seat. “I don’t have the slightest clue”.

Dylan scoffed. “That ass”.

I snapped my heads toward him and his eyes stretched. “No no noo, I didn’t mean it like that, I meant to say that he was an ass for putting his hands on you.”

I shrugged my shoulders at him “He didn’t know that was going to happen”.

“Bullshit!” Jace slammed his hands on the steering wheel and I jumped in my seat.

“Did you infer to him that you was uncomfortable with him being there cause if you did then I can feel a little bit better for what I did to the punk.”

I straightened up in my seat, alert “What did you do to him Jace?”

He turned around in his seat, facing me again “Answer me Cherri”. I looked down and played with my fingers.

“I told him to go and then I tried to pull away from him before I passed out”.

Jace nodded his head “Ok, well I beat that lil’ fucker up”.

I bit my lip “Oh and I kinda got us banned from there too”.

“Awe, really Jace”. I pouted and pulled my satchel onto my lap.

“Well yea, he touched you Cherri....nobody touches you and gets away with it if from now on”.

My face flushed once again “So your my bodyguard now?“.

I leaned back in the seat with a smirk plastered on my face.

“Something like that”. He looked in the mirror and winked at me.

“Hey, I’m going to protect you too”. Dylan turned around and smiled at me and I had the certain urge to ruffle his hair like I use to do to with Josh when we were younger.

I smiled sweetly at him before leaning back on the seat and letting the cool leather seats graze my skin.

I like to snuggle into material things since I lack human touch, It’s not that I don’t want to touch anybody, It’s I just can’t. Feeling fingers touch my skin just makes my skin randomly burn....burn like it did that night, regardless of how many times I pleaded for it to stop.

To just all STOP.

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