The Bully and I

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Even if my existence doesn't mean anything to him, even if I'm worthless, I promised I would love him. Because Hiro Blaise was the only one who saw me when I was being destroyed by the world. WARNING: This story contains explicit content not suited for 18 years old and below. Heavily bullied because of his obesity and ugly appearance, Paige Garcia has been living his life being abused by his classmates and step-father. Losing his father and mother in an accident, Paige tries to live his life, alone and away from people who have been hurting him. Training all his life to prove his worth to his parents, Hiro Blaise has a life-long mission to find the person he has been in love with ever since they first met when they were kids. After coming back to the Philippines to claim Paige, Hiro will do anything to make him, to the point of where his obsession will lead to something disastrous. // The sequel of The Nerd and I book 1 and 2. Can be read without reading The Blaise Family. // Get the latest chapters on Patreon! Patreon link: //Published 2018

Romance / Action
Elle Sugi
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I stared hard at the different variety of condoms in 7-Eleven. I was so concentrated in picking what to use that I didn’t even notice the woman behind the counter giving me a judging look.

It’s not like it’s the first time someone look at me like that and to be honest, I’m used to it already.

It took me a full minute to finally decide what to get. In the end, the plain was the best one to use.

I was about to get it but a hand stopped me. I gazed up and saw Hiro standing beside me. My whole face flushed and I quickly backed away from him.

He looked at the box of condom that I was about to get.

“We’re not gonna be needing this,” Hiro said.

I gaped at him.

“What? Why not?”

He smirked at me.

“Because I wanna fuck you raw.”

I almost fainted hearing what he had said and I’m sure the woman at the counter was close to shitting her pants as well.

Hiro put the snacks he bought on the counter, getting the juice from my hand to pay for it.

“Why are you only getting this?”

I averted my eyes away from him, ashamed to let him know that I’m on a diet. I suggested on watching a movie in his dorm room and we both know we couldn’t watch a movie without having tons of snacks to eat.

And to top it all, I’m hungry again even though we already ate 30 minutes ago at the cafeteria.

Hiro narrowed his eyes at me. After the woman checked our items out, Hiro paid it before pulling me out of the convenience store.

Even though I was heavier than him, Hiro was dragging me as if I weigh nothing. He unlocked his car and threw me inside the passenger seat.

He got in as well and began driving to the opposite direction of North Vale.

I eyed him in confusion.

“Where are we going?”

“Eat,” Hiro shortly answered.

I made a face.

“But we just ate dinner a while ago.”

“You’re still hungry, right? Besides, I am too.”

I playfully glared at him. This guy eats as much as I do but he never gets fat. Well, that’s not really surprising though since he works out like he’s going to join the Olympics or something. Besides, he’s in multiple sports club as well and that helps him to maintain his physique.

I envy Hiro to be honest. He’s not as buff as the other guys in school but everyone knew how strong he was. To single-handedly defeat the college guys who were bullying me last week, who were twice as big as him, Hiro’s really amazing.

I’m still not sure why someone as great as him was dating me.

I’m fat and ugly.

I’m nothing special.

Feeling depressed again, I looked out the window and sighed.

“Let’s not eat anymore,” I said.


“I’m trying to lose weight.”

All of a sudden, the car halted, making a loud screech. I held onto the seat belt, eyes wide in pure shock and fear of dying because of Hiro suddenly stepping on the brake.

“W-why did you do that?! Are you out of your -- !”

Hiro silenced me with a kiss on the lips. It wasn’t the typical kiss he would always give me, this was more soft, more passionate, more...loving.

It hurts my heart, I feel like I’m going to cry.

Hiro was the only one who wasn’t disgusted by my look. He had always accepted me for what I am, loved me for what I am.

I’m so in love with him.

I wanted to wrap my arms around him but my lips were too short and flabby to even hug him tight.

Hiro pulled back, smiling kindly at me.

Drowning at how beautiful his eyes were, tears finally fell down on my cheeks.

Please, Lord, if I could have one more wish...I hope this wasn’t a dream.

Because if it was, I didn’t want to wake up anymore.

Take me away from the reality I’m living in where everyone hated me for who and what I am.

Including this man in my dream.

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