Sugar Honey Baby

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Chapter 7

There are things that we don’t want to happen but have to accept, things we don’t want to know but have to learn and people we can’t live without but have to let go

Jace Hindrix

Cherri had maneuvered her way up to the front seat after I had to drop Dylan off at home to watch after his several siblings, I never remember how many there are exactly but Indid know that his mom was a piece of work back in the days.

“Hey, I have to be home by Seven...mind dropping me off like now.“I glanced down at my watch to see that it was 6:14 and I smirked.

“Sorry Johnson but you not getting away from me that easily.” She huffed and crossed her arms against her chest. I only knew her for a week and I realized that pouting and crossing her arms over chest is her favorite thing to do.

“C’mon, let me take you somewhere and if your not digging it then I’ll take you home.”

Our eyes met and she instantly rolled her eyes.

“Do I make your eyes do that sugar”.

She scoffed before replying “Of course you do Jace, only you.”

I licked my bottom lip, shaking my head slightly at her. Little did she know I could make her body do much more than that.

I pulled up to the deserted spot and stopped the car. Cherri looked around before meeting my gaze and scrunched her eyebrows together. “Jace, if this is where you kill me and dump my body in some already dug up grave then I have at least one wish: just shoot me, like don’t touch me at least.” I couldn’t help but laugh as she continued to ramble on and on about how premeditated this all was and how she had expected me to be this type of crazy.

“Seriously Jace, I literally was assaulted by some crazy princess calling jerk and you want to kill me today”. She continued to rant and I just leaned back in the seat, half amused and half impressed. For a girl who never talks, she can talk a lot.

“Can you calm down Cherri, I’m not going to kill you.” I stepped out the car and she shuffled out, trudging her worn converse on the ground below her.

I reached out to grab her hand but immediately pulled back and let them hang at my side.

Cherri stared at my hand before looking up and faintly smiling at me. She reached in her back pocket and pulled out a pencil and held it out to me. I grabbed the pencil but Cherri’s fingers still grasped the yellow number two object. I raised my eyebrows and she rolled her eyes.

“I’m trying to make this as cute as I can Hindrix but your making it impossible.”

I shook my head finally understanding her intentions and began walking towards the spot, both of our hands grasping the pencil. This was the closest I was ever going to get to holding Cherri’s hand but she was willing to go a little ways for me and that brought a small smile to my lips.

Maybe I was wrong for not remembering to take her to get ice cream and when I finally managed to do so,she end up being harassed by some dude. I was also probably wrong for calling her weird, even though it wasn’t verbally said, I still felt bad.

Cherri might not want to be touch and not want to talk to anyone but as I walk along the path to my secret place, holding this pencil with her, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for her almost falling out that window, grateful that her mom invited us over for dinner,and grateful that her mom asked me to drive her to school that day. I’m just grateful that this week I was able to meet someone as different as Cherri.

I have the sudden urge to help her now, to understand her. To find out what’s going on in her head and most importantly why she doesn’t want to be touched.

Cherri Johnson

We arrived to a big rock and I couldn’t help but pout. Jace was making me want to stab him with this dull pencil.

“The surprise is over the rock and I’m hoping that you can make it up there since I can’t really help.” He let go of the pencil and I placed it safely in my back pocket. He walked back a couple of steps before running towards the rock. He climbed on top with a breeze and I resisted the urge to roll my eyes at the show off.

I popped my knuckles and stretched my limbs before doing the same thing as Jace. I ran towards the rock and jumped up and just hanged there. I found a little nook to place my fingers and feet and began making my way to the top. Jace was already sitting there, looking lost in thought. I sat down beside him at a close range before taking in my surroundings. Loads of trees stood and looked as if they went on for miles and miles. In the middle laid a little pond that was filled with lily pads and I gawked at the sight. It was rare to find lily pads just laying around in Cali...In fact it’s random to find a place like this in Cali.

I looked over to Jace who was still looking forward, not even moving a muscle.

“Hey, you okay over there Hindrix.”

His eyes flickered to mine and then back to the little pond.

“Yea just thinking about you Johnson”.

My face flushed at his casual response even though I knew he didn’t;t mean it that one could ever mean it that way.

“I want to know what makes you so different.” He added on.

I tucked a piece of my wavy hair behind my ear “If you wanna know why I don’t want to be touched then I’m sorry to say that you want be learning that anytime soon.”

I folded my knees to my chest and silently rocked myself.

“Does anyone know.”

I scoffed “Heavens no, maybe if my parents did then they wouldn’t press it but then again maybe I wouldn’t be here either.”

I clutched my knees and brought them closer to my face, still rocking.

“Maybe you should tell someone Sugar”.

I cocked my head towards him and shook it slightly. “Things might never be the same Jace, I’m making everything better this way”.

I stood up and brushed my jeans off

Jace did the same thing “I’m going to figure this out Cherri Johnson.” he said before turning his back to me and climbing down the rock.

“Why do you care all of a sudden”. I shouted down to him.

He walked backwards, looking at me still standing on top of the rock. “Maybe because I want to help you Cherri, maybe because your family members aren’t the only ones who are dying to touch you”. He stuffed his hands in his pockets before walking down the path that led back to his camaro, leaving me and my thoughts there on top of the rock

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