Captured By The King

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Chapter 3

King Bancroft remained true to his words about wanting to break me. Since the day he said those words to me, he’d done everything to make me surrender to him. The fact that every time he came to visit me, left me begging him for mercy proved just how senseless I’d been in thinking that he was not powerful enough. I thought he would punish me once and leave me alone. But I couldn’t be more wrong.

“Hildred?” Ethel said, sitting down on my bed, where I lay, trying not to cry out loud in pain.

“Yes, Ethel?” I tried not to wince as I turned my neck to face my friend.

“How do you feel? Lord Bancroft caused you a lot of pain, last night,” she asked, placing a hand on my forehead.

“I will get better soon. You don’t need to fret, dear friend.” I tried to give her reassuring smile but the pain in my ribs made it difficult to do so.

“How can I not worry, Hildred? Lord Bancroft has been punishing you since he got here. It’s been almost two weeks. And every time he comes here, he leaves you crying and nearly unconscious,” she replied, her forehead creasing in an adorable frown.

“He is punishing me because I dared to defy him. I deserve whatever he is doing to me. It’ll be a miracle if he doesn’t kill me.” I tried to breathe, but every time I did so, agony blazed in my chest, causing tears to burn my eyes. Lord Bancroft was making me wish for death.

“No one deserves this, Hildred. If Lord Bancroft claims you as his woman, he should be taking care of you,” she argued. I couldn’t believe it; this was the same person who was telling me to accept whatever the men did to us because we were nothing but common whores.

“Lord Bancroft is a powerful and dangerous man. He does not take care of anyone.” I gritted my teeth as another stab of pain ripped through my insides.

“B—But he should. H—Hildred, you are in a lot of pain. Can I get you anything?” Ethel enquired, worry shimmering in her eyes.

“Ethel, can you please do something so that Lord Bancroft does not come down here today? I cannot handle any more pain; not after what he did to me yesterday,” I requested, closing my eyes as excruciating pain threatened to make me scream.

King Bancroft had been particularly brutal when he came to visit me last night. I could tell he was angry about something; perhaps he was angry with me for daring to argue against his claims. But whatever it was, it had Lord Bancroft treating me like an object rather than a human being.

He started tormenting my body by forcing me into a dark corner of the harem where he proceeded to kick me repeatedly until I begged him to stop. He stopped kicking me after that, but did not stop punishing me. He then struck my face hard enough to have me falling and hitting my head on the stone floor. It was only when he saw blood trickling down the side of my head did he have mercy on me and walked away, leaving me lying on the floor, broken and bleeding.

“I will try, Hildred. But I cannot promise anything. You know that Lord Bancroft is a King while we are just common whores. We do not have power. However, I will try. For you, I will try, dear friend,” Ethel said, giving me a soft smile.

“Thank you, Ethel.” I didn’t have the strength to say anything else. I just wanted to die.

“Get some rest; your body needs it. If Lord Bancroft comes here, I will tell him that you are resting.” I nodded, not bothering to open my eyes. I knew Ethel would try her best to keep Lord Bancroft away from me. I just hoped that the most dangerous King—alongside Lord Aboloft—would not hurt my friend.

I didn’t understand what Lord Bancroft wanted from me. If he was planning to take me back to Sodora with him then I had to run away because I couldn’t spend the rest of life crying due to the pain which Lord Bancroft would inflict on me.

One thing was absolute, that I would not live with Lord Bancroft. He would have to physically break me in order to take me to Sodora. If Lord Aboloft didn’t help me, then I would have to take matters into my own hands. Though I did not know what went on in the outside world, I knew I would have to do everything to survive, because when it came to Lord Bancroft, I knew that death was a certainty.

The outside world will eat you alive. At least with Lord Bancroft there is a chance of survival. He might have mercy on you.

I refused to accept whatever my inner voice was telling me. Even after everything he’d done to me, I couldn’t believe I still hoped that Lord Bancroft would get better. He was a monster who had been terrifying me since the first time he saw me nine years ago; he wouldn’t get better; he would never show mercy. He thirsted for blood and hungered for pain. He was hurting me to feed his own power.

Even though my eyes were closed, I could hear the other women wandering around the harem. I envied those women. No matter how much the men hurt them, they never had to deal with the power of Lord Bancroft. I wished that Lord Bancroft hadn’t seen me all those years ago; then I wouldn’t be in so much agony.

What more would he do to me? How much more did I have the strength to endure? Did he intend to kill me? Or did he just want to break me until I trembled at the very sight of him? Whatever Lord Bancroft intended, I was afraid.

I was afraid of the man who made me feel naked in the worst way possible.

My eyes opened when I felt a hand caressing my face. I gasped when I saw Lord Bancroft lying on the bed beside me. Oh God, he was here. What would he do to me? If I begged him for mercy, would he show me any?

“You’re awake,” he said, a smile curving his lips, making him look like the most beautiful man in the entire world.

“M—My Lord.” Pain made it difficult for me to breathe properly, but I tried my best. I did not wish for him to see me like this—in pain and broken. I wanted to appear strong in front of him. But now, he would know that he held all the power, and he indeed could break me if he so wished to.

“Ethel told me that you were resting. I must say I never thought I would injure you so severely,” he remarked, leaning forward and brushing his lips over mine in the gentlest of kisses.

“I—I feel fine, my Lord.” The lie escaped me easily, because that was how I wanted to appear as.

Lord Bancroft shook his head and I knew he did not believe me. “Do not lie, my little nymph; for I can see your anguish.”

I tore my eyes away from his penetrating gaze, afraid that if I continued to look in his eyes any longer then I would lose myself, and I could not afford to lose the most important thing I owned.

“You are the cause of it, my Lord.” I wanted to look him in the eyes as I said this, but I was afraid of him now. He truly had the power to do anything.

“Yes, I know.” He rested his forehead on mine and I wondered what he was thinking. Did he feel remorse for his actions? Would he decide not to hurt me anymore? “But I shall not ignore the fact that your defiance is the cause of your current predicament. If you’ve only accepted my claim over you, then you wouldn’t be in so much pain.”

Of course, he would accuse me. It was no one’s fault but mine that I dared to stand up for myself. How could he expect me to just give up my humanity for eternal enslavement?

He expects this because he is a King. You dare defy him and he really will break your spirit if he hasn’t already.

Lord Bancroft wanted to break me into submission; and no matter how hard I tried to accept his rule over me, there was something inside me that prevented me from doing that; even if it meant being punished to death.

“What can I do for you, my Lord?” I asked, wanting him to take whatever he desired from me and leave me alone.

“You can submit to my rule over you, my fiery nymph.” His answer made me curse my broken body. There was no way I could give him what he wished for.

If you don’t give, he will take.

“And if I don’t? Will you continue to inflict pain upon me?” I already knew the answer to this question but I still had to ask.

“If I must. As my property, you must accept whatever I say. My word should be law for you, little nymph,” he responded.

“Well it’s not. And no matter how much you hurt me, I will never accept your claim over me.” I couldn’t lie to myself and accept everything he did to me like I had no heart and mind. Even though it went against everything I’d been taught as a common whore.

“You cannot close your eyes to reality, my wild cat. Sooner or later you will have to accept this.” His statement had tears of helplessness pricking my eyes.

“I refused to accept such a thing. I am a living, breathing woman, not an animal. You can’t take me without my consent,” I protested.

“As a King I can do as I please. Soon, my fiery nymph, soon you will know why I’m doing what I’m doing.” He kissed me once again. I wanted to push him away, but the pain in my body refused to let me move. If I weren’t in so much agony, I would’ve struggled under him.

I moaned in protest when Lord Bancroft moved his hand down my body until he reached the top of my thighs. My heart stopped when he pushed my dress to the side, exposing me to him. And when he touched my sex, that’s when I had to bite my lip in order to prevent myself from uttering a sound.

“Beautiful. So smooth and soft.” My breath hitched when he slid a finger inside me. It wasn’t the first time a man was touching me, but it was the first time when Lord Bancroft was touching me. I didn’t know what it was about his touch, but he made me feel as if I was being touched for the first time. He made me feel vulnerable—under his control.

“My L—Lord…” Words escaped me as he moved his finger in and out of me.

“Tell me, my wild cat, how many men have had the pleasure of touching what’s mine?” He asked, using his whole hand to cup my mound.

“I—It’s not yo—yours,” I whispered, trying to ignore the pleasure currently mounting within me. The pleasure coursing through my body was enough to make me forget the pain for a little while; in a way, Lord Bancroft was providing me with the relief I so desperately needed.

“Of course it is. Just accept the truth, little nymph and everything will be all right. Now tell me, how many men?” He repeated his question.

“I—I don’t know,” I lied, not wanting him to know just how humiliating it was for me to tell him exactly how many men had forced their way inside me.

“Don’t lie to me, my fiery nymph. I know you know it.” I moaned when he curled his finger inside me.

“Why do you want to know?” I questioned.

“Because I have to kill them all.” He paused, letting his words sink in. “Don’t you understand? You became mine the moment I saw you. No man had the right to touch you; but they did. So tell me who they were so I can end them and get a peaceful night of sleep.”

“Nobody knew you claimed me, so you can’t punish those men for something they had no knowledge about.” After everything he’d done to me, I should be terrified of him, and I was, however, I couldn’t help but run my mouth.

Lord Bancroft eyed me as if he were seeing me for the first time. “Are you seriously lying in bed with me, with my finger inside you and defending those men who dared to take what belongs to me?”

“Yes. Will you punish me for this?” I queried, with my heart in my throat. How many ways to punish a person did Lord Bancroft knew? And how many would he apply on me?

His grin was full of deadly promise and I knew there was more pain for me in the future. “Yes, I will, my wild cat. Although I’m not sure how effective it will be considering that my punishments so far have failed because you still continue to defy me.”

“I am not defying you, my Lord. I’m just telling you that you cannot own a human being, and you most certainly can’t control one.” A sudden cyclone of sensation begun brewing inside me and I was afraid of what I was about to experience.

“Oh really? You say I cannot own and control a human? Well then, explain this to me, my fiery nymph.” He rotated his finger inside me, and I blew up. Stars appeared before my eyes as pleasure engulfed me, taking me to new, unfamiliar heights, making me feel like never before. How did he do this? I’ve heard stories about women experiencing pleasure during intimate acts but I always considered them to be myths because all I ever experienced was pain and humiliation.

Once I came down from soaring in the skies, I found Lord Bancroft looking at me with victory glimmering in his eyes. He withdrew his finger from inside me and kissed me tenderly once again.

“Now, my wild cat, tell me what I just did was not a form of control. I controlled your body, because I own it. And soon I will own and control your heart and mind as well; your heart is my first target,” he stated.

I wanted to argue with him; I wanted to tell him what he did was not a form of control, but I couldn’t. Because he was right; he had controlled my body into doing his bidding, and I had no doubt that he would make my heart do the same if I didn’t do something about it.

“I—“ I opened my mouth to say God knows what but he silenced me by placing a finger on my lips.

He shook his head. “No, my little nymph. There is no point for frivolous argument.

“I own you…

“And I will control you.”

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