Sugar Honey Baby

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Chapter 9

Sometimes the things we can’t change end up changing us

Cherri Johnson

I so badly wanted to go home and drown my sorrows in ice cream and wash away today’s problems in a hot and burning shower. All that would be normal for me to do but not today. My mom was forcing me to go to therapy after school but I’m not going to do it, I’m not even going to go home.

I leaned my head on my desk as the late bell rang for the last class of the day.

Economics was one of those classes I slept through and dodged both Dylan and Jace’s games.

Three minutes after the bell rang, the two of them strolled in the class with a pass in their hands. I knew that the pass was fake but the teacher was too busy gawking at the hearthrobs...... Freaking gross.

The two strolled over and sat on my sides, Jace on the right and Dylan on the left.

I rolled my eyes and scowled at Jace before turning to Dylan and doing the same thing to him.

“I hope both of you guys know that your presence is unwanted here”.

“Give it up sugar plum, you know you love us”.

I couldn’t help but smile at Dylan’s little comment. “Hush it red”. I said while trying to fight the smile away.

He leaned back in the desk and a smirk danced across his face.

There was a knock at the door and everyone’s head, including mine turned towards it. Mrs. Nimsey casually walked to the door and open it.

“Well isn’t it my little punk princess”. Jace said as some chick walked in through the door with the biggest smirk on her face. I couldn’t help but shift in my seat as she walked over and glanced at me before nodding her head at Dylan who nodded back at her. She sat beside Jace and propped her feet on his desk.

Her short black hair was cut wildly and had blue streaks in it. Her whole outfit screamed Hot Topic and her whole aura seemed like what Jace had called her......A punk princess.

She pulled out a pack of Twizzlers and threw one at Jace who easily caught it and winked at her

She pulled out a pack of Twizzlers and threw one at Jace who easily caught it and winked at her.

“You know me too well Alexus darling”. He flung the red candy around before biting into it while looking into her eyes, a devious smile on his lips.

I huffed and sat back in my seat with my arms crossed across my almost flat chest.

“Aw is little Cherri jealous” Dylan made kissy faces at me and I laughed and threw my pencil at him.

Mrs. Nimsey stopped writing on the board and turned around and faced us in the back.

“Cherri Johnson is there a problem.”

I felt my cheeks flame up as everyone looked back at me.

“Oh so she’s the little touch me not you been speaking of”. Alexus had swung her feet off Jace desk and looked over towards me.

I turned to her and raised one of my eyebrows at her “That’s funny cause I havent heard one thing about you.”

She smirked and leaned to Jace, putting her arms around his neck. She then laid her head on his shoulder. “This one bites huh daddy”. She looked over to me as if she was expecting a reaction and that’s exactly what she got. I stood out of my chair and walked over infront of the two. Jace looked at me with a silly grin on his face.

“Problem sugar?”

I scowled at him.

“I have a problem with this bimbo hanging around your neck like some slutty baboon. ”

Alexus eyes lit up with amusement but I didn’t find anything funny about this...this..this bitch.

She casually trailed her finger up and down Jace neck while looking me straight in the eyes and I finally snapped. I grabbed Jace by his shirt and marched out of the room, ignoring Mrs. Nimsey and the other gossiping teen.

I flung him on the lockers and crossed my arms while looking at him disapprovingly. “What the fuck was all that about huh?” My voice dripped with anger and he had the audacity to fucking laugh.

“Kitten what’s with all this anger, I’m not gonna lie it’s hot and all but what did I do sugar”. He stepped closer to me and I stepped back.

“Answer me dipshit.” I spat

He raised his hands in the air but he wasn’t gonna surrender so easily, he was going to tell me what I wanted to know.

“Can you just answer my question Jace, skip the games.”

He looked towards me and ran his hands through his hair.

“Cherri I don’t know what you want to hear honestly.”

He sighed and looked around the halls, avoiding my gaze.

“Tell me the truth Jace like is she another on of your sluts or some side chick thingy ”

I don’t know where the confidence came from but I felt like i need to said it anyway.

“No sugar,....she’s one of the bros.”

I rolled my eyes at his response not buying it one bit “So you’ll let Dylan feel on you like that too”

He stepped closer to me with only a couple of inches between us and I could smell his pepermint scent fill my nostrils. At that point I could feel the turtles start to lay eggs in my stomach again.

His tall figure hovered over me and I had to stretch my neck to get a good look at him.

“Sugar your becoming one of the few females in my life that I care about so why would you think I would hurt you like that”.

Hearing him say that made the turtle and her eggs become something much worst, It felt like the mucus monster from the mucinex commercials was making himself at home in my stomach.

“Your just saying that to make me not mad at you Mr. Hindrix.”

He licked his lips making me stare at them “Well is it working.”

I flicked my eyes to meet his and I couldn’t help but bite my lip. I inched closer to him and stood on my tip toes. I could feel my breathing hitch as I realized how close I was to him.

“Nope” I whispered and swiftly turned around.

He grabbed my wrist and pulled my back to his hard rock chest. I gasped at the sudden action and I snatched my wrist from out his touch and turned around to face him.

“What’s with the touching mad man.” I placed my hand on my hips and placed my lips into a thin line.

“Maybe cause it’s been a lifelong dream of mine”. His voice was like honey dripping from a spoon made of pure gold and happiness.

“You know that’s not part of the rules bad boy.”

His eyes sparked with amusement, reminding me of Alexus.

“Rules are meant to be broken but the question is, why aren’t you rejecting me Cherri.”

My mouth gaped open while he leaned back on the locker, staring straight at me, waiting for an answer.

I snapped my mouth shut and rolled my eyes.

“Maybe because it’s unexpected and it’s not like I let you touch me for a long time, jerk”. I walked towards my locker, leaving him there leaned up against the lockers.

I hated how Jace had this effect on me.

“Meet me by Betty after the bell window girl”.

A smile crept on my face but I refused to turn around and let him see it so I threw my thumbs in the air and continued to walk towards my locker.

I was glad that economics was the last class of the day and that we had only three minutes left of class cause I couldn’t stand being in that class any longer with that KISS wannabe, Alexus.

I leaned up against Betty, waiting for the bad boy to show up. I ignored all the funny looks I got from people but what else could I expect. I was leaning against the hottest boy in school car and I was practically a nobody.

I looked towards the entrance of the door and out waltzed Jace with some chick hugging his bicep as her purse hanged loosely from her shoulder. He looked bored as fuck as she continued to flap her mouth. I have to admit that she was pretty...ok who am I kidding. She was hot, she was the sun and I was some dusty moon.

Her long brown hair was half up and half down and you could tell she had bangs because they were pinned backed. Her slim body made me look like a fat cow and her style didn’t scream thrift shop like mine did.

She was undeniably gorgeous

Jace dragged her to the car and mouthed the word sorry as he came towards me

Jace dragged her to the car and mouthed the word sorry as he came towards me. The girl continued to blab her glossed lips as her manicured hand tightened around Jace bicep. I cleared my throat as the two came towards me and she finally stopped talking.

She eyed me up and down before releasing jace’s bicep and extending her gel painted fingers out to me.

“I’m Gigi Bella but you can call me G or Gigi, whichever one you perfer.”

I lovedhow her name consisted of the hot model sisters, Gigi and Bella orginal”.

I put on one of my fakest smiles as her hand lingered in the air. She soon got the idea and quickly dropped her hand to her side, pursing her glassed lips.

I wanted to say she looked like a duck but if anything she looked like a Victoria Secret duck.

Damn her and her genes.

“Well I’m Cherri and it was decent to meet you but we have to get going.” I nodded my head towards Jace and he finally caught on and strolled over to the driver side and sliped inside. I waved at Gigi and slipped in the passenger side and threw my satchel in the back seat.

“So where you wanna go window girl.”

I smiled and looked out the window as he pulled out the school parking lot.

“Anywhere but home, in fact I would love if you could drop me off at a hotel or something.”

Jace laughed as he drummed his fingers on the steering wheel.

I gave him a serious look and his laugh died down.

“Now why would I do that sugar.”

He eyed me as we came to a red light.

“Because my mom is making me go to therapy and I really don’t want to face her after the bull she said to me this morning.”

He nodded his head as the green light appeared and the car moved forward.

“Come and stay with me then pussy cat.”

Everything around me seemed to move in slow motion as he slowly turned his head towards me. It was like a scene straight from a movie and he was the main character. The sun cascaded through the window and made his brown hair shine on top of his head and his eyes shone like the moonlit pond he showed me that night,dark and glossy. That was night he admitted that he was dying to touch me .

I bit my lip and grabbed my satchel from the backseat and fished around for my phone. I pulled it out and had no calls or messages from my mom. I decided to text her and notify her that I would not be attending the stupid therapy sessions and that I would be staying with a friend. I knew that the last part would freak her out because everyone knew that I did not have any friends or companions.

“Ok Bad Boy, I’m yours for the night.”

He licked his lips and instead of a smirk finding his face like it usually do, he smiled.

“I’ve dreamt of you saying that sugar.”

My face turned beet red but I didn’t turn away from, I let him see my red face from the corner of his eyes.

“Jace, your going to have to try harder than that, I’m not one of your fan girls who would hop into bed with you.”

He chest vibrated as he chuckled.

“Cherri, I wouldn’t even try to do you like that.”

His eyes were on the road but I noticed his hands gripped the steering wheel tighter.”

“Do you expect me to believe you.”

I cautiously watched him as he drived. Nobody like him could possibly even acknowlege someone like me but here we are, currently on the way to his house and I’m happening to stay the night.....hopefully in a guest room or something.

As we reached his house, I couldn’t help but think about hiw things have changed drastically in the past week.

We pulled up to his driveway and I looked over and didn’t see my mom or dad’s car in the driveway.

Dad was probably at the park watching Josh play baseball with his friends and for mom, I don’t know or care.

I hopped out the car and skipped to my door with my satchel in my hand. I grabbed my keys out of my back pocket and opened the door. The Tv was on and I cut it off, Josh probably left it on before they left. I walked up the stairs and pushed the door open to my room. The wind was wildly pushing my curtains about and I walked over to see Jace walking in his room.

“We are about to have the bestest sleepover ever jerk.”

He looked up and a lazy smile found his face.

“That’s a fact sugar.”

I widely smiled at him before closing my window and grabbing my bag and stuffing it with clothes before running down the stairs and out the house. I slammed the door behind me and locked it.

Jace’s front door was already open so I just walked in and closed the door behind me.

“Hey Jerk.”

I yelled up the stairs before throwing my bag over my shoulders.

“Yes window girl.”

I couldn’t help but smile at the nickname that grew on me.

“Is it safe to come into your room.”

A deep chuckle ripped through the house and goosebumps literally popped on my skin,

“Well that depends on what safe means to you sugar.”

I rolled my eyes before walking up the stairs.

I saw a door with a nirvana poster on it and I immediately assumed that it was Jace’s room. I opened the door and my mouth almost hit the floor.

Jace was surfing through his closet bare-chested, looking for a shirt or something heck I don’t know.

His jeans hanged loosely on his hips and his Calvin Klein underwear peeped over them. His back was facing me and the afternoon glow made his broad back glisten.

I closed the door behind me and cleared my throat and he turned to face me with a smirk automatically plastered on his face.

My eyes twitched as I tried not to look at his abdomen but I failed.

My eyes were soon met with his chiseled chest and defined six pack. His v-line was visible due to his jeans hanging loose.

“See something you like sugar?”

He stepped closer to me for the second time today and my words seemed to get stuck in the back of my throat.

“Uh I well.” I faced palmed myself before my back hit his door and I grunted as the doorknob dug in my skin.

Seeing Jace like this made me rethink everything about him. Sure he was cocky but it was the cute cocky. The way he talked to me made me blush, even if it’s a simple hey.

His eyes swirled with passion and desire and the look made me shiver under his gaze.

I leaned up but I didn’t want to risk touching him so I leaned the top part of back against his bedroom door trying to not let the door knob dig in my back again.

“Your not who I thought you would be.”

He stuck his bottom lip between his teeth as he leaned down.

“Sugar, didn’t your parents teach you not to judge a book by it’s cover.”

His warm breath grazed my neck as he swiftly grasped my waist....He’s touching me again.

My skin seemed to cool underneath his touch and not burn, my lungs didn’t feel as if all the air was being sucked out of them.....I felt ‘ok’.

“Your such a bad influence Mr. Hindrix”. My lips tugged into a smirk.

His eyes seemed to light up as he noticed I wasn’t panicking and his grip on my waist tightened.

“You don’t know the half of it honey”.

I was sitting on Jace’s couch as he was upstairs taking a shower. I had this stupid silly permanet smile on my face as I though back of the little scene that happened in his room.

I think Jace touching me might be my new favorite thing and no not in the dirty nasty way but the turtle laying eggs kind of way.

I kicked off my shoes and flicked the tv on.

The doorbell rang and I sat there and stared at the door, not wanting to be all weird and go open it.

Relief came over me as Jace came flying down the stairs with a towel around his waist and one on his head. He opened the door but was soon pushed out the way as a herd of teens pushed past him.

The only people I could recognize from the group was Gigi, Alexus and Dylan.

Dylan came and plopped beside me on the couch. I scooted away and threw the pillow at him.

“Oh so you let Jace touch you but not me.” He made puppy dog eyes as everyone looked over at the two of us.

Gigi gasped as she sat on the other side of me “Oh so you let him touch you, how romantic.” She pursed her lips and crossed her legs in the tight maxi dress she was wearing. Alexus grabbed Jace by the towel and stared me straight in the eyes before saying ‘neat’ and letting go of the towel. Jace thumped her on the head before rushing up the stairs to put on some clothes I’m guessing. Two boys came and sat infront of the tv and hooked some sort of game to it.

I gasped as my favorite Tv show was being wiped away from the huge screen.

One of the boys turned around and winked at me.

“Sorry pretty lady but duty calls”.

He was a little cutie and I had the urge to lick his face, I know I’m weird.

The other dude punched him and turned to me “He’s just stupid but we are sorry for ruining your episode of name is Ryan by the way and that dummy is Kevin.

His blue eyes were similar to HIS but Ryan’s eyes twinkled under the flouresecent lights and he was handsome as hell.

His blue eyes were similar to HIS but Ryan’s eyes twinkled under the florescent lights and he was handsome as hell

I nodded my head, not really caring anymore about spongebob, I rather watch these two heart breakers play their little video games instead.

“Oh c’mon losers, me and Ramsey wanted to watch something on Netflix, you guys hogged the Tv last time.

A girl with long dark brown hair came and hit Kevin on the back of his head. The other girl who I’m guessing was Ramsey came and sat beside Kevin.

“It’s okay Melody, I don’t care.”

Ramsey was soft spoken as Melody was the complete opposite.

I couldn’t put my finger on it but Melody looked familar.

“Stop being blindfolded by their smiles Ramsey, it’s our turn so grab your big girl undies and tell these losers whats up.”

My eyes stretched as I watch the small frame girl give Ramsey and the two boys a piece of her mind. If you would look at her and Ramsey, you would think that Ramsey was the sassy one and Melody was the timid one but that was far from right.

Ramsey shrugged her shoulders as she inched closer to Kevin who then swung his arm around her shoulder. My heart fluttered as I saw the two snuggle close to each other.

Melody rolled her eyes then glanced at me, her eyes getting bigger each second.

I cocked my head to side, afraid I did something wrong even though I haven’t said one thing to the girl.

“Oh my gosh, Cherri.”

A tear rolled down her face as she fell to her knees and sobbed uncontrollably.

I feel like I was just inserted into a soap opera.

Ramsey shot up and went to embrace Melody’s small figure.

Jace came down the stairs and rushed over to his friend.

“Melody what happened?” He asked.

She shooed Jace and Ramsey away and looked at me.

“Cherri you have to know that I tried my best, I tried to stop it.”

My stomach started to clench as her words began to scare me.

“I have no clue what you are talking about, I don’t even know you.” I managed to stumble the words out but I was scared I knew what she was talking about.

Jace raised his eyebrows at me and I felt all eyes on me, even Kevin and Ryan stopped playing their game to look at me.

“Cherri, don’t you remember me from eighth grade, don’t you remeber our camp field trip.”

I covered my mouth as I shook my head violently.

“Shut up, shut the fuck up I swear I’ll kill you if you say another word about it.” I stood up and pointed my finger at her.

I knew I remember her from somewhere.....that was my old friend Melody Kingstons, also known as a backstabber.

“Melody, don’t say a word.” I hissed at her.

She continued to sob and she stood and and came closer to me. “Cherri you have to believe me when I say I’m sorry and it wasn’t my fault, he threatened me Cherri.”

I grabbed my phone and glared at her “Sorry didn’t stop him now did it, your apology can’t undo what he did.”

I rushed up the stairs and into Jace’s room. I could her Melody still sobbing and various people asking what was happening.

“LEAVE IT ALONE, GOD I CAN’T TELL YOU.” I heard a door slam and I’m guessing Melody had left.

Even though I wasn’t ready to forgive my old friend, I was glad that she didn’t tell anyone.

No one is ever going to know what happened on that trip, especially not Jace Hindrix.

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